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TDK Corporation
CEU Series
TDK Corporation
CGA Series, Automotive General, Mid and High Voltage
TDK Corporation
CGA Series, Automotive Soft Termination
Product Description

CGA series multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) are qualified to the automotive industry’s Q200 test standard. CGA parts are manufactured using a tested and stable manufacturing process. Parts are subjected to increased inspections to offer a higher level of reliability guarantee. TDK CGA series is an excellent choice for automotive applications as well as any application that requires a higher reliability. CGA is used in tough environment applications such as: when a product sits outdoors for the duration of the product life.

  • Qualified to AEC Q200 standards
  • Product is manufactured using mature processes
  • Part thickness and Life Test condition identified in part number
  • Automotive powertrain system
  • Automotive underhood
  • Smart meter
  • Smart grids
  • Base stations
  • Higher reliability/Safety applications
  • Power supply
  • Sensor module
  • Capacitance:1pF ~ 47µF
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC
  • Notification:Current market demand for these product types have resulted in fluctuating and extending lead times. Lead times may differ.0
  • Ratings:AEC-Q200

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CGA1A2C0G1H010C030BACGA1A2C0G1H010C030BACAP CER 1PF 50V C0G 0201 1pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H010C050BACGA2B2NP01H010C050BACAP CER 1PF 50V NP0 0402 1pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H010C080AACGA3E2NP01H010C080AACAP CER 1PF 50V NP0 0603 1pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A010C080AACGA3E2NP02A010C080AACAP CER 1PF 100V NP0 0603 1pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A010C080AACGA3E2C0G2A010C080AACAP CER 1PF 100V C0G 0603 1pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H010C050BACGA2B2C0G1H010C050BACAP CER 1PF 50V C0G 0402 1pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E010C030BACGA1A2C0G1E010C030BACAP CER 1PF 25V C0G 0201 1pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H010C080AACGA3E2C0G1H010C080AACAP CER 1PF 50V C0G 0603 1pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H1R5C050BACGA2B2NP01H1R5C050BACAP CER 1.5PF 50V NP0 0402 1.5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H1R5C030BACGA1A2C0G1H1R5C030BACAP CER 1.5PF 50V C0G 0201 1.5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A1R5C080AACGA3E2NP02A1R5C080AACAP CER 1.5PF 100V NP0 0603 1.5pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H1R5C080AACGA3E2C0G1H1R5C080AACAP CER 1.5PF 50V C0G 0603 1.5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A1R5C080AACGA3E2C0G2A1R5C080AACAP CER 1.5PF 100V C0G 0603 1.5pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E1R5C030BACGA1A2C0G1E1R5C030BACAP CER 1.5PF 25V C0G 0201 1.5pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H1R5C080AACGA3E2NP01H1R5C080AACAP CER 1.5PF 50V NP0 0603 1.5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H1R5C050BACGA2B2C0G1H1R5C050BACAP CER 1.5PF 50V C0G 0402 1.5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H020C080AACGA3E2NP01H020C080AACAP CER 2PF 50V NP0 0603 2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A020C080AACGA3E2C0G2A020C080AACAP CER 2PF 100V C0G 0603 2pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H020C030BACGA1A2C0G1H020C030BACAP CER 2PF 50V C0G 0201 2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A020C080AACGA3E2NP02A020C080AACAP CER 2PF 100V NP0 0603 2pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E020C030BACGA1A2C0G1E020C030BACAP CER 2PF 25V C0G 0201 2pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H020C080AACGA3E2C0G1H020C080AACAP CER 2PF 50V C0G 0603 2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H020C050BACGA2B2C0G1H020C050BACAP CER 2PF 50V C0G 0402 2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H020C050BACGA2B2NP01H020C050BACAP CER 2PF 50V NP0 0402 2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H2R2C050BACGA2B2C0G1H2R2C050BACAP CER 2.2PF 50V C0G 0402 2.2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H2R2C030BACGA1A2C0G1H2R2C030BACAP CER 2.2PF 50V C0G 0201 2.2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H2R2C080AACGA3E2C0G1H2R2C080AACAP CER 2.2PF 50V C0G 0603 2.2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E2R2C030BACGA1A2C0G1E2R2C030BACAP CER 2.2PF 25V C0G 0201 2.2pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A2R2C080AACGA3E2C0G2A2R2C080AACAP CER 2.2PF 100V C0G 0603 2.2pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H2R2C050BACGA2B2NP01H2R2C050BACAP CER 2.2PF 50V NP0 0402 2.2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H2R2C080AACGA3E2NP01H2R2C080AACAP CER 2.2PF 50V NP0 0603 2.2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A2R2C080AACGA3E2NP02A2R2C080AACAP CER 2.2PF 100V NP0 0603 2.2pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A030C080AACGA3E2NP02A030C080AACAP CER 3PF 100V NP0 0603 3pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H030C050BACGA2B2C0G1H030C050BACAP CER 3PF 50V C0G 0402 3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E030C030BACGA1A2C0G1E030C030BACAP CER 3PF 25V C0G 0201 3pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A030C080AACGA3E2C0G2A030C080AACAP CER 3PF 100V C0G 0603 3pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H030C030BACGA1A2C0G1H030C030BACAP CER 3PF 50V C0G 0201 3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H030C050BACGA2B2NP01H030C050BACAP CER 3PF 50V NP0 0402 3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H030C080AACGA3E2NP01H030C080AACAP CER 3PF 50V NP0 0603 3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H030C080AACGA3E2C0G1H030C080AACAP CER 3PF 50V C0G 0603 3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H3R3C050BACGA2B2C0G1H3R3C050BACAP CER 3.3PF 50V C0G 0402 3.3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H3R3C080AACGA3E2C0G1H3R3C080AACAP CER 3.3PF 50V C0G 0603 3.3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H3R3C050BACGA2B2NP01H3R3C050BACAP CER 3.3PF 50V NP0 0402 3.3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H3R3C030BACGA1A2C0G1H3R3C030BACAP CER 3.3PF 50V C0G 0201 3.3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A3R3C080AACGA3E2NP02A3R3C080AACAP CER 3.3PF 100V NP0 0603 3.3pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A3R3C080AACGA3E2C0G2A3R3C080AACAP CER 3.3PF 100V C0G 0603 3.3pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E3R3C030BACGA1A2C0G1E3R3C030BACAP CER 3.3PF 25V C0G 0201 3.3pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H3R3C080AACGA3E2NP01H3R3C080AACAP CER 3.3PF 50V NP0 0603 3.3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H040C080AACGA3E2C0G1H040C080AACAP CER 4PF 50V C0G 0603 4pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A040C080AACGA3E2C0G2A040C080AACAP CER 4PF 100V C0G 0603 4pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A040C080AACGA3E2NP02A040C080AACAP CER 4PF 100V NP0 0603 4pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E040C030BACGA1A2C0G1E040C030BACAP CER 4PF 25V C0G 0201 4pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H040C050BACGA2B2NP01H040C050BACAP CER 4PF 50V NP0 0402 4pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H040C080AACGA3E2NP01H040C080AACAP CER 4PF 50V NP0 0603 4pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H040C050BACGA2B2C0G1H040C050BACAP CER 4PF 50V C0G 0402 4pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H040C030BACGA1A2C0G1H040C030BACAP CER 4PF 50V C0G 0201 4pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H4R7C050BACGA2B2C0G1H4R7C050BACAP CER 4.7PF 50V C0G 0402 4.7pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H4R7C080AACGA3E2C0G1H4R7C080AACAP CER 4.7PF 50V C0G 0603 4.7pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H4R7C030BACGA1A2C0G1H4R7C030BACAP CER 4.7PF 50V C0G 0201 4.7pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H4R7C050BACGA2B2NP01H4R7C050BACAP CER 4.7PF 50V NP0 0402 4.7pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E4R7C030BACGA1A2C0G1E4R7C030BACAP CER 4.7PF 25V C0G 0201 4.7pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H4R7C080AACGA3E2NP01H4R7C080AACAP CER 4.7PF 50V NP0 0603 4.7pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A4R7C080AACGA3E2C0G2A4R7C080AACAP CER 4.7PF 100V C0G 0603 4.7pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A4R7C080AACGA3E2NP02A4R7C080AACAP CER 4.7PF 100V NP0 0603 4.7pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E050C030BACGA1A2C0G1E050C030BACAP CER 5PF 25V C0G 0201 5pF±0.25pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H050C030BACGA1A2C0G1H050C030BACAP CER 5PF 50V C0G 0201 5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H050C080AACGA3E2NP01H050C080AACAP CER 5PF 50V NP0 0603 5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A050C080AACGA3E2NP02A050C080AACAP CER 5PF 100V NP0 0603 5pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A050C080AACGA3E2C0G2A050C080AACAP CER 5PF 100V C0G 0603 5pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H050C050BACGA2B2NP01H050C050BACAP CER 5PF 50V NP0 0402 5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H050C050BACGA2B2C0G1H050C050BACAP CER 5PF 50V C0G 0402 5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H050C080AACGA3E2C0G1H050C080AACAP CER 5PF 50V C0G 0603 5pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H060D050BACGA2B2C0G1H060D050BACAP CER 6PF 50V C0G 0402 6pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H060D080AACGA3E2C0G1H060D080AACAP CER 6PF 50V C0G 0603 6pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E060D030BACGA1A2C0G1E060D030BACAP CER 6PF 25V C0G 0201 6pF±0.5pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H060D050BACGA2B2NP01H060D050BACAP CER 6PF 50V NP0 0402 6pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H060D030BACGA1A2C0G1H060D030BACAP CER 6PF 50V C0G 0201 6pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A060D080AACGA3E2C0G2A060D080AACAP CER 6PF 100V C0G 0603 6pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H060D080AACGA3E2NP01H060D080AACAP CER 6PF 50V NP0 0603 6pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A060D080AACGA3E2NP02A060D080AACAP CER 6PF 100V NP0 0603 6pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H6R8D050BACGA2B2C0G1H6R8D050BACAP CER 6.8PF 50V C0G 0402 6.8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H6R8D080AACGA3E2C0G1H6R8D080AACAP CER 6.8PF 50V C0G 0603 6.8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A6R8D080AACGA3E2NP02A6R8D080AACAP CER 6.8PF 100V NP0 0603 6.8pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E6R8D030BACGA1A2C0G1E6R8D030BACAP CER 6.8PF 25V C0G 0201 6.8pF±0.5pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H6R8D030BACGA1A2C0G1H6R8D030BACAP CER 6.8PF 50V C0G 0201 6.8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A6R8D080AACGA3E2C0G2A6R8D080AACAP CER 6.8PF 100V C0G 0603 6.8pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H6R8D080AACGA3E2NP01H6R8D080AACAP CER 6.8PF 50V NP0 0603 6.8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H6R8D050BACGA2B2NP01H6R8D050BACAP CER 6.8PF 50V NP0 0402 6.8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H070D050BACGA2B2C0G1H070D050BACAP CER 7PF 50V C0G 0402 7pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A070D080AACGA3E2NP02A070D080AACAP CER 7PF 100V NP0 0603 7pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E070D030BACGA1A2C0G1E070D030BACAP CER 7PF 25V C0G 0201 7pF±0.5pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H070D030BACGA1A2C0G1H070D030BACAP CER 7PF 50V C0G 0201 7pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A070D080AACGA3E2C0G2A070D080AACAP CER 7PF 100V C0G 0603 7pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H070D080AACGA3E2C0G1H070D080AACAP CER 7PF 50V C0G 0603 7pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H070D080AACGA3E2NP01H070D080AACAP CER 7PF 50V NP0 0603 7pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H070D050BACGA2B2NP01H070D050BACAP CER 7PF 50V NP0 0402 7pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H080D080AACGA3E2C0G1H080D080AACAP CER 8PF 50V C0G 0603 8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E080D030BACGA1A2C0G1E080D030BACAP CER 8PF 25V C0G 0201 8pF±0.5pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H080D030BACGA1A2C0G1H080D030BACAP CER 8PF 50V C0G 0201 8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A080D080AACGA3E2C0G2A080D080AACAP CER 8PF 100V C0G 0603 8pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H080D050BACGA2B2C0G1H080D050BACAP CER 8PF 50V C0G 0402 8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H080D050BACGA2B2NP01H080D050BACAP CER 8PF 50V NP0 0402 8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H080D080AACGA3E2NP01H080D080AACAP CER 8PF 50V NP0 0603 8pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A080D080AACGA3E2NP02A080D080AACAP CER 8PF 100V NP0 0603 8pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H090D080AACGA3E2NP01H090D080AACAP CER 9PF 50V NP0 0603 9pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A090D080AACGA3E2NP02A090D080AACAP CER 9PF 100V NP0 0603 9pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H090D050BACGA2B2C0G1H090D050BACAP CER 9PF 50V C0G 0402 9pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H090D030BACGA1A2C0G1H090D030BACAP CER 9PF 50V C0G 0201 9pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E090D030BACGA1A2C0G1E090D030BACAP CER 9PF 25V C0G 0201 9pF±0.5pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H090D050BACGA2B2NP01H090D050BACAP CER 9PF 50V NP0 0402 9pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A090D080AACGA3E2C0G2A090D080AACAP CER 9PF 100V C0G 0603 9pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H090D080AACGA3E2C0G1H090D080AACAP CER 9PF 50V C0G 0603 9pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H100D050BACGA2B2C0G1H100D050BACAP CER 10PF 50V C0G 0402 10pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H100D030BACGA1A2C0G1H100D030BACAP CER 10PF 50V C0G 0201 10pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H100D050BACGA2B2NP01H100D050BACAP CER 10PF 50V NP0 0402 10pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H100D080AACGA3E2C0G1H100D080AACAP CER 10PF 50V C0G 0603 10pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H100D080AACGA3E2NP01H100D080AACAP CER 10PF 50V NP0 0603 10pF±0.5pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E100D030BACGA1A2C0G1E100D030BACAP CER 10PF 25V C0G 0201 10pF±0.5pF25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A100D080AACGA3E2C0G2A100D080AACAP CER 10PF 100V C0G 0603 10pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A100D080AACGA3E2NP02A100D080AACAP CER 10PF 100V NP0 0603 10pF±0.5pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7F1C0G3F100F085KACGA7F1C0G3F100F085KACAP CER 10PF 3KV C0G 1808 10pF±1pF3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H120J050BACGA2B2C0G1H120J050BACAP CER 12PF 50V C0G 0402 12pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H120J080AACGA3E2C0G1H120J080AACAP CER 12PF 50V C0G 0603 12pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E120J030BACGA1A2C0G1E120J030BACAP CER 12PF 25V C0G 0201 12pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA7F1C0G3F120K085KACGA7F1C0G3F120K085KACAP CER 12PF 3KV C0G 1808 12pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H120J050BACGA2B2NP01H120J050BACAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 0402 12pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H120J080AACGA3E2NP01H120J080AACAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 0603 12pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H120J030BACGA1A2C0G1H120J030BACAP CER 12PF 50V C0G 0201 12pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A120J080AACGA3E2C0G2A120J080AACAP CER 12PF 100V C0G 0603 12pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A120J080AACGA3E2NP02A120J080AACAP CER 12PF 100V NP0 0603 12pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H150J050BACGA2B2C0G1H150J050BACAP CER 15PF 50V C0G 0402 15pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H150J050BACGA2B2NP01H150J050BACAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0402 15pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H150J080AACGA3E2NP01H150J080AACAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0603 15pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E150J030BACGA1A2C0G1E150J030BACAP CER 15PF 25V C0G 0201 15pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A150J080AACGA3E2NP02A150J080AACAP CER 15PF 100V NP0 0603 15pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A150J080AACGA3E2C0G2A150J080AACAP CER 15PF 100V C0G 0603 15pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H150J080AACGA3E2C0G1H150J080AACAP CER 15PF 50V C0G 0603 15pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7G1C0G3F150K110KACGA7G1C0G3F150K110KACAP CER 15PF 3KV C0G 1808 15pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H150J030BACGA1A2C0G1H150J030BACAP CER 15PF 50V C0G 0201 15pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H180J050BACGA2B2C0G1H180J050BACAP CER 18PF 50V C0G 0402 18pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H180J080AACGA3E2C0G1H180J080AACAP CER 18PF 50V C0G 0603 18pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H180J030BACGA1A2C0G1H180J030BACAP CER 18PF 50V C0G 0201 18pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A180J080AACGA3E2NP02A180J080AACAP CER 18PF 100V NP0 0603 18pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E180J030BACGA1A2C0G1E180J030BACAP CER 18PF 25V C0G 0201 18pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA7G1C0G3F180K110KACGA7G1C0G3F180K110KACAP CER 18PF 3KV C0G 1808 18pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A180J080AACGA3E2C0G2A180J080AACAP CER 18PF 100V C0G 0603 18pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H180J080AACGA3E2NP01H180J080AACAP CER 18PF 50V NP0 0603 18pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H180J050BACGA2B2NP01H180J050BACAP CER 18PF 50V NP0 0402 18pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H220J050BACGA2B2C0G1H220J050BACAP CER 22PF 50V C0G 0402 22pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H220J050BACGA2B2NP01H220J050BACAP CER 22PF 50V NP0 0402 22pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H220J080AACGA3E2C0G1H220J080AACAP CER 22PF 50V C0G 0603 22pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A220J080AACGA3E2C0G2A220J080AACAP CER 22PF 100V C0G 0603 22pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H220J080AACGA3E2NP01H220J080AACAP CER 22PF 50V NP0 0603 22pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E220J030BACGA1A2C0G1E220J030BACAP CER 22PF 25V C0G 0201 22pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A220J080AACGA3E2NP02A220J080AACAP CER 22PF 100V NP0 0603 22pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H220J030BACGA1A2C0G1H220J030BACAP CER 22PF 50V C0G 0201 22pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA7G1C0G3F220K110KACGA7G1C0G3F220K110KACAP CER 22PF 3KV C0G 1808 22pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H270J050BACGA2B2C0G1H270J050BACAP CER 27PF 50V C0G 0402 27pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E270J030BACGA1A2C0G1E270J030BACAP CER 27PF 25V C0G 0201 27pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H270J050BACGA2B2NP01H270J050BACAP CER 27PF 50V NP0 0402 27pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H270J030BACGA1A2C0G1H270J030BACAP CER 27PF 50V C0G 0201 27pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H270J080AACGA3E2NP01H270J080AACAP CER 27PF 50V NP0 0603 27pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H270J080AACGA3E2C0G1H270J080AACAP CER 27PF 50V C0G 0603 27pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A270J080AACGA3E2NP02A270J080AACAP CER 27PF 100V NP0 0603 27pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7L1C0G3F270K160KACGA7L1C0G3F270K160KACAP CER 27PF 3KV C0G 1808 27pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A270J080AACGA3E2C0G2A270J080AACAP CER 27PF 100V C0G 0603 27pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H330J050BACGA2B2C0G1H330J050BACAP CER 33PF 50V C0G 0402 33pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H330J050BACGA2B2NP01H330J050BACAP CER 33PF 50V NP0 0402 33pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H330J080AACGA3E2C0G1H330J080AACAP CER 33PF 50V C0G 0603 33pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A330J080AACGA3E2C0G2A330J080AACAP CER 33PF 100V C0G 0603 33pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7L1C0G3F330K160KACGA7L1C0G3F330K160KACAP CER 33PF 3KV C0G 1808 33pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E330J030BACGA1A2C0G1E330J030BACAP CER 33PF 25V C0G 0201 33pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H330J030BACGA1A2C0G1H330J030BACAP CER 33PF 50V C0G 0201 33pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H330J080AACGA3E2NP01H330J080AACAP CER 33PF 50V NP0 0603 33pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A330J080AACGA3E2NP02A330J080AACAP CER 33PF 100V NP0 0603 33pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H390J050BACGA2B2C0G1H390J050BACAP CER 39PF 50V C0G 0402 39pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E390J030BACGA1A2C0G1E390J030BACAP CER 39PF 25V C0G 0201 39pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H390J050BACGA2B2NP01H390J050BACAP CER 39PF 50V NP0 0402 39pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A390J080AACGA3E2C0G2A390J080AACAP CER 39PF 100V C0G 0603 39pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H390J030BACGA1A2C0G1H390J030BACAP CER 39PF 50V C0G 0201 39pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H390J080AACGA3E2NP01H390J080AACAP CER 39PF 50V NP0 0603 39pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H390J080AACGA3E2C0G1H390J080AACAP CER 39PF 50V C0G 0603 39pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A390J080AACGA3E2NP02A390J080AACAP CER 39PF 100V NP0 0603 39pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7L1C0G3F390K160KACGA7L1C0G3F390K160KACAP CER 39PF 3KV C0G 1808 39pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H470J080AACGA3E2C0G1H470J080AACAP CER 47PF 50V C0G 0603 47pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A470J080AACGA3E2C0G2A470J080AACAP CER 47PF 100V C0G 0603 47pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H470J030BACGA1A2C0G1H470J030BACAP CER 47PF 50V C0G 0201 47pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA7L1C0G3F470K160KACGA7L1C0G3F470K160KACAP CER 47PF 3KV C0G 1808 47pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H470J080AACGA3E2NP01H470J080AACAP CER 47PF 50V NP0 0603 47pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A470J080AACGA3E2NP02A470J080AACAP CER 47PF 100V NP0 0603 47pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E470J030BACGA1A2C0G1E470J030BACAP CER 47PF 25V C0G 0201 47pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H470J050BACGA2B2NP01H470J050BACAP CER 47PF 50V NP0 0402 47pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H470J050BACGA2B2C0G1H470J050BACAP CER 47PF 50V C0G 0402 47pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H560J080AACGA3E2C0G1H560J080AACAP CER 56PF 50V C0G 0603 56pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E560J030BACGA1A2C0G1E560J030BACAP CER 56PF 25V C0G 0201 56pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H560J050BACGA2B2NP01H560J050BACAP CER 56PF 50V NP0 0402 56pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H560J080AACGA3E2NP01H560J080AACAP CER 56PF 50V NP0 0603 56pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H560J050BACGA2B2C0G1H560J050BACAP CER 56PF 50V C0G 0402 56pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H560J030BACGA1A2C0G1H560J030BACAP CER 56PF 50V C0G 0201 56pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A560J080AACGA3E2C0G2A560J080AACAP CER 56PF 100V C0G 0603 56pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A560J080AACGA3E2NP02A560J080AACAP CER 56PF 100V NP0 0603 56pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7M1C0G3F560K200KACGA7M1C0G3F560K200KACAP CER 56PF 3KV C0G 1808 56pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H680J050BACGA2B2C0G1H680J050BACAP CER 68PF 50V C0G 0402 68pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H680J080AACGA3E2C0G1H680J080AACAP CER 68PF 50V C0G 0603 68pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A680J080AACGA3E2C0G2A680J080AACAP CER 68PF 100V C0G 0603 68pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H680J080AACGA3E2NP01H680J080AACAP CER 68PF 50V NP0 0603 68pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A680J080AACGA3E2NP02A680J080AACAP CER 68PF 100V NP0 0603 68pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7M1C0G3F680K200KACGA7M1C0G3F680K200KACAP CER 68PF 3KV C0G 1808 68pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H680J050BACGA2B2NP01H680J050BACAP CER 68PF 50V NP0 0402 68pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E680J030BACGA1A2C0G1E680J030BACAP CER 68PF 25V C0G 0201 68pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H680J030BACGA1A2C0G1H680J030BACAP CER 68PF 50V C0G 0201 68pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H820J030BACGA1A2C0G1H820J030BACAP CER 82PF 50V C0G 0201 82pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A820J080AACGA3E2NP02A820J080AACAP CER 82PF 100V NP0 0603 82pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H820J080AACGA3E2C0G1H820J080AACAP CER 82PF 50V C0G 0603 82pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H820J050BACGA2B2NP01H820J050BACAP CER 82PF 50V NP0 0402 82pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H820J080AACGA3E2NP01H820J080AACAP CER 82PF 50V NP0 0603 82pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A820J080AACGA3E2C0G2A820J080AACAP CER 82PF 100V C0G 0603 82pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E820J030BACGA1A2C0G1E820J030BACAP CER 82PF 25V C0G 0201 82pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA7M1C0G3F820K200KACGA7M1C0G3F820K200KACAP CER 82PF 3KV C0G 1808 82pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H820J050BACGA2B2C0G1H820J050BACAP CER 82PF 50V C0G 0402 82pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H101J050BACGA2B2C0G1H101J050BACAP CER 100PF 50V C0G 0402 100pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H101J080AACGA3E2C0G1H101J080AACAP CER 100PF 50V C0G 0603 100pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E101K030BACGA1A2X7R1E101K030BACAP CER 100PF 25V X7R 0201 100pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H101J050BACGA2B2NP01H101J050BACAP CER 100PF 50V NP0 0402 100pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A101J050BACGA2B2C0G2A101J050BACAP CER 100PF 100V C0G 0402 100pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A101J080AACGA3E2C0G2A101J080AACAP CER 100PF 100V C0G 0603 100pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H101J080AACGA3E2NP01H101J080AACAP CER 100PF 50V NP0 0603 100pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J101J060AACGA5C4C0G2J101J060AACAP CER 100PF 630V C0G 1206 100pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C101K030BACGA1A2X7R1C101K030BACAP CER 100PF 16V X7R 0201 100pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E101M030BACGA1A2X7R1E101M030BACAP CER 100PF 25V X7R 0201 100pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E101J080AACGA3E3C0G2E101J080AACAP CER 100PF 250V C0G 0603 100pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W101J060AACGA4C4C0G2W101J060AACAP CER 100PF 450V C0G 0805 100pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H101M030BACGA1A2X7R1H101M030BACAP CER 100PF 50V X7R 0201 100pF±20%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C101M030BACGA1A2X7R1C101M030BACAP CER 100PF 16V X7R 0201 100pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1H101J030BACGA1A2C0G1H101J030BACAP CER 100PF 50V C0G 0201 100pF±5%50VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA8L1C0G3F101K160KACGA8L1C0G3F101K160KACAP CER 100PF 3KV C0G 1812 100pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A101J080AACGA3E2NP02A101J080AACAP CER 100PF 100V NP0 0603 100pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7M1C0G3F101K200KACGA7M1C0G3F101K200KACAP CER 100PF 3KV C0G 1808 100pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H101K030BACGA1A2X7R1H101K030BACAP CER 100PF 50V X7R 0201 100pF±10%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2C0G1E101J030BACGA1A2C0G1E101J030BACAP CER 100PF 25V C0G 0201 100pF±5%25VC0G, NP00201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G2A101J060AACGA4C2C0G2A101J060AACAP CER 100PF 100V C0G 0805 100pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H121J080AACGA3E2C0G1H121J080AACAP CER 120PF 50V C0G 0603 120pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W121J060AACGA4C4C0G2W121J060AACAP CER 120PF 450V C0G 0805 120pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H121J050BACGA2B2C0G1H121J050BACAP CER 120PF 50V C0G 0402 120pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J121J060AACGA5C4C0G2J121J060AACAP CER 120PF 630V C0G 1206 120pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H121J080AACGA3E2NP01H121J080AACAP CER 120PF 50V NP0 0603 120pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A121J080AACGA3E2NP02A121J080AACAP CER 120PF 100V NP0 0603 120pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E121J080AACGA3E3C0G2E121J080AACAP CER 120PF 250V C0G 0603 120pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H121J050BACGA2B2NP01H121J050BACAP CER 120PF 50V NP0 0402 120pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A121J050BACGA2B2C0G2A121J050BACAP CER 120PF 100V C0G 0402 120pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A121J080AACGA3E2C0G2A121J080AACAP CER 120PF 100V C0G 0603 120pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA8L1C0G3F121K160KACGA8L1C0G3F121K160KACAP CER 120PF 3KV C0G 1812 120pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H151J080AACGA3E2NP01H151J080AACAP CER 150PF 50V NP0 0603 150pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H151K030BACGA1A2X7R1H151K030BACAP CER 150PF 50V X7R 0201 150pF±10%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E151J080AACGA3E3C0G2E151J080AACAP CER 150PF 250V C0G 0603 150pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E151M030BACGA1A2X7R1E151M030BACAP CER 150PF 25V X7R 0201 150pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H151M030BACGA1A2X7R1H151M030BACAP CER 150PF 50V X7R 0201 150pF±20%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C151K030BACGA1A2X7R1C151K030BACAP CER 150PF 16V X7R 0201 150pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C151M030BACGA1A2X7R1C151M030BACAP CER 150PF 16V X7R 0201 150pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E151K030BACGA1A2X7R1E151K030BACAP CER 150PF 25V X7R 0201 150pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A151J050BACGA2B2C0G2A151J050BACAP CER 150PF 100V C0G 0402 150pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A151J080AACGA3E2NP02A151J080AACAP CER 150PF 100V NP0 0603 150pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W151J060AACGA4C4C0G2W151J060AACAP CER 150PF 450V C0G 0805 150pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J151J060AACGA5C4C0G2J151J060AACAP CER 150PF 630V C0G 1206 150pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H151J050BACGA2B2C0G1H151J050BACAP CER 150PF 50V C0G 0402 150pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H151J050BACGA2B2NP01H151J050BACAP CER 150PF 50V NP0 0402 150pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A151J080AACGA3E2C0G2A151J080AACAP CER 150PF 100V C0G 0603 150pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H151J080AACGA3E2C0G1H151J080AACAP CER 150PF 50V C0G 0603 150pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA8L1C0G3F151K160KACGA8L1C0G3F151K160KACAP CER 150PF 3KV C0G 1812 150pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H181J050BACGA2B2C0G1H181J050BACAP CER 180PF 50V C0G 0402 180pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A181J050BACGA2B2C0G2A181J050BACAP CER 180PF 100V C0G 0402 180pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A181J080AACGA3E2NP02A181J080AACAP CER 180PF 100V NP0 0603 180pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W181J060AACGA4C4C0G2W181J060AACAP CER 180PF 450V C0G 0805 180pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H181J050BACGA2B2NP01H181J050BACAP CER 180PF 50V NP0 0402 180pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H181J080AACGA3E2NP01H181J080AACAP CER 180PF 50V NP0 0603 180pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H181J080AACGA3E2C0G1H181J080AACAP CER 180PF 50V C0G 0603 180pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J181J060AACGA5C4C0G2J181J060AACAP CER 180PF 630V C0G 1206 180pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A181J080AACGA3E2C0G2A181J080AACAP CER 180PF 100V C0G 0603 180pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E181J080AACGA3E3C0G2E181J080AACAP CER 180PF 250V C0G 0603 180pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA8L1C0G3F181K160KACGA8L1C0G3F181K160KACAP CER 180PF 3KV C0G 1812 180pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H221K050BACGA2B2X7R1H221K050BACAP CER 220PF 50V X7R 0402 220pF±10%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H221K030BACGA1A2X7R1H221K030BACAP CER 220PF 50V X7R 0201 220pF±10%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H221J080AACGA3E2C0G1H221J080AACAP CER 220PF 50V C0G 0603 220pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A221J080AACGA3E2C0G2A221J080AACAP CER 220PF 100V C0G 0603 220pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E221J080AACGA3E3C0G2E221J080AACAP CER 220PF 250V C0G 0603 220pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G2A221J060AACGA4C2C0G2A221J060AACAP CER 220PF 100V C0G 0805 220pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H221J080AACGA3E2NP01H221J080AACAP CER 220PF 50V NP0 0603 220pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J221J060AACGA5C4C0G2J221J060AACAP CER 220PF 630V C0G 1206 220pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA8M1C0G3F221K200KACGA8M1C0G3F221K200KACAP CER 220PF 3KV C0G 1812 220pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E221M030BACGA1A2X7R1E221M030BACAP CER 220PF 25V X7R 0201 220pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A221J080AACGA3E2NP02A221J080AACAP CER 220PF 100V NP0 0603 220pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W221J060AACGA4C4C0G2W221J060AACAP CER 220PF 450V C0G 0805 220pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C221M030BACGA1A2X7R1C221M030BACAP CER 220PF 16V X7R 0201 220pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C221K030BACGA1A2X7R1C221K030BACAP CER 220PF 16V X7R 0201 220pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H221K050BACGA2B2X5R1H221K050BACAP CER 220PF 50V X5R 0402 220pF±10%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E221K030BACGA1A2X7R1E221K030BACAP CER 220PF 25V X7R 0201 220pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A221J050BACGA2B2C0G2A221J050BACAP CER 220PF 100V C0G 0402 220pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H221M050BACGA2B2X7R1H221M050BACAP CER 220PF 50V X7R 0402 220pF±20%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H221J050BACGA2B2C0G1H221J050BACAP CER 220PF 50V C0G 0402 220pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H221M050BACGA2B2X5R1H221M050BACAP CER 220PF 50V X5R 0402 220pF±20%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H221M030BACGA1A2X7R1H221M030BACAP CER 220PF 50V X7R 0201 220pF±20%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H221J050BACGA2B2NP01H221J050BACAP CER 220PF 50V NP0 0402 220pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J271J060AACGA5C4C0G2J271J060AACAP CER 270PF 630V C0G 1206 270pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H271J050BACGA2B2NP01H271J050BACAP CER 270PF 50V NP0 0402 270pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A271J080AACGA3E2NP02A271J080AACAP CER 270PF 100V NP0 0603 270pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H271J080AACGA3E2C0G1H271J080AACAP CER 270PF 50V C0G 0603 270pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A271J050BACGA2B2C0G2A271J050BACAP CER 270PF 100V C0G 0402 270pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H271J050BACGA2B2C0G1H271J050BACAP CER 270PF 50V C0G 0402 270pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A271J080AACGA3E2C0G2A271J080AACAP CER 270PF 100V C0G 0603 270pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E271J080AACGA3E3C0G2E271J080AACAP CER 270PF 250V C0G 0603 270pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H271J080AACGA3E2NP01H271J080AACAP CER 270PF 50V NP0 0603 270pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W271J060AACGA4C4C0G2W271J060AACAP CER 270PF 450V C0G 0805 270pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA8N1C0G3F271K230KACGA8N1C0G3F271K230KACAP CER 270PF 3KV C0G 1812 270pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H331J050BACGA2B2C0G1H331J050BACAP CER 330PF 50V C0G 0402 330pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H331K030BACGA1A2X7R1H331K030BACAP CER 330PF 50V X7R 0201 330pF±10%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A331J080AACGA3E2C0G2A331J080AACAP CER 330PF 100V C0G 0603 330pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J331J060AACGA5C4C0G2J331J060AACAP CER 330PF 630V C0G 1206 330pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H331K050BACGA2B2X7R1H331K050BACAP CER 330PF 50V X7R 0402 330pF±10%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E331M030BACGA1A2X7R1E331M030BACAP CER 330PF 25V X7R 0201 330pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H331M030BACGA1A2X7R1H331M030BACAP CER 330PF 50V X7R 0201 330pF±20%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A331J050BACGA2B2C0G2A331J050BACAP CER 330PF 100V C0G 0402 330pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E331J080AACGA3E3C0G2E331J080AACAP CER 330PF 250V C0G 0603 330pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H331M050BACGA2B2X5R1H331M050BACAP CER 330PF 50V X5R 0402 330pF±20%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H331K050BACGA2B2X5R1H331K050BACAP CER 330PF 50V X5R 0402 330pF±10%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C331K030BACGA1A2X7R1C331K030BACAP CER 330PF 16V X7R 0201 330pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H331J080AACGA3E2C0G1H331J080AACAP CER 330PF 50V C0G 0603 330pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H331J080AACGA3E2NP01H331J080AACAP CER 330PF 50V NP0 0603 330pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A331J080AACGA3E2NP02A331J080AACAP CER 330PF 100V NP0 0603 330pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H331M050BACGA2B2X7R1H331M050BACAP CER 330PF 50V X7R 0402 330pF±20%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E331K030BACGA1A2X7R1E331K030BACAP CER 330PF 25V X7R 0201 330pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C331M030BACGA1A2X7R1C331M030BACAP CER 330PF 16V X7R 0201 330pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H331J050BACGA2B2NP01H331J050BACAP CER 330PF 50V NP0 0402 330pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W331J060AACGA4C4C0G2W331J060AACAP CER 330PF 450V C0G 0805 330pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA8P1C0G3F331K250KACGA8P1C0G3F331K250KACAP CER 330PF 3KV C0G 1812 330pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H391J050BACGA2B2C0G1H391J050BACAP CER 390PF 50V C0G 0402 390pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H391J050BACGA2B2NP01H391J050BACAP CER 390PF 50V NP0 0402 390pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A391J080AACGA3E2C0G2A391J080AACAP CER 390PF 100V C0G 0603 390pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H391J080AACGA3E2C0G1H391J080AACAP CER 390PF 50V C0G 0603 390pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A391J080AACGA3E2NP02A391J080AACAP CER 390PF 100V NP0 0603 390pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A391J050BACGA2B2C0G2A391J050BACAP CER 390PF 100V C0G 0402 390pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H391J080AACGA3E2NP01H391J080AACAP CER 390PF 50V NP0 0603 390pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E391J080AACGA3E3C0G2E391J080AACAP CER 390PF 250V C0G 0603 390pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5C4C0G2J391J060AACGA5C4C0G2J391J060AACAP CER 390PF 630V C0G 1206 390pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W391J060AACGA4C4C0G2W391J060AACAP CER 390PF 450V C0G 0805 390pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H471J050BACGA2B2C0G1H471J050BACAP CER 470PF 50V C0G 0402 470pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H471K030BACGA1A2X7R1H471K030BACAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0201 470pF±10%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H471J080AACGA3E2C0G1H471J080AACAP CER 470PF 50V C0G 0603 470pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A471J080AACGA3E2C0G2A471J080AACAP CER 470PF 100V C0G 0603 470pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E471J080AACGA3E3C0G2E471J080AACAP CER 470PF 250V C0G 0603 470pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H471J080AACGA3E2NP01H471J080AACAP CER 470PF 50V NP0 0603 470pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5F4C0G2J471J085AACGA5F4C0G2J471J085AACAP CER 470PF 630V C0G 1206 470pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C471K030BACGA1A2X7R1C471K030BACAP CER 470PF 16V X7R 0201 470pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E471K030BACGA1A2X7R1E471K030BACAP CER 470PF 25V X7R 0201 470pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E471M030BACGA1A2X7R1E471M030BACAP CER 470PF 25V X7R 0201 470pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A471J080AACGA3E2NP02A471J080AACAP CER 470PF 100V NP0 0603 470pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W471J060AACGA4C4C0G2W471J060AACAP CER 470PF 450V C0G 0805 470pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA5K1X7S3D471K130AACGA5K1X7S3D471K130AACAP CER 470PF 2KV X7S 1206 470pF±10%2000V (2kV)X7S1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA5K1X7S3D471M130AACGA5K1X7S3D471M130AACAP CER 470PF 2KV X7S 1206 470pF±20%2000V (2kV)X7S1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C471M030BACGA1A2X7R1C471M030BACAP CER 470PF 16V X7R 0201 470pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H471J050BACGA2B2NP01H471J050BACAP CER 470PF 50V NP0 0402 470pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G2A471J050BACGA2B2C0G2A471J050BACAP CER 470PF 100V C0G 0402 470pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3A471K130KACGA7K1X7R3A471K130KACAP CER 470PF 1KV X7R 1808 470pF±10%1000V (1kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3D471M130KACGA7K1X7R3D471M130KACAP CER 470PF 2KV X7R 1808 470pF±20%2000V (2kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3D471K130KACGA7K1X7R3D471K130KACAP CER 470PF 2KV X7R 1808 470pF±10%2000V (2kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3A471M130KACGA7K1X7R3A471M130KACAP CER 470PF 1KV X7R 1808 470pF±20%1000V (1kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H471M050BACGA2B2X5R1H471M050BACAP CER 470PF 50V X5R 0402 470pF±20%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1H471M030BACGA1A2X7R1H471M030BACAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0201 470pF±20%50VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G2A471J060AACGA4C2C0G2A471J060AACAP CER 470PF 100V C0G 0805 470pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H471M050BACGA2B2X7R1H471M050BACAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0402 470pF±20%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H471K050BACGA2B2X7R1H471K050BACAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0402 470pF±10%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H471K050BACGA2B2X5R1H471K050BACAP CER 470PF 50V X5R 0402 470pF±10%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA5F4C0G2J561J085AACGA5F4C0G2J561J085AACAP CER 560PF 630V C0G 1206 560pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W561J060AACGA4C4C0G2W561J060AACAP CER 560PF 450V C0G 0805 560pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H561J050BACGA2B2NP01H561J050BACAP CER 560PF 50V NP0 0402 560pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H561J080AACGA3E2C0G1H561J080AACAP CER 560PF 50V C0G 0603 560pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H561J080AACGA3E2NP01H561J080AACAP CER 560PF 50V NP0 0603 560pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B1C0G2A561J050BCCGA2B1C0G2A561J050BCCAP CER 560PF 100V C0G 0402 560pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H561J050BACGA2B2C0G1H561J050BACAP CER 560PF 50V C0G 0402 560pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A561J080AACGA3E2NP02A561J080AACAP CER 560PF 100V NP0 0603 560pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A561J080AACGA3E2C0G2A561J080AACAP CER 560PF 100V C0G 0603 560pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E561J080AACGA3E3C0G2E561J080AACAP CER 560PF 250V C0G 0603 560pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H681J080AACGA3E2C0G1H681J080AACAP CER 680PF 50V C0G 0603 680pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A681J080AACGA3E2C0G2A681J080AACAP CER 680PF 100V C0G 0603 680pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C681K030BACGA1A2X7R1C681K030BACAP CER 680PF 16V X7R 0201 680pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E681J080AACGA3E3C0G2E681J080AACAP CER 680PF 250V C0G 0603 680pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A681J080AACGA3E2NP02A681J080AACAP CER 680PF 100V NP0 0603 680pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H681M050BACGA2B2X5R1H681M050BACAP CER 680PF 50V X5R 0402 680pF±20%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H681K050BACGA2B2X5R1H681K050BACAP CER 680PF 50V X5R 0402 680pF±10%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E681M030BACGA1A2X7R1E681M030BACAP CER 680PF 25V X7R 0201 680pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C681M030BACGA1A2X7R1C681M030BACAP CER 680PF 16V X7R 0201 680pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E681K030BACGA1A2X7R1E681K030BACAP CER 680PF 25V X7R 0201 680pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H681J080AACGA3E2NP01H681J080AACAP CER 680PF 50V NP0 0603 680pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B1C0G2A681J050BCCGA2B1C0G2A681J050BCCAP CER 680PF 100V C0G 0402 680pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA5F4C0G2J681J085AACGA5F4C0G2J681J085AACAP CER 680PF 630V C0G 1206 680pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W681J060AACGA4C4C0G2W681J060AACAP CER 680PF 450V C0G 0805 680pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H681M050BACGA2B2X7R1H681M050BACAP CER 680PF 50V X7R 0402 680pF±20%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H681K050BACGA2B2X7R1H681K050BACAP CER 680PF 50V X7R 0402 680pF±10%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H681J050BACGA2B2NP01H681J050BACAP CER 680PF 50V NP0 0402 680pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H681J050BACGA2B2C0G1H681J050BACAP CER 680PF 50V C0G 0402 680pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H821J080AACGA3E2C0G1H821J080AACAP CER 820PF 50V C0G 0603 820pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H821J050BACGA2B2NP01H821J050BACAP CER 820PF 50V NP0 0402 820pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA5F4C0G2J821J085AACGA5F4C0G2J821J085AACAP CER 820PF 630V C0G 1206 820pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H821J050BACGA2B2C0G1H821J050BACAP CER 820PF 50V C0G 0402 820pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E821J080AACGA3E3C0G2E821J080AACAP CER 820PF 250V C0G 0603 820pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B1C0G2A821J050BCCGA2B1C0G2A821J050BCCAP CER 820PF 100V C0G 0402 820pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C3C0G2E821J060AACGA4C3C0G2E821J060AACAP CER 820PF 250V C0G 0805 820pF±5%250VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A821J080AACGA3E2NP02A821J080AACAP CER 820PF 100V NP0 0603 820pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H821J080AACGA3E2NP01H821J080AACAP CER 820PF 50V NP0 0603 820pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A821J080AACGA3E2C0G2A821J080AACAP CER 820PF 100V C0G 0603 820pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W821J060AACGA4C4C0G2W821J060AACAP CER 820PF 450V C0G 0805 820pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2C0G1H102J050BACGA2B2C0G1H102J050BACAP CER 1000PF 50V C0G 0402 1000pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B1C0G2A102J050BCCGA2B1C0G2A102J050BCCAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G 0402 1000pF±5%100VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA5F4C0G2J102J085AACGA5F4C0G2J102J085AACAP CER 1000PF 630V C0G 1206 1000pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA3EAC0G2A102J080AACGA3EAC0G2A102J080AACAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G 0603 1000pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H102K050BACGA2B2X7R1H102K050BACAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 0402 1000pF±10%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R1H102K080AACGA3E2X7R1H102K080AACAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 0603 1000pF±10%50VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R1H102M080AACGA3E2X7R1H102M080AACAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 0603 1000pF±20%50VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R2A102K080AACGA3E2X7R2A102K080AACAP CER 1000PF 100V X7R 0603 1000pF±10%100VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C102K030BACGA1A2X7R1C102K030BACAP CER 1000PF 16V X7R 0201 1000pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E102K030BACGA1A2X7R1E102K030BACAP CER 1000PF 25V X7R 0201 1000pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H102J080AACGA3E2C0G1H102J080AACAP CER 1000PF 50V C0G 0603 1000pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2NP01H102J050BACGA2B2NP01H102J050BACAP CER 1000PF 50V NP0 0402 1000pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H102J080AACGA3E2NP01H102J080AACAP CER 1000PF 50V NP0 0603 1000pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4F3C0G2E102J085AACGA4F3C0G2E102J085AACAP CER 1000PF 250V C0G 0805 1000pF±5%250VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A102J080AACGA3E2C0G2A102J080AACAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G 0603 1000pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W102J060AACGA4C4C0G2W102J060AACAP CER 1000PF 450V C0G 0805 1000pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA6M1X7S3D102K200AACGA6M1X7S3D102K200AACAP CER 1000PF 2KV X7S 1210 1000pF±10%2000V (2kV)X7S1210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B3X7S2A102K050BBCGA2B3X7S2A102K050BBCAP CER 1000PF 100V X7S 0402 1000pF±10%100VX7S0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2NP02A102J060AACGA4C2NP02A102J060AACAP CER 1000PF 100V NP0 0805 1000pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA5H4X7R2J102K115AACGA5H4X7R2J102K115AACAP CER 1000PF 630V X7R 1206 1000pF±10%630VX7R1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA5H4X7R2J102M115AACGA5H4X7R2J102M115AACAP CER 1000PF 630V X7R 1206 1000pF±20%630VX7R1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3D102K130KACGA7K1X7R3D102K130KACAP CER 1000PF 2KV X7R 1808 1000pF±10%2000V (2kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E102M030BACGA1A2X7R1E102M030BACAP CER 1000PF 25V X7R 0201 1000pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C102M030BACGA1A2X7R1C102M030BACAP CER 1000PF 16V X7R 0201 1000pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G2A102J060AACGA4C2C0G2A102J060AACAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G 0805 1000pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B3X7S2A102M050BBCGA2B3X7S2A102M050BBCAP CER 1000PF 100V X7S 0402 1000pF±20%100VX7S0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E102J080AACGA3E3C0G2E102J080AACAP CER 1000PF 250V C0G 0603 1000pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3A102M130KACGA7K1X7R3A102M130KACAP CER 1000PF 1KV X7R 1808 1000pF±20%1000V (1kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X5R1H102M080AACGA3E2X5R1H102M080AACAP CER 1000PF 50V X5R 0603 1000pF±20%50VX5R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H102K050BACGA2B2X5R1H102K050BACAP CER 1000PF 50V X5R 0402 1000pF±10%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H102M050BACGA2B2X7R1H102M050BACAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 0402 1000pF±20%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R2A102M080AACGA3E2X7R2A102M080AACAP CER 1000PF 100V X7R 0603 1000pF±20%100VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H102M050BACGA2B2X5R1H102M050BACAP CER 1000PF 50V X5R 0402 1000pF±20%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3A102K130KACGA7K1X7R3A102K130KACAP CER 1000PF 1KV X7R 1808 1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA6M1X7S3D102M200AACGA6M1X7S3D102M200AACAP CER 1000PF 2KV X7S 1210 1000pF±20%2000V (2kV)X7S1210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G1H102J060AACGA4C2C0G1H102J060AACAP CER 1000PF 50V C0G 0805 1000pF±5%50VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A102J080AACGA3E2NP02A102J080AACAP CER 1000PF 100V NP0 0603 1000pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA7K1X7R3D102M130KACGA7K1X7R3D102M130KACAP CER 1000PF 2KV X7R 1808 1000pF±20%2000V (2kV)X7R1808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X5R1H102K080AACGA3E2X5R1H102K080AACAP CER 1000PF 50V X5R 0603 1000pF±10%50VX5R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5F4C0G2J122J085AACGA5F4C0G2J122J085AACAP CER 1200PF 630V C0G 1206 1200pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H122J080AACGA3E2C0G1H122J080AACAP CER 1200PF 50V C0G 0603 1200pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G1H122J060AACGA4C2C0G1H122J060AACAP CER 1200PF 50V C0G 0805 1200pF±5%50VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2NP02A122J060AACGA4C2NP02A122J060AACAP CER 1200PF 100V NP0 0805 1200pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP02A122J080AACGA3E2NP02A122J080AACAP CER 1200PF 100V NP0 0603 1200pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E122J080AACGA3E3C0G2E122J080AACAP CER 1200PF 250V C0G 0603 1200pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C4C0G2W122J060AACGA4C4C0G2W122J060AACAP CER 1200PF 450V C0G 0805 1200pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H122J080AACGA3E2NP01H122J080AACAP CER 1200PF 50V NP0 0603 1200pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G2A122J060AACGA4C2C0G2A122J060AACAP CER 1200PF 100V C0G 0805 1200pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A122J080AACGA3E2C0G2A122J080AACAP CER 1200PF 100V C0G 0603 1200pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4F3C0G2E122J085AACGA4F3C0G2E122J085AACAP CER 1200PF 250V C0G 0805 1200pF±5%250VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H152K050BACGA2B2X7R1H152K050BACAP CER 1500PF 50V X7R 0402 1500pF±10%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H152J080AACGA3E2NP01H152J080AACAP CER 1500PF 50V NP0 0603 1500pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5H4C0G2J152J115AACGA5H4C0G2J152J115AACAP CER 1500PF 630V C0G 1206 1500pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA3EAC0G2A152J080ACCGA3EAC0G2A152J080ACCAP CER 1500PF 100V C0G 0603 1500pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C152M030BACGA1A2X7R1C152M030BACAP CER 1500PF 16V X7R 0201 1500pF±20%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1C152K030BACGA1A2X7R1C152K030BACAP CER 1500PF 16V X7R 0201 1500pF±10%16VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A152J080AACGA3E2C0G2A152J080AACAP CER 1500PF 100V C0G 0603 1500pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA5H4X7R2J152M115AACGA5H4X7R2J152M115AACAP CER 1500PF 630V X7R 1206 1500pF±20%630VX7R1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA5H4X7R2J152K115AACGA5H4X7R2J152K115AACAP CER 1500PF 630V X7R 1206 1500pF±10%630VX7R1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B3X7S2A152M050BBCGA2B3X7S2A152M050BBCAP CER 1500PF 100V X7S 0402 1500pF±20%100VX7S0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H152K050BACGA2B2X5R1H152K050BACAP CER 1500PF 50V X5R 0402 1500pF±10%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X7R1H152M050BACGA2B2X7R1H152M050BACAP CER 1500PF 50V X7R 0402 1500pF±20%50VX7R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E152M030BACGA1A2X7R1E152M030BACAP CER 1500PF 25V X7R 0201 1500pF±20%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA1A2X7R1E152K030BACGA1A2X7R1E152K030BACAP CER 1500PF 25V X7R 0201 1500pF±10%25VX7R0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G1H152J060AACGA4C2C0G1H152J060AACAP CER 1500PF 50V C0G 0805 1500pF±5%50VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA4F3C0G2E152J085AACGA4F3C0G2E152J085AACAP CER 1500PF 250V C0G 0805 1500pF±5%250VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2NP02A152J060AACGA4C2NP02A152J060AACAP CER 1500PF 100V NP0 0805 1500pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E152J080AACGA3E3C0G2E152J080AACAP CER 1500PF 250V C0G 0603 1500pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4F4C0G2W152J085AACGA4F4C0G2W152J085AACAP CER 1500PF 450V C0G 0805 1500pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R2A152M080AACGA3E2X7R2A152M080AACAP CER 1500PF 100V X7R 0603 1500pF±20%100VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X5R1H152K080AACGA3E2X5R1H152K080AACAP CER 1500PF 50V X5R 0603 1500pF±10%50VX5R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X5R1H152M080AACGA3E2X5R1H152M080AACAP CER 1500PF 50V X5R 0603 1500pF±20%50VX5R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B2X5R1H152M050BACGA2B2X5R1H152M050BACAP CER 1500PF 50V X5R 0402 1500pF±20%50VX5R0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R1H152M080AACGA3E2X7R1H152M080AACAP CER 1500PF 50V X7R 0603 1500pF±20%50VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R2A152K080AACGA3E2X7R2A152K080AACAP CER 1500PF 100V X7R 0603 1500pF±10%100VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H152J080AACGA3E2C0G1H152J080AACAP CER 1500PF 50V C0G 0603 1500pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R1H152K080AACGA3E2X7R1H152K080AACAP CER 1500PF 50V X7R 0603 1500pF±10%50VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G2A152J060AACGA4C2C0G2A152J060AACAP CER 1500PF 100V C0G 0805 1500pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA2B3X7S2A152K050BBCGA2B3X7S2A152K050BBCAP CER 1500PF 100V X7S 0402 1500pF±10%100VX7S0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
CGA4F2C0G2A182J085AACGA4F2C0G2A182J085AACAP CER 1800PF 100V C0G 0805 1800pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA4J3C0G2E182J125AACGA4J3C0G2E182J125AACAP CER 1800PF 250V C0G 0805 1800pF±5%250VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA5H4C0G2J182J115AACGA5H4C0G2J182J115AACAP CER 1800PF 630V C0G 1206 1800pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
CGA4F2NP02A182J085AACGA4F2NP02A182J085AACAP CER 1800PF 100V NP0 0805 1800pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E3C0G2E182J080AACGA3E3C0G2E182J080AACAP CER 1800PF 250V C0G 0603 1800pF±5%250VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G2A182J080AACGA3E2C0G2A182J080AACAP CER 1800PF 100V C0G 0603 1800pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4F4C0G2W182J085AACGA4F4C0G2W182J085AACAP CER 1800PF 450V C0G 0805 1800pF±5%450VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2NP01H182J080AACGA3E2NP01H182J080AACAP CER 1800PF 50V NP0 0603 1800pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA4C2C0G1H182J060AACGA4C2C0G1H182J060AACAP CER 1800PF 50V C0G 0805 1800pF±5%50VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2C0G1H182J080AACGA3E2C0G1H182J080AACAP CER 1800PF 50V C0G 0603 1800pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
CGA3E2X7R1H222K080AACGA3E2X7R1H222K080AACAP CER 2200PF 50V X7R 0603 2200pF±10%50VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS

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Associated Product
TDK Corporation ACT Series
Category: Power, Circuit Protection-Filters-Common Mode Chokes
TDK Corporation CGA X8R E3 KIT
Category: Passives-Capacitors-Kits-Ceramic
IQD Frequency Products LFMISC079433BULK
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Programmers, Development Systems-Evaluation Boards-Evaluation, Demo Boards, Kits-Timing
IQD Frequency Products LFMISC079433BULK
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Programmers, Development Systems-Evaluation Boards-Evaluation, Demo Boards, Kits-Timing
TDK Corporation C Series, Soft Termination
Category: Passives-Capacitors-Ceramic Capacitors-Surface Mount
TDK Corporation C-HC02-E3-KIT
Category: Passives-Capacitors-Kits-Ceramic