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TDK Corporation
CGA - Automotive Series
TDK Corporation
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CGA - Automotive Series

Multilayer Ceramic Automotive Grade, Surface Mount Capacitor Kits

TDK Corporation

The CGA Automotive Series kits contain 10 pieces of each capacitance value in each notebook. Package values include 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812 and 2220 sizes.

Product Description

Automotive Grade Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor. It has no polarity. High reliability is guaranteed. Can be used for the power train, safety equipment, etc. of a vehicle. Qualified to AEC Q200 test standard,

  • The CGA series consists of products that can be used for the power train, safety equipment, etc. of a vehicle
  • Qualified to AEC Q200 test standard
  • Parts are manufactured using tested and stable manufacturing processes and are subjected to increased inspections to guarantee a higher level of reliability
  • A monolithic structure ensures superior mechanical strength and reliability
  • Available in X8R temperature characteristic for up to 150°C operating temperature
  • High capacitance has been achieved through precision technologies that enable the use of multiple thinner ceramic dielectric layers
  • High-accuracy automatic mounting is facilitated through the maintenance of very precise dimensional tolerances
  • Low stray capacitance ensures high conformity with nominal values, thereby simplifying the circuit design process
  • Automotive applications
  • High reliability requirement applications
  • Harsh environment requirement application
  • Smart meter
  • Base stations
  • Noise bypass in automotive
  • Applications:Automotive
  • Kit Type:Ceramic
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC

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CGA X8R E3 KITCGA X8R E3 KITCAP KIT CER 220PF-2.2UF 250PCS Ceramic220pF ~ 2.2µFSurface Mount, MLCC25 ~ 100VRoHS
CGA-ML01-E3-KITCGA-ML01-E3-KITCAP KIT CER 100PF-0.1UF 300PCS Ceramic100pF ~ 0.1µFSurface Mount, MLCC100 ~ 630VRoHS
CGA-AC01-E6-KITCGA-AC01-E6-KITCAP KIT CER 1000PF-22UF 260PCS Ceramic1000pF ~ 22µFSurface Mount, MLCC6.3 ~ 50VRoHS
CGA-MH01-E3-KITCGA-MH01-E3-KITCAP KIT CERAMIC 0.1UF-15UF 230PCCeramic0.1µF ~ 15µFSurface Mount, MLCC100 ~ 630VRoHS

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