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XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit
XP Power
C Series Evaluation Boards
XP Power
CA Series Evaluation Boards
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C Series Evaluation Boards

CM3 and CM4 Evaluation Boards using the C Series Miniature Regulated High Voltage DC to DC Converters

XP Power

Miniature, well-regulated high voltage power supplies provide clean and reliable high voltage in a shielded, PC-mount package. Featuring precision 0 to 100% programmability and very low ripple and EMI/RFI, these cost-effective power supplies are ideal for integration into compact, sensitive equipment.

  • Board Type:Partially Populated
  • Main Purpose:DC/DC Converter
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:C Series
Associated Product
XP Power C Series
Category: Power, Circuit Protection-Power Supplies-DC to DC Converters-Board Mount-mW to 1W