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Bopla Enclosures
BoplaCon POZB/MPOZB Series
Bopla Enclosures
BoplaFlex BF/MBF Series
Bopla Enclosures
BoplaFlex BFK/MBFK Series

BoplaFlex BF/MBF Series

BoplaFlex BF/MBF Polyamide Cable Glands

Bopla Enclosures

Bopla’s compact cable gland range is rated up to IP 68. The integrated strain relief blades guarantee that the cable is held firmly in the cable gland. This universal cable gland is available in polyamide with PG connection thread (BF) and metric connection thread (MBF).

  • Color:Gray
  • Ingress Protection:IP68 - Dust Tight, Waterproof
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Type:Cable Gland

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1200210012002100CABLE GLAND 3-6MM M12 POLYAMIDE Cable Gland0.12" ~ 0.24" (3.0mm ~ 6.0mm)M12x1.5-RoHS
1200220012002200CABLE GLAND 5-10MM M16 POLYAMIDECable Gland0.20" ~ 0.39" (5.0mm ~ 10.0mm)M16x1.5-RoHS
1000020010000200CABLE GLAND 4-8MM PG9 POLYAMIDE Cable Gland0.16" ~ 0.31" (4.0mm ~ 8.0mm)PG9-RoHS
1200230012002300CABLE GLAND 8-13MM M20 POLYAMIDECable Gland0.31" ~ 0.51" (8.0mm ~ 13.0mm)M20x1.5-RoHS
1000010010000100CABLE GLAND 3-6.5MM PG7 POLY Cable Gland0.12" ~ 0.26" (3.0mm ~ 6.5mm)PG7-RoHS
1000040010000400CABLE GLAND 6-12MM PG13.5 POLY Cable Gland0.24" ~ 0.47" (6.0mm ~ 12.0mm)PG13.5-RoHS
1000050010000500CABLE GLAND 10-14MM PG16 POLY Cable Gland0.39" ~ 0.55" (10.0mm ~ 14.0mm)PG16-RoHS
1000060010000600CABLE GLAND 13-18MM PG21 POLY Cable Gland0.51" ~ 0.71" (13.0mm ~ 18.0mm)PG21-RoHS
1000070010000700CABLE GLAND 18-25MM PG29 POLY Cable Gland0.71" ~ 0.98" (18.0mm ~ 25.0mm)PG29-RoHS
1000030010000300CABLE GLAND 5-10MM PG11 POLY Cable Gland0.20" ~ 0.39" (5.0mm ~ 10.0mm)PG11-RoHS
1200250012002500CABLE GLAND 15-21MM M32 POLY Cable Gland0.59" ~ 0.83" (15.0mm ~ 21.0mm)M32x1.5-RoHS
1200240012002400CABLE GLAND 11-17MM M25 POLY Cable Gland0.43" ~ 0.67" (11.0mm ~ 17.0mm)M25x1.5-RoHS
1200260012002600CABLE GLAND 19-28MM M40 POLY Cable Gland0.75" ~ 1.10" (19.0mm ~ 28.0mm)M40x1.5-RoHS

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