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Laird Connectivity Inc.
BL654 USB Adapter – Nordic SDK/Zephyr
Laird Connectivity Inc.
BL654 USB Dongle Module
Laird Connectivity Inc.
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BL654 USB Dongle Module

451-00003 BL654 USB Dongle ModuleAdapter - Integrated Antenna

Laird Connectivity Inc.

The Laird BL654 USB dongle is a packaged USB Adapter version of the integrated antenna BL654 module. It uses an FTDI virtual COM port implementation to enable full Bluetooth 5 operation into the widest range of Operating System backed devices with a USB interface. The BL654 series of BLE modules features Laird’s innovative event driven programming language, smartBASIC.

  • Applications:Bluetooth
  • Data Rate (Max):2Mbps
  • Features:Built-In Antenna
  • Frequency:2.4GHz
  • Function:Adapter
  • Interface:USB
  • Modulation or Protocol:Bluetooth
  • Power - Output:8dBm
  • Sensitivity:-95dBm