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EPCOS - TDK Electronics
B32923 Series
EPCOS - TDK Electronics
B32924 - B32926 Series
EPCOS - TDK Electronics
B32928*4 Series
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B32924 - B32926 Series

EMI Suppression, Radial Leaded, Polypropylene (PP) Film Capacitors

EPCOS - TDK Electronics

The B32924 - B32926 Series features good self-healing properties and high current handling.

  • Power meters
  • ECUs for white goods and household appliances
  • Different sensor applications
  • Severe ambient conditions
  • Applications:Automotive; EMI, RFI Suppression
  • Capacitance:.47µF ~ 10µF
  • Dielectric Material:Polypropylene (PP)
  • Features:85C/85% Humidity
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 110°C
  • Package / Case:Radial
  • Ratings:AEC-Q200, X2
  • Termination:PC Pins
  • Voltage Rating - AC:350V
  • Voltage Rating - DC:650V

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B32924A4474M000B32924A4474M000CAP FILM 0.47UF 20% 650VDC RAD .47µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924A4684M000B32924A4684M000CAP FILM 0.68UF 20% 650VDC RAD .68µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924A4824M000B32924A4824M000CAP FILM 0.82UF 20% 650VDC RAD .82µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924A4105M000B32924A4105M000CAP FILM 1UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL 1µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924B4105K000B32924B4105K000CAP FILM 1UF 10% 650VDC RADIAL 1µF±10%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926A4105M000B32926A4105M000CAP FILM 1UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL 1µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924A4155M000B32924A4155M000CAP FILM 1.5UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL1.5µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924A4225M000B32924A4225M000CAP FILM 2.2UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL2.2µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924B4225K000B32924B4225K000CAP FILM 2.2UF 10% 650VDC RADIAL2.2µF±10%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924A4335M000B32924A4335M000CAP FILM 3.3UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL3.3µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926A4335M000B32926A4335M000CAP FILM 3.3UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL3.3µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32924B4335K000B32924B4335K000CAP FILM 3.3UF 10% 650VDC RADIAL3.3µF±10%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926B4475M000B32926B4475M000CAP FILM 4.7UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL4.7µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926A4475K000B32926A4475K000CAP FILM 4.7UF 10% 650VDC RADIAL4.7µF±10%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926A4565M000B32926A4565M000CAP FILM 5.6UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL5.6µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926A4685M000B32926A4685M000CAP FILM 6.8UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL6.8µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926A4825M000B32926A4825M000CAP FILM 8.2UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL8.2µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS
B32926A4106M000B32926A4106M000CAP FILM 10UF 20% 650VDC RADIAL 10µF±20%350V650VRadialRoHS

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