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Texas Instruments
BQ76925 Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments
BQ76930 and BQ76940 Evaluation Modules
Texas Instruments
BQ76LP455A-Q1 Evaluation Module
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BQ76930 and BQ76940 Evaluation Modules

BQ76930EVM and BQ76940EVM µC-Controlled AFE Family for 5/10/15-Series Cell Li-Ion and Phosphate Evaluation Modules

Texas Instruments

The BQ76930EVM and BQ76940EVM is a populated circuit board for evaluation of the BQ76930 and BQ76940 analog front-end (AFE) along with the BQ78350 Battery Management Controller that serves as part of a complete pack monitoring and protection solution for 6 to 10-series and 9 to 15-series Lithium Ion, Lithium iron phosphate, and more battery chemistries. When used with an EV2300 or EV2400 interface adapter and appropriate evaluation software available from the website, it provides a complete environment to evaluate register control of the AFE or the controller configuration and demonstrate current control of a battery system with the devices.

  • BQ7693000 AFE IC
  • Bq7694000 AFE IC
  • BQ78350 Battery Management controller
  • FETs for current control
  • Test point patterns for easy evaluation
  • Type:Power Management

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    BQ76940EVMBQ76940EVMEVAL BOARD BQ76940 BQ78350 Power ManagementBattery Charger-BQ76940, BQ78350
    BQ76930EVMBQ76930EVMEVAL MODULE FOR BQ76930 Power ManagementBattery Monitor-BQ76930

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    Texas Instruments Battery Monitor
    Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Integrated Circuits (ICs)-PMIC - Power Management-Battery Management-Battery Monitor