Knowles Dielectric Labs Knowles Dielectric Labs Border Cap® Series

Border Cap® Series

High Reliability, Bonding Mountable, Single Layer, RF, Microwave, High Frequency, Bypass, Decoupling, Surface Mount Singlelayer Ceramic Capacitors

Knowles Dielectric Labs

The Border Cap® Series are single layer capacitors with recess metallization and available with borders on one or both sides. These have been designed to minimize the potential of shorting during attachment.

  • Applications:RF, Microwave, High Frequency, Bypass, Decoupling
  • Capacitance:10pF ~ 1000pF
  • Features:Bonding Mountable, Single Layer
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, SLCC
  • Notification:Current market demand for these product types have resulted in fluctuating and extending lead times. Lead times may differ.0
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Thickness (Max):0.009" (0.22mm)
  • Voltage - Rated:16V ~ 100V
D25BJ101K1BXD25BJ101K1BXCAP CER 100PF 100V BG SMD Bulk100pF±10%100VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D10BL100M1BXD10BL100M1BXCAP CER 10PF 100V BL SMD Bulk10pF±20%100VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D10UX101M2BXD10UX101M2BXCAP CER 100PF 25V UX SMD Bulk100pF±20%25VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D30UX102MCBXD30UX102MCBXCAP CER 1000PF 16V UX SMD Bulk1000pF±20%16VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D20BD100M1BXD20BD100M1BXCAP CER 10PF 100V BD SMD Bulk10pF±20%100V0202 (0505 Metric)RoHS
D25BD100M1BXD25BD100M1BXCAP CER 10PF 100V BD SMD Bulk10pF±20%100VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D25BN101M1BXD25BN101M1BXCAP CER 100PF 100V BN SMD Bulk100pF±20%100VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D30BJ101M1BXD30BJ101M1BXCAP CER 100PF 100V BJ SMD Bulk100pF±20%100VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D30NS100M1BXD30NS100M1BXCAP CER 10PF 100V NS SMD Bulk10pF±20%100VNonstandard SMDRoHS
D12BV101K1BXD12BV101K1BXCAP CER 100PF 100V BV SMD Bulk100pF±10%100VNonstandard SMDRoHS