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Pomona Electronics
BNC to BNC, 5697 Series
Pomona Electronics
BNC to BNC, 6510 Series
Pomona Electronics
BNC to BNC, 72926 Series
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BNC to BNC, 6510 Series

BNC to BNC Cable, RG59 Cable Type, 75 Ohms Connector, PTFE Dielectric Material

Pomona Electronics

Pomona's line of 75 Ohm digital video and audio broadcast connectors and cable assemblies deliver the ruggedness and reliability you need. The transmission of today's digital video signals is demanding higher bandwidth and greater signal purity than the analog signals of yesterday. 75 Ohm connectors from Pomona help meet these demands by reducing signal loss. Pomona digital video connectors are true 75 Ohm, precision machined from high quality materials.

  • True 75 Ohm connectors for optimal impedance match
  • Highly flexible multi-stranded 75 Ohm RG59 type coax cable
  • Red and Blue colored cables allow distinction between transmit and receive lines
6510-V-24-06510-V-24-0CBL ASSY BNC PLUG-PLUG RG59 24" RoHS
6510-V-36-06510-V-36-0CBL ASSY BNC PLUG-PLUG RG59 36" RoHS
6510-V-12-06510-V-12-0CBL ASSY BNC PLUG-PLUG RG59 12" RoHS
6510-V-48-06510-V-48-0CBL ASSY BNC PLUG-PLUG RG59 4' RoHS
6510-V-60-06510-V-60-0CBL ASSY BNC PLUG-PLUG RG59 5' RoHS