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Schurter Inc.
DEN Series
Signal Transformer
CH Series
Triad Magnetics
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CH Series

Filter and Dual Chokes

Signal Transformer

CH chokes are designed to complement the rectifier power transformers so that a set may be specified for DC power supplies using inductive filters.

  • Current Rating (Amps):1A ~ 200A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):1mOhm ~ 1.5Ohm
  • Inductance:1.4mH ~ 500µH
  • Mounting Type:Chassis Mount
  • Package / Case:Nonstandard
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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CH-200CH-200FIXED IND 300UH 200A 1 MOHM CHAS--300µH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-6CH-6FIXED IND 40MH 6A 400 MOHM CHASS--40mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-12CH-12FIXED IND 15MH 12A 100 MOHM CHAS--15mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-50CH-50FIXED IND 1.4MH 50A 10 MOHM CHAS--1.4mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-8CH-8FIXED IND 30MH 8A 300 MOHM CHASS--30mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-1CH-1FIXED IND 100MH 1A 1.5 OHM CHASS--100mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-2CH-2FIXED IND 70MH 2A 900 MOHM CHASS--70mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-4CH-4FIXED IND 70MH 4A 600 MOHM CHASS--70mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-20CH-20FIXED IND 7MH 20A 50 MOHM CHASS --7mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-25CH-25FIXED IND 5MH 25A 25 MOHM CHASS --5mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-30CH-30FIXED IND 4MH 30A 10 MOHM CHASS --4mH-NonstandardRoHS
CH-100CH-100FIXED IND 500UH 100A 5 MOHM CHAS--500µH-NonstandardRoHS

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