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MX150 Series
Mueller Electric Co
BU Series
NorComp Inc.
M12 Series

BU Series

Circular Cable Assemblies

Mueller Electric Co

  • 1st Connector Number of Positions:4 ~ 12
  • 1st Connector Shell Size - Insert:M12
  • Assembly Configuration:Standard
  • Usage:Industrial Environments

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BU-T4171110405002BU-T4171110405002CBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 5P 1.64' PlugFemale Sockets5AllRoHS
BU-122730291BU-122730291CBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 4P 4.92' PlugFemale Sockets4AllRoHS
BU-1682935BU-1682935CBL FML TO WIRE 5P SHLD 4.92' PlugFemale Sockets5AllRoHS
BU-1406105BU-1406105CBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 8P 6.56' PlugFemale Sockets8AllRoHS
BU-1669848BU-1669848CBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 5P 16.4' PlugFemale Sockets5AllRoHS
BU-21349300405010BU-21349300405010CBL FMALE TO WIRE 4P SHLD 3.28' PlugFemale Sockets4AllRoHS
BU-22731031BU-22731031CBL FML RA TO WIRE 8P SHLD 4.92'Plug, Right AngleFemale Sockets8AllRoHS
BU-122730424BU-122730424CBL MALE TO WIRE LEAD 3P SHLD 32ReceptacleMale Pins43RoHS
BU-1402551BU-1402551CBL FMALE TO MALE 12P SHLD 9.84'ReceptacleMale Pins12AllRoHS
BU-1404940BU-1404940CBL FMALE TO MALE 12P SHLD 16.4'ReceptacleMale Pins12AllRoHS

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