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LCD Chip-on-Glass Character Displays
Parallax Inc.
Character LCD
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Character LCD

Parallax Serial and Parallel LCDs

Parallax Inc.

The Parallax LCDs are very functional, low-cost LCDs that can be easily controlled by a BASIC Stamp® microcontroller.

Product Description

The LCD displays are either two rows by 16 characters or four rows by 16 characters, and provide basic text wrapping so that your text looks right on the display. In addition, the Serial LCDs also provide you with full control over all of their advanced LCD features, allowing you to move the cursor anywhere on the display with a single instruction and turn the display on and off in any configuration. They support the same visible characters as the BASIC Stamp Editor's Debug Terminal (ASCII Dec 32-127). In addition, you may define up to eight of your own custom characters to display anywhere on the LCD.

The 2 X16 Parallel LCD is an 8 bit or 4 bit parallel interfaced LCD. This unit allows the user to display text, numerical data and custom created characters.

  • Professional-looking text user interface on any microcontroller application
  • Easy-to-implement serial debugging without a PC
  • Real-time sensor data output on autonomous robotics applications (Boe-Bot®, Toddler®, SumoBot®)
  • Background Color:Green
  • Backlight:LED - Yellow/Green
  • Character Format:5 x 8 Dots
  • Display Mode:Transflective
  • Display Type:STN - Super-Twisted Nematic
  • Interface:Serial
  • Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ 70°C
  • Text Color:Gray
  • Voltage - Supply:5V

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2797727977LCD MODULE 16X2 W/ PIEZO 16 x 25 x 8 DotsSTN - Super-Twisted NematicTransflectiveRoHS
2797927979MODULE SRL LCD 4X20 BACKLIT 20 x 45 x 8 DotsSTN - Super-Twisted NematicTransflectiveRoHS

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