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Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.
Tunnel Series
Marlow Industries, Inc.
Climatherm Series
Marlow Industries, Inc.
EverGen® PowerStrap™ Series
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Climatherm Series

Air-to-Air Assemblies

Marlow Industries, Inc.

Climatherm® Air-to-Air Assemblies offer a durable solution to protect electronics under extreme conditions. Designed with cooling performance up to 250W in a lightweight, compact package, the Climatherm® series ensures long lifetime and cost efficiency for electronic enclosures, battery cases, refrigerated cabinets and other industrial assemblies.

  • Current:3.7A ~ 14A
  • Fan Location:Cold Side / Warm Side
  • Heat Transfer Type:Air to Air
  • Operating Temperature:-10°C ~ 60°C
  • Power - Cooling:72W ~ 246W
  • Voltage:12V ~ 24V

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CTA400-0001-01CTA400-0001-01THERMOELECT ASSY AIR-AIR 246W Air to Air246W14A24VRoHS
CTA230-0001-01CTA230-0001-01THERMOELECT ASSY AIR-AIR 72W Air to Air72W7.5A12VRoHS
CTA230-0001-03CTA230-0001-03THERMOELECT ASSY AIR-AIR 72W Air to Air72W3.7A24VRoHS
CTA305-0001-01CTA305-0001-01THERMOELECT ASSY AIR-AIR 143W Air to Air143W7.5A24VRoHS
CTA300-0001-01CTA300-0001-01THERMOELECT ASSY AIR-AIR 132W Air to Air132W7.5A24VRoHS

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