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SMD Comm C0G HV Flex Series
SMD Comm C0G HV Series
SMD Comm C0G Series
Product Description

The Electronics Components, Assemblies and Materials Association (EIA) characterizes C0G dielectric as a Class I material. Components of this classification are temperature compensating and are suited for resonant circuit applications or those where Q and stability of capacitance characteristics are required. C0G exhibits no change in capacitance with respect to time and voltage and boasts a negligible change in capacitance with reference to ambient temperature.

  • No piezoelectric noise
  • Extremely low ESR and ESL
  • High thermal stability
  • High ripple current capability
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:3.3pF ~ .1µF
  • Features:Low ESL, High Voltage
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Temperature Coefficient:C0G, NP0

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C0805C339KCGACTUC0805C339KCGACTUCAP CER 3.3PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 3.3pF±10%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C399BCGAC7800C0805C399BCGAC7800CAP CER 3.9PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 3.9pF±0.1pF500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C479DBGAC7800C0805C479DBGAC7800CAP CER 4.7PF 630V C0G/NP0 0805 4.7pF±0.5pF630VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C519KBGAC7800C0805C519KBGAC7800CAP CER 5.1PF 630V NP0 0805 5.1pF±10%630VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C100JDGACTUC0805C100JDGACTUCAP CER 10PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 10pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C100JCGACTUC0805C100JCGACTUCAP CER 10PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 10pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C100JDGACTUC1206C100JDGACTUCAP CER 10PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 10pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C100JCGACTUC1206C100JCGACTUCAP CER 10PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 10pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C100JGGACTUC1206C100JGGACTUCAP CER 10PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 10pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C100JBGACTUC0805C100JBGACTUCAP CER 10PF 630V C0G/NP0 0805 10pF±5%630VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C100CBGACTUC0805C100CBGACTUCAP CER 10PF 630V C0G/NP0 0805 10pF±0.25pF630VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C100KGGACTUC1206C100KGGACTUCAP CER 10PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 10pF±10%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C100KHGACTUC1808C100KHGACTUCAP CER 10PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 10pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1210C100JDGAC7800C1210C100JDGAC7800CAP CER 10PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 10pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1206C100CBGACTUC1206C100CBGACTUCAP CER 10PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 10pF±0.25pF630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C100JHGACTUC1812C100JHGACTUCAP CER 10PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 10pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C100JHGACTUC1808C100JHGACTUCAP CER 10PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 10pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C100FGGAC7800C1206C100FGGAC7800CAP CER SMD 1206 10PF 2KV 1% COG10pF±1%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C150JGGAC7800C1206C150JGGAC7800CAP CER 15PF 2KV NP0 1206 15pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C150JDGAC7800C1206C150JDGAC7800CAP CER SMD 1206 15PF 5% 1KV COG15pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C150JCGAC7800C0805C150JCGAC7800CAP CER 15PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 15pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C150JBGAC7800C1206C150JBGAC7800CAP CER 15PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 15pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C150JHGAC7800C1808C150JHGAC7800CAP CER 15PF 3KV NP0 1808 15pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C180JCGAC7800C1206C180JCGAC7800CAP CER 18PF 500V NP0 1206 18pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C180GBGAC7800C1206C180GBGAC7800CAP CER 18PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 18pF±2%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C180JHGAC7800C1808C180JHGAC7800CAP CER 18PF 3KV NP0 1808 18pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C200KCGACTUC1206C200KCGACTUCAP CER 20PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 20pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C200JCGACTUC1812C200JCGACTUCAP CER 20PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 20pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C220KCGAC7800C0805C220KCGAC7800CAP CER 22PF 500V NP0 0805 22pF±10%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C220KDGAC7800C0805C220KDGAC7800CAP CER 22PF 1KV NP0 0805 22pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C220JDGACTUC0805C220JDGACTUCAP CER 22PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 22pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C220JDGACTUC1206C220JDGACTUCAP CER 22PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 22pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C220JCGAC7800C1206C220JCGAC7800CAP CER 22PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 22pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C220JGGAC7800C1206C220JGGAC7800CAP CER 22PF 2KV NP0 1206 22pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C220JBGAC7800C1206C220JBGAC7800CAP CER 22PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 22pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C220JHGAC7800C1808C220JHGAC7800CAP CER 22PF 3KV NP0 1808 22pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C0805C220JCGACTUC0805C220JCGACTUCAP CER 22PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 22pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C220KCGACTUC1206C220KCGACTUCAP CER 22PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 22pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C220KDGACTUC1206C220KDGACTUCAP CER 22PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 22pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C270JBGAC7800C1206C270JBGAC7800CAP CER 27PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 27pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C270KHGACTUC1812C270KHGACTUCAP CER 27PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 27pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C270JCGACTUC1812C270JCGACTUCAP CER 27PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 27pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C270JHGAC7800C1808C270JHGAC7800CAP CER 27PF 3KV NP0 1808 27pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C300JCGACTUC1812C300JCGACTUCAP CER 30PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 30pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C330JDGACTUC0805C330JDGACTUCAP CER 33PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 33pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C330JCGACTUC0805C330JCGACTUCAP CER 33PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 33pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C330KDGACTUC1206C330KDGACTUCAP CER 33PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 33pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C330JCGAC7800C1206C330JCGAC7800CAP CER 33PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 33pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C330JGGAC7800C1206C330JGGAC7800CAP CER 33PF 2KV NP0 1206 33pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C330JBGAC7800C1206C330JBGAC7800CAP CER 33PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 33pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C330JHGAC7800C1812C330JHGAC7800CAP CER 33PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 33pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C330JHGACTUC1808C330JHGACTUCAP CER 33PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 33pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C330KCGACTUC1206C330KCGACTUCAP CER 33PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 33pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C390JCGACTUC0805C390JCGACTUCAP CER 39PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 39pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C390JBGAC7800C1206C390JBGAC7800CAP CER 39PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 39pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C390JCGACTUC1812C390JCGACTUCAP CER 39PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 39pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C390JHGAC7800C1808C390JHGAC7800CAP CER 39PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 39pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C430JBGAC7800C1206C430JBGAC7800CAP CER 43PF 630V NP0 1206 43pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C470JDGACTUC0805C470JDGACTUCAP CER 47PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 47pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C470KDGAC7800C0805C470KDGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 1000V C0G/NP0 0805 47pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C470FBGACTUC0805C470FBGACTUCAP CER 47PF 630V C0G/NP0 0805 47pF±1%630VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C470JCGACTUC1206C470JCGACTUCAP CER 47PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 47pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C470JBGACTUC1206C470JBGACTUCAP CER 47PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 47pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C470KHGACTUC1808C470KHGACTUCAP CER 47PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 47pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1210C470JDGAC7800C1210C470JDGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 47pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1808C470JHGAC7800C1808C470JHGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 47pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C470JHGAC7800C1812C470JHGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 47pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C470JCGAC7800C0805C470JCGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 47pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C470JDGACTUC1206C470JDGACTUCAP CER 47PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 47pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C470JFGACTUC1812C470JFGACTUCAP CER 47PF 1.5KV C0G/NP0 1812 47pF±5%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C470FHGAC7800C1808C470FHGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 3KV NP0 1808 47pF±1%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C0805C470KCGAC7800C0805C470KCGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 47pF±10%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C470KGGACTUC1206C470KGGACTUCAP CER 47PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 47pF±10%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C470JGGACTUC1206C470JGGACTUCAP CER 47PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 47pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C470JDGAC7800C1808C470JDGAC7800CAP CER 47PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1808 47pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C470KDGACTUC1812C470KDGACTUCAP CER 47PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 47pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C470KDGACTUC1206C470KDGACTUCAP CER 47PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 47pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C560JCGAC7800C0805C560JCGAC7800CAP CER 56PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 56pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C560JCGACTUC1206C560JCGACTUCAP CER 56PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 56pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C560JDGACTUC1206C560JDGACTUCAP CER 56PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 56pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C560JHGAC7800C1808C560JHGAC7800CAP CER 56PF 3KV NP0 1808 56pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C560JCGACTUC1812C560JCGACTUCAP CER 56PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 56pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C560KHGACTUC1812C560KHGACTUCAP CER 56PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 56pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C680FCGACTUC0805C680FCGACTUCAP CER SMD 0805 68PF 1% 500V CO68pF±1%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C680KDGACTUC1206C680KDGACTUCAP CER 68PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 68pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C680KCGAC7800C1206C680KCGAC7800CE SMD 1206 68PF 10% COG 500V CO68pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C680JCGAC7800C1206C680JCGAC7800CAP CER 68PF 500V NP0 1206 68pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C680JDGAC7800C1206C680JDGAC7800CAP CER 68PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 68pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C680JGGAC7800C1206C680JGGAC7800CAP CER 68PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 68pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C680JCGACTUC1812C680JCGACTUCAP CER 68PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 68pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C680JHGAC7800C1808C680JHGAC7800CAP CER 68PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 68pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C820KCGAC7800C1206C820KCGAC7800CAP CER 82PF 500V NP0 1206 82pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C820JDGAC7800C1206C820JDGAC7800CAP CER 82PF 1KV NP0 1206 82pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C820JGGAC7800C1206C820JGGAC7800CAP CER 82PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 82pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C820JBGAC7800C1206C820JBGAC7800CAP CER 82PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 82pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C820JHGAC7800C1808C820JHGAC7800CAP CER 82PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 82pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101JDGACTUC1206C101JDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101JBGACTUC1206C101JBGACTUCAP CER 100PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101JCGACTUC1206C101JCGACTUCAP CER 100PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C101KCGACTUC0805C101KCGACTUCAP CER 100PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±10%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C101KDGACTUC0805C101KDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C101JCGACTUC0805C101JCGACTUCAP CER 100PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C101FCGAC7800C0805C101FCGAC7800CAP CER SMD 0805 100PF COG 500V 100pF±1%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101KDGACTUC1206C101KDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101JGGACTUC1206C101JGGACTUCAP CER 100PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101FBGAC7800C1206C101FBGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±1%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C101JGGAC7800C1210C101JGGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1210 100pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1210C101GCGAC7800C1210C101GCGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 500V NP0 1210 100pF±2%500VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101FDGACTUC1812C101FDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 100pF±1%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101JHGACTUC1812C101JHGACTUCAP CER 100PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 100pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101KCGACTUC1206C101KCGACTUCAP CER 100PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C101KGGACTUC1206C101KGGACTUCAP CER 100PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 100pF±10%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C101KDGACTUC1210C101KDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 100pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101JCGAC7800C1812C101JCGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 100pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101JZGAC7800C1812C101JZGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812100pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C101JHGAC7800C1808C101JHGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 100pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101FHGAC7800C1812C101FHGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 3KV NP0 1812 100pF±1%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C101KDGACTUC1808C101KDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1808 100pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C0805C101MDGACTUC0805C101MDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±20%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1210C101JDGAC7800C1210C101JDGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 100pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101KDGACTUC1812C101KDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 100pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101JDGAC7800C1812C101JDGAC7800CAP CER 100PF 1KV NP0 1812 100pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C101FFGACTUC1812C101FFGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1.5KV C0G/NP0 1812100pF±1%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C101JDGACTUC0805C101JDGACTUCAP CER 100PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C121KCGACTUC1206C121KCGACTUCAP CER 120PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 120pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C121JDGAC7800C1206C121JDGAC7800CAP CER 120PF 1000V C0G/NP0 1206120pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C121FCGAC7800C0805C121FCGAC7800CAP CER 120PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 120pF±1%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C121JBGAC7800C1206C121JBGAC7800CAP CER 120PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 120pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C121JHGAC7800C1812C121JHGAC7800CAP CER 120PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 120pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C131JCGACTUC1812C131JCGACTUCAP CER 130PF 500V C0G/NP0 1812 130pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2225C131JKGAC7800C2225C131JKGAC7800CAP CER 2225 130PF 10000V C0G 130pF±5%10000V (10kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1206C151JGGAC7800C1206C151JGGAC7800CAP CER 150PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 150pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C151JCGACTUC0805C151JCGACTUCAP CER 150PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 150pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C151JDGACTUC1206C151JDGACTUCAP CER 150PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 150pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C151GCGAC7800C1206C151GCGAC7800CAP CER 150PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 150pF±2%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C151FHGAC7800C1808C151FHGAC7800SMD COMM C0G HV, CERAMIC, 150 PF150pF±1%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C151JHGACTUC1812C151JHGACTUCAP CER 150PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 150pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2220C151KHGAC7800C2220C151KHGAC7800CAP CER 150PF 3KV C0G/NP0 2220 150pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1206C151JCGACTUC1206C151JCGACTUCAP CER 150PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 150pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C151JBGAC7800C1206C151JBGAC7800CAP CER 150PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 150pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C151JGGACTUC1210C151JGGACTUCAP CER 150PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1210 150pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1808C161JZGACTUC1808C161JZGACTUCAP CER 160PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1808160pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C181JGGAC7800C1206C181JGGAC7800CAP CER 180PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 180pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C181JCGACTUC0805C181JCGACTUCAP CER 180PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 180pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C181JDGAC7800C1206C181JDGAC7800CAP CER 180PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 180pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C181JBGAC7800C1206C181JBGAC7800CAP CER 180PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 180pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C181JZGACTUC1808C181JZGACTUCAP CER 180PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1808180pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C181JHGAC7800C1812C181JHGAC7800CAP CER 180PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 180pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C201MGGAC7800C1206C201MGGAC7800CAP CER SMD 1206 200PF 20% 2KV C200pF±20%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C201FBGAC7800C1206C201FBGAC7800CAP CER 200PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 200pF±1%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C201JZGAC7800C1808C201JZGAC7800CAP CER 200PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1808200pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C221JGGAC7800C1206C221JGGAC7800CAP CER 220PF 2KV NP0 1206 220pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C221JCGACTUC1206C221JCGACTUCAP CER 220PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 220pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C221JDGACTUC1206C221JDGACTUCAP CER 220PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 220pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C221JBGAC7800C1206C221JBGAC7800CAP CER 220PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 220pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C221MGGACTUC1812C221MGGACTUCAP CER 220PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1812 220pF±20%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1210C221JGGACTUC1210C221JGGACTUCAP CER 220PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1210 220pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C221JDGACTUC1812C221JDGACTUCAP CER 220PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 220pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C221GCGACTUC1206C221GCGACTUCAP CER 220PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 220pF±2%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C221JCGAC7800C1808C221JCGAC7800CAP CER 220PF 500V C0G/NP0 1808 220pF±5%500VC0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1210C221JDGAC7800C1210C221JDGAC7800CAP CER 220PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 220pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1808C221JZGACTUC1808C221JZGACTUCAP CER 220PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1808220pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1808C221JGGAC7800C1808C221JGGAC7800CAP CER 220PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1808 220pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C2220C221JHGACTUC2220C221JHGACTUCAP CER 220PF 3KV C0G/NP0 2220 220pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1812C221JHGAC7800C1812C221JHGAC7800CAP CER 220PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 220pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C221JDGACTUC0805C221JDGACTUCAP CER 220PF 1KV C0G/NP0 0805 220pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C221KDGACTUC1206C221KDGACTUCAP CER 220PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 220pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C241JZGACTUC1812C241JZGACTUCAP CER 240PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812240pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C241JZGACTUC1808C241JZGACTUCAP CER 240PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1808240pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1206C271JBGAC7800C1206C271JBGAC7800CAP CER 270PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 270pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C271JDGAC7800C1206C271JDGAC7800CAP CER 270PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 270pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C271JGGACTUC1206C271JGGACTUCAP CER 270PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1206 270pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C271JZGACTUC1812C271JZGACTUCAP CER 270PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812270pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C271JCGAC7800C0805C271JCGAC7800CAP CER 270PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 270pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C271JCGAC7800C1206C271JCGAC7800CAP CER 270PF 500V NP0 1206 270pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C271JHGAC7800C1812C271JHGAC7800CAP CER 270PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 270pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C301JZGACTUC1808C301JZGACTUCAP CER 300PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1808300pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C301JZGACTUC1812C301JZGACTUCAP CER 300PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812300pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C331JCGAC7800C0805C331JCGAC7800CAP CER 330PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 330pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C331JBGACTUC1206C331JBGACTUCAP CER 330PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 330pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C331KCGACTUC1206C331KCGACTUCAP CER 330PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 330pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C331JGGACTUC1210C331JGGACTUCAP CER 330PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1210 330pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C331JHGAC7800C1812C331JHGAC7800CAP CER 330PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1812 330pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C331JDGAC7800C1206C331JDGAC7800CAP CER 330PF 1KV NP0 1206 330pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C331JBGACTUC1210C331JBGACTUCAP CER 330PF 630V C0G/NP0 1210 330pF±5%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1808C331JZGAC7800C1808C331JZGAC7800CAP CER 330PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1808330pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C2220C331KFGACTUC2220C331KFGACTUCAP CER 330PF 1.5KV C0G/NP0 2220330pF±10%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C2220C331JFGAC7800C2220C331JFGAC7800CAP CER 330PF 1.5KV C0G/NP0 2220330pF±5%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1206C331JCGACTUC1206C331JCGACTUCAP CER 330PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 330pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C331JDGACTUC1812C331JDGACTUCAP CER 330PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 330pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C331JZGACTUC1812C331JZGACTUCAP CER 330PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812330pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C361JZGACTUC1812C361JZGACTUCAP CER 360PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812360pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C391KCGACTUC1206C391KCGACTUCAP CER 390PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 390pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C391JFGAC7800C1206C391JFGAC7800CAP CER 390PF 1500V C0G/NP0 1206390pF±5%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C391JZGACTUC1812C391JZGACTUCAP CER 390PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812390pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C0805C391JCGAC7800C0805C391JCGAC7800CAP CER 390PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 390pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1812C431JZGACTUC1812C431JZGACTUCAP CER 430PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812430pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C471JCGACTUC1206C471JCGACTUCAP CER 470PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 470pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C471KCGACTUC1206C471KCGACTUCAP CER 470PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 470pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C471JBGAC7800C1206C471JBGAC7800CAP CER 470PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 470pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C471KDGACTUC1206C471KDGACTUCAP CER 470PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 470pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C471JDGACTUC1206C471JDGACTUCAP CER 470PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 470pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C471JDGACTUC1210C471JDGACTUCAP CER 470PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 470pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C471JGGACTUC1812C471JGGACTUCAP CER 470PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1812 470pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C471JZGACTUC1812C471JZGACTUCAP CER 470PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1812470pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2220C471KHGAC7800C2220C471KHGAC7800CAP CER SMD 2220 470PF 10% 3KV 470pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C2225C471JHGACTUC2225C471JHGACTUCAP CER 470PF 3KV C0G/NP0 2225 470pF±5%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1808C471MGGAC7800C1808C471MGGAC7800CAP CER 470PF 2KV NP0 1808 470pF±20%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C471JCGAC7800C1812C471JCGAC7800CAP CER 470PF 500V NP0 1812 470pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1210C471JGGAC7800C1210C471JGGAC7800CAP CER 470PF 2000V C0G/NP0 1210470pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C0805C471JCGAC7800C0805C471JCGAC7800CAP CER 470PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 470pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1812C471JDGAC7800C1812C471JDGAC7800CAP CER 470PF 1KV NP0 1812 470pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C471JGGAC7800C1808C471JGGAC7800CAP CER 470PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1808 470pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1825C511JZGACTUC1825C511JZGACTUCAP CER 510PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1825510pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C0805C561JCGAC7800C0805C561JCGAC7800CAP CER 560PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 560pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C561KDGACTUC1206C561KDGACTUCAP CER 560PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 560pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C561JBGAC7800C1206C561JBGAC7800CAP CER 560PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 560pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C561FCGACTUC1206C561FCGACTUCAP CER 560PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 560pF±1%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1825C561JZGACTUC1825C561JZGACTUCAP CER 560PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 1825560pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C1206C561JCGAC7800C1206C561JCGAC7800CAP CER 560PF 500V NP0 1206 560pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C561JFGAC7800C1812C561JFGAC7800CAP CER 560PF 1.5KV C0G/NP0 1812560pF±5%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C681JDGAC7800C1206C681JDGAC7800CAP CER SMD 1206 680PF 5% 1KV CO680pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C681JBGAC7800C1206C681JBGAC7800CAP CER 680PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 680pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C681JCGAC7800C1206C681JCGAC7800CAP CER 680PF 500V NP0 1206 680pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C681FCGAC7800C1206C681FCGAC7800CAP CER SMD 1206 680PF 1% 500V C680pF±1%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C681JDGACTUC1210C681JDGACTUCAP CER 680PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 680pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C681JFGACTUC1812C681JFGACTUCAP CER 680PF 1.5KV C0G/NP0 1812680pF±5%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2220C681JZGACTUC2220C681JZGACTUCAP CER 680PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 2220680pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C0805C681JCGAC7800C0805C681JCGAC7800CAP CER 680PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 680pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C0805C681GCGAC7800C0805C681GCGAC7800CAP CER 0805 500V 680PF C0G 0805680pF±2%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1808C681JGGAC7800C1808C681JGGAC7800CAP CER 680PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1808 680pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C681JDGAC7800C1812C681JDGAC7800CAP CER 680PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 680pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C681JBGACTUC1812C681JBGACTUCAP CER 680PF 630V C0G/NP0 1812 680pF±5%630VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1210C681KCGACTUC1210C681KCGACTUCAP CER 680PF 500V C0G/NP0 1210 680pF±10%500VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C2220C751JZGACTUC2220C751JZGACTUCAP CER 750PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 2220750pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1210C751GFGAC7800C1210C751GFGAC7800CAP CER 750PF 1500V C0G/NP0 1210750pF±2%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C2220C821JZGACTUC2220C821JZGACTUCAP CER 820PF 2.5KV C0G/NP0 2220820pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1206C821JBGAC7800C1206C821JBGAC7800CAP CER 820PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 820pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C0805C821JCGACTUC0805C821JCGACTUCAP CER 820PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 820pF±5%500VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
C1206C911FBGAC7800C1206C911FBGAC7800CAP CER 910PF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 910pF±1%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C102KDGAC7800C1206C102KDGAC7800CAP CER 1000PF 1KV NP0 1206 1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C102JCGACTUC1206C102JCGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 500V C0G/NP0 12061000pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C102KCGACTUC1206C102KCGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 500V C0G/NP0 12061000pF±10%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C102KDGACTUC1812C102KDGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1210C102KDGACTUC1210C102KDGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1206C102JDGACTUC1206C102JDGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1206 1000pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C102JDGACTUC1210C102JDGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 1000pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C102JGGACTUC1812C102JGGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1812 1000pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2220C102KHGAC7800C2220C102KHGAC7800CAP CER 1000PF 3KV C0G/NP0 2220 1000pF±10%3000V (3kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1825C102JGGACTUC1825C102JGGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1825 1000pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C2220C102JGGACTUC2220C102JGGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 2KV C0G/NP0 2220 1000pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C2220C102JZGACTUC2220C102JZGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 2.5KV NP0 2220 1000pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1812C102JCGACTUC1812C102JCGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 500V C0G/NP0 18121000pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1808C102JBGACTUC1808C102JBGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 630V C0G/NP0 18081000pF±5%630VC0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C102JDGACTUC1812C102JDGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 1000pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C102FBGACTUC1812C102FBGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 630V C0G/NP0 18121000pF±1%630VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1825C102JZGACTUC1825C102JZGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 2.5KV NP0 1825 1000pF±5%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C2220C102FCGACTUC2220C102FCGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 500V C0G/NP0 22201000pF±1%500VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C2220C102JBGACTUC2220C102JBGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 630V C0G/NP0 22201000pF±5%630VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C2225C102KZGACTUC2225C102KZGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 2.5KV NP0 2225 1000pF±10%2500V (2.5kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1206C102JBGAC7800C1206C102JBGAC7800CAP CER 1000PF 630V C0G/NP0 12061000pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C102JBGACTUC1210C102JBGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 630V C0G/NP0 12101000pF±5%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1210C102FBGACTUC1210C102FBGACTUCAP CER 1000PF 630V C0G/NP0 12101000pF±1%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1206C122JCGAC7800C1206C122JCGAC7800CAP CER 1200PF 500V C0G/NP0 12061200pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1808C122JBGAC7800C1808C122JBGAC7800CAP CER 1200PF 630V NP0 1808 1200pF±5%630VC0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1808C122GDGACTUC1808C122GDGACTUCAP CER 1200PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1808 1200pF±2%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C122JDGAC7800C1812C122JDGAC7800CAP CER 1200PF 1KV NP0 1812 1200pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C122JBGAC7800C1206C122JBGAC7800CAP CER 1200PF 630V C0G/NP0 12061200pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C152GCGAC7800C1206C152GCGAC7800CAP CER 1500PF 500V C0G/NP0 12061500pF±2%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C152JCGACTUC1210C152JCGACTUCAP CER 1500PF 500V C0G/NP0 12101500pF±5%500VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C152JDGACTUC1812C152JDGACTUCAP CER 1500PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 1500pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2225C152JGGACTUC2225C152JGGACTUCAP CER 1500PF 2KV C0G/NP0 2225 1500pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1206C152JBGAC7800C1206C152JBGAC7800CAP CER 1500PF 630V C0G/NP0 12061500pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C152JCGACTUC1812C152JCGACTUCAP CER 1500PF 500V C0G/NP0 18121500pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1825C152JGGACTUC1825C152JGGACTUCAP CER 1500PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1825 1500pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C1206C182JBGAC7800C1206C182JBGAC7800CAP CER 1800PF 630V C0G/NP0 12061800pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C182JCGAC7800C1812C182JCGAC7800CAP CER 1800PF 500V NP0 1812 1800pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C202JCGAC7800C1206C202JCGAC7800CAP CER 2000PF 500V NP0 1206 2000pF±5%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C222JDGACTUC1210C222JDGACTUCAP CER 2200PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1210 2200pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1210C222JCGACTUC1210C222JCGACTUCAP CER 2200PF 500V C0G/NP0 12102200pF±5%500VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C222JDGACTUC1812C222JDGACTUCAP CER 2200PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 2200pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1206C222JBGAC7800C1206C222JBGAC7800CAP CER 2200PF 630V C0G/NP0 12062200pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1812C222KDGACTUC1812C222KDGACTUCAP CER 2200PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 2200pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2225C222KGGAC7800C2225C222KGGAC7800CAP CER 2200PF 2000V C0GNP0 22252200pF±10%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1812C222JCGACTUC1812C222JCGACTUCAP CER 2200PF 500V C0G/NP0 18122200pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1210C222KCGACTUC1210C222KCGACTUCAP CER 2200PF 500V C0G/NP0 12102200pF±10%500VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1808C242GCGAC7800C1808C242GCGAC7800CAP CER 2400PF 500V NP0 1808 2400pF±2%500VC0G, NP01808 (4520 Metric)RoHS
C1812C242GCGAC7800C1812C242GCGAC7800CAP CER 2400PF 500V NP0 1812 2400pF±2%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2220C272KBGACTUC2220C272KBGACTUCAP CER 2700PF 630V C0G/NP0 22202700pF±10%630VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1206C272JBGAC7800C1206C272JBGAC7800CAP CER 2700PF 630V C0G/NP0 12062700pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C272KCGACTUC1210C272KCGACTUCAP CER 2700PF 500V C0G/NP0 12102700pF±10%500VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1206C332JBGAC7800C1206C332JBGAC7800CAP CER 3300PF 630V C0G/NP0 12063300pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C332GCGAC7800C1206C332GCGAC7800CAP CER 3300PF 500V C0G/NP0 12063300pF±2%500VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C332JCGACTUC1210C332JCGACTUCAP CER 3300PF 500V C0G/NP0 12103300pF±5%500VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C332JCGAC7800C1812C332JCGAC7800CAP CER 3300PF 500V NP0 1812 3300pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2220C332JDGACTUC2220C332JDGACTUCAP CER 3300PF 1KV C0G/NP0 2220 3300pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1825C332JDGAC7800C1825C332JDGAC7800CAP CER 3300PF 1KV NP0 1825 3300pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C1206C392JBGAC7800C1206C392JBGAC7800CAP CER 3900PF 630V C0G/NP0 12063900pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C2225C392JGGACTUC2225C392JGGACTUCAP CER 3900PF 2KV C0G/NP0 2225 3900pF±5%2000V (2kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1206C472JBGAC7800C1206C472JBGAC7800CAP CER 4700PF 630V C0G/NP0 12064700pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C472GBGAC7800C1210C472GBGAC7800CAP CER 4700PF 630V C0G/NP0 12104700pF±2%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1812C472JDGACTUC1812C472JDGACTUCAP CER 4700PF 1KV C0G/NP0 1812 4700pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C2220C472JBGACTUC2220C472JBGACTUCAP CER 4700PF 630V C0G/NP0 22204700pF±5%630VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C2220C472JDGACTUC2220C472JDGACTUCAP CER 4700PF 1KV C0G/NP0 2220 4700pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1825C472JBGACTUC1825C472JBGACTUCAP CER 4700PF 630V C0G/NP0 18254700pF±5%630VC0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C2220C562JFGACTUC2220C562JFGACTUCAP CER 5600PF 1.5KV NP0 2220 5600pF±5%1500V (1.5kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1210C562JBGAC7800C1210C562JBGAC7800CAP CER 5600PF 630V C0G/NP0 12105600pF±5%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1210C682JBGAC7800C1210C682JBGAC7800CAP CER 6800PF 630V C0G/NP0 12106800pF±5%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C2220C682JCGACTUC2220C682JCGACTUCAP CER 6800PF 500V C0G/NP0 22206800pF±5%500VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1206C752JBGAC7800C1206C752JBGAC7800CAP CER 7.5NF 630V C0G/NP0 1206 7500pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1206C822JBGAC7800C1206C822JBGAC7800CAP CER 8200PF 630V C0G/NP0 12068200pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C2225C822JDGAC7800C2225C822JDGAC7800CAP CER 8200PF 1KV C0G/NP0 2225 8200pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1206C103JBGAC7800C1206C103JBGAC7800CAP CER SMD 1206 .01UF 630V 5% C10000pF±5%630VC0G, NP01206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
C1210C103KDGACTUC1210C103KDGACTUCAP CER 10000PF 1KV C0G/NP0 121010000pF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1210C103JDGAC7800C1210C103JDGAC7800CAP CER 1210 10NF 1000V C0G 5% 10000pF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C2225C103JCGACTUC2225C103JCGACTUCAP CER 10000PF 500V NP0 2225 10000pF±5%500VC0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C2220C103MBGAC7800C2220C103MBGAC7800CAP CER 10000PF 630V 2220 10000pF±20%630VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1812C103JBGAC7800C1812C103JBGAC7800CAP CER 10000PF 630V C0G 1812 10000pF±5%630VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C103MCGAC7800C1812C103MCGAC7800CAP CER 10000PF 500V NP0 1812 10000pF±20%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1812C103JCGACTUC1812C103JCGACTUCAP CER 10000PF 500V NP0 1812 10000pF±5%500VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1825C123JBGACTUC1825C123JBGACTUCAP CER 0.012UF 630V NP0 1825 .012µF±5%630VC0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C2225C123JCGAC7800C2225C123JCGAC7800CAP CER 0.012UF 500V C0G 2225 .012µF±5%500VC0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C2225C153KDGAC7800C2225C153KDGAC7800CAP CER 0.015UF 1KV C0G/NP0 2225.015µF±10%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C1210C153JBGAC7800C1210C153JBGAC7800CE SMD 1206 .015UF 5% 630V COG .015µF±5%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1825C183JCGAC7800C1825C183JCGAC7800CAP CER 0.018UF 500V C0G 1825 .018µF±5%500VC0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C2220C223JBGACTUC2220C223JBGACTUCAP CER 0.022UF 630V NP0 2220 .022µF±5%630VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1812C223JBGAC7800C1812C223JBGAC7800CAP CE 0.022UF 630V C0G/NP0 1812.022µF±5%630VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1210C333JBGAC7800C1210C333JBGAC7800CAP CER 1210 33NF 630V C0G 5% .033µF±5%630VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
C1825C333JDGAC7800C1825C333JDGAC7800CAP CER 1825 33NF 1000V C0G 5% .033µF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C2220C333JDGAC7800C2220C333JDGAC7800CAP CER 2220 33NF 1000V C0G 5% .033µF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C2225C393JCGACTUC2225C393JCGACTUCAP CER 0.039UF 500V NP0 2225 .039µF±5%500VC0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C2225C393JDGAC7800C2225C393JDGAC7800CAP CER 2225 39NF 1000V C0G 5% .039µF±5%1000V (1kV)C0G, NP02225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
C2220C473JBGAC7800C2220C473JBGAC7800CAP CE 0.047UF 630V C0G/NP0 2220.047µF±5%630VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
C1812C473JBGAC7800C1812C473JBGAC7800CAP CER 1812 47NF 630V C0G 5% .047µF±5%630VC0G, NP01812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
C1825C104JBGAC7800C1825C104JBGAC7800CAP CER 1825 0.1UF 630V C0G .1µF±5%630VC0G, NP01825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
C2220C104JBGAC7800C2220C104JBGAC7800CAP CER 0.1UF 630V C0G/NP0 2220 .1µF±5%630VC0G, NP02220 (5750 Metric)RoHS

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Associated Product
KEMET SMD Auto C0G HV Series
Category: Passives-Capacitors-Ceramic Capacitors-Surface Mount
Category: Passives-Capacitors-Kits-Ceramic