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Clicker™ 2 for dsPIC33
Clicker™ 2 for Kinetis Board
Clicker™ 2 for MSP432
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Clicker™ 2 for Kinetis Board

MIKROE-2329 Clicker™ 2 for Kinetis Board


clicker 2 for Kinetis is a compact dev. Kit with two mikroBUS™ sockets for click board connectivity. You can use it to quickly build your own gadgets with unique functionalities and features. It carries the MK64FN1M0VDC12, a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller, two indication LEDs, two general purpose buttons, a reset button, an on/off switch, a li-polymer battery connector, a USB Mini-B connector and two mikroBUS™ socket. A JTAG connector and a 2x26 pinout for interfacing with external electronics are also provided. The mikroBUS™ connector consists of two 1x8 female headers with SPI, I²C, UART, RST, PWM, Analog and Interrupt lines as well as 3.3V, 5V and GND power lines. clicker 2 for Kinetis board can be powered over a USB cable.

  • Board Type:Evaluation Platform
  • Contents:Board(s)
  • Core Processor:ARM® Cortex®-M4
  • Mounting Type:Fixed
  • Platform:Clicker 2
  • Type:MCU 32-Bit
  • Utilized IC / Part:K64
Associated Product
NXP USA Inc. Kinetis K60 Series
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Embedded-Microcontrollers (MCU)-32-Bit-ARM® Cortex®-M4