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Vishay Cera-Mite
Cera-Mite 30LVS Series
Vishay Cera-Mite
Cera-Mite 440L Series
Vishay Cera-Mite
Cera-Mite 561R Series
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Cera-Mite 440L Series

Safety, Radial, Disc Ceramic Capacitors

Vishay Cera-Mite

The 440L series consist of a ceramic disc of which both sides are silver plated.

Product Description

The capacitors consist of a ceramic disc of which both sides are silver-plated. Connection leads are made of tinned copper having a diameter of 0.032" (0.81mm). The capacitors may be supplied with radial kinked or straight leads having a lead spacing of 0.375" (9.5mm). Coating is made of flame retardant epoxy resin in accordance with “UL 94 V-0”.

  • High reliability
  • Radial Leads
  • Single layer AC disc safety capacitors
  • X1, Y1
  • Across-the-line
  • Line bypass
  • Antenna coupling
  • Applications:Safety
  • Capacitance:10pF ~ .02µF
  • Lead Spacing:0.374" (9.50mm)
  • Lead Style:Straight
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-30°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:Radial, Disc
  • Ratings:X1, Y1
  • Voltage - Rated:760VAC

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440LQ10-R440LQ10-RCAP CER 10PF 760VAC NP0 RADIAL 10pF±10%760VACC0G, NP0Radial, DiscRoHS
440LQ68-R440LQ68-RCAP CER 68PF 760VAC X7R RADIAL 68pF±10%760VACX7RRadial, DiscRoHS
440LT10-R440LT10-RCAP CER 100PF 760VAC X7R RADIAL 100pF±10%760VACX7RRadial, DiscRoHS
440LT22-R440LT22-RCAP CER 220PF 760VAC X7R RADIAL 220pF±10%760VACX7RRadial, DiscRoHS
440LT33-R440LT33-RCAP CER 330PF 760VAC X7R RADIAL 330pF±10%760VACX7RRadial, DiscRoHS
440LT47-R440LT47-RCAP CER 470PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL 470pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LT68-R440LT68-RCAP CER 680PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL 680pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD10-R440LD10-RCAP CER 1000PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL1000pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD15-R440LD15-RCAP CER 1500PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL1500pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD22-R440LD22-RCAP CER 2200PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL2200pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD33-R440LD33-RCAP CER 3300PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL3300pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD47-R440LD47-RCAP CER 4700PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL4700pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD50-R440LD50-RCAP CER 5000PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL5000pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD56-R440LD56-RCAP CER 5600PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL5600pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LD68-R440LD68-RCAP CER 6800PF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL6800pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LS10-R440LS10-RCAP CER 10000PF 760VAC Y5U RDL 10000pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LS10UH-R440LS10UH-RCAP CER 10000PF 760VAC Y5U RDL 10000pF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS
440LS20-R440LS20-RCAP CER 0.02UF 760VAC Y5U RADIAL.02µF±20%760VACY5U (E)Radial, DiscRoHS

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