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Vishay Cera-Mite
Cera-Mite 565R Series
Vishay Cera-Mite
Cera-Mite 615R Series
Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components
Cera-Mite 715C Series

Cera-Mite 615R Series

High Voltage Ceramic DC Disc Capacitors 10 kVDC and 15 kVDC

Vishay Cera-Mite

The capacitors consist of a ceramic disc of which both sides are silver-plated. Connection leads are made of tinned copper having diameters of 0.032" (0.81 mm). The capacitors may be supplied with straight leads having lead spacing of 0.375" (9.5 mm), 0.500" (12.7 mm) or 0.750" (19.2 mm).

  • Applications:SMPS Filtering
  • Capacitance:500pF ~ 4700pF
  • Features:High Voltage
  • Lead Style:Straight
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-25°C ~ 105°C
  • Package / Case:Radial, Disc

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615R150GAST50615R150GAST50CAP CER 500PF 15KV Y5U RADIAL 500pF-20%, +80%15000V (15kV)Y5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
615R100GAD10615R100GAD10CAP CER 1000PF 10KV Y5R RADIAL 1000pF±20%10000V (10kV)Y5RRadial, DiscRoHS
615R150GATD10615R150GATD10CAP CER 1000PF 15KV Y5R RADIAL 1000pF±20%15000V (15kV)Y5RRadial, DiscRoHS
615R100GATD10615R100GATD10CAP CER 1000PF 10KV N4700 RADIAL1000pF±20%10000V (10kV)N4700Radial, DiscRoHS
615R150GAD10615R150GAD10CAP CER 1000PF 15KV Y5U RADIAL 1000pF-20%, +80%15000V (15kV)Y5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
615R100GAD25615R100GAD25CAP CER 2500PF 10KV Z5U RADIAL 2500pF-20%, +80%10000V (10kV)Z5URadial, DiscRoHS
615R150GAD25615R150GAD25CAP CER 2500PF 15KV Z5U RADIAL 2500pF-20%, +80%15000V (15kV)Z5URadial, DiscRoHS
615R100GAD47615R100GAD47CAP CER 4700PF 10KV RADIAL 4700pF-20%, +80%10000V (10kV)-Radial, DiscRoHS

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