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Z5U Dielectric (E)
EPCOS - TDK Electronics
CeraLink™ FA Series
EPCOS - TDK Electronics
CeraLink™ LP Series
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CeraLink™ FA Series

High Ripple Current, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

EPCOS - TDK Electronics

The CeraLink™ FA Series feature high temperature robustness with low ESL and ESR.

  • Low power loss
  • Low dielectric absorption
  • Optimized for high frequencies
  • High capacitance density
  • Power converters and inverters
  • DC link/snubber capacitor for power converters and inverters
  • Applications:Automotive, SMPS Filtering
  • Capacitance:.5µF ~ 10µF
  • Features:Low ESL (Stacked), High Temperature
  • Lead Style:J-Lead
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC
  • Ratings:AEC-Q200
  • Thickness (Max):0.378" (9.60mm)
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Voltage - Rated:500V ~ 900V

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B58035U9504M062B58035U9504M062CAP CER 0.5UF 900V 4SMD .5µF±20%900V-Stacked SMD, 4 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U9754M062B58035U9754M062CAP CER 0.75UF 900V 6SMD .75µF±20%900V-Stacked SMD, 6 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U7105M062B58035U7105M062CAP CER 1UF 700V 4SMD 1µF±20%700V-Stacked SMD, 4 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U7155M062B58035U7155M062CAP CER 1.5UF 700V 6SMD 1.5µF±20%700V-Stacked SMD, 6 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U5205M062B58035U5205M062CAP CER 2UF 500V 4SMD 2µF±20%500V-Stacked SMD, 4 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U9255M001B58035U9255M001CAP CER 2.5UF 900V 20SMD 2.5µF±20%900V-Stacked SMD, 20 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U5305M062B58035U5305M062CAP CER 3UF 500V 6SMD 3µF±20%500V-Stacked SMD, 6 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U7505M001B58035U7505M001CAP CER 5UF 700V 20SMD 5µF±20%700V-Stacked SMD, 20 J-LeadRoHS
B58035U5106M001B58035U5106M001CAP CER 10UF 500V 20SMD 10µF±20%500V-Stacked SMD, 20 J-LeadRoHS

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