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Amphenol Industrial Operations
ePower-Lite Series
Amphenol Sine Systems Corp
AT Series™
Amphenol Sine Systems Corp
Product Description

AT Series™ connectors were designed as a high-performance, cost effective solution to be used within the heavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, military, alternative energy and other demanding interconnect architectures. The AT Series™ connectors contain superior environmental seals, seal retention capabilities and feature Amphenol Sine Systems RockSolid™ contact technology. In addition, all of the AT Series™ connectors have been developed to be completely compatible with all other existing standard products industry wide.

  • Contacts: Size 16, (13A), 16-18AWG, Stamped and Formed
  • High-performance, cost-effective
  • Superior environmental seal retention
  • Heavy Duty
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Diagnostic
  • Military
  • Alternative Energy
  • Agricultural Industries
  • Cable Termination:Crimp
  • Color:Gray
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 12
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 3
  • Wire Gauge:14-20 AWG ~ 16-18 AWG
  • Wire Type:Discrete

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AT04-2P-KIT01AT04-2P-KIT01CONN PLUG 2POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugMale Pin2-RoHS
AT06-3S-RJ120AT06-3S-RJ120CONN PLUG 3P CRIMP 14-20AWG GOLDPlugFemale Socket3-RoHS
AT06-3S-KIT01AT06-3S-KIT01CONN PLUG 3POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugFemale Socket3-RoHS
AT06-4S-KIT01AT06-4S-KIT01CONN PLUG 4POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
AT06-6S-KIT01AT06-6S-KIT01CONN PLUG 6POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugFemale Socket6-RoHS
AT06-12SA-KIT01AT06-12SA-KIT01CONN PLUG 12POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugFemale Socket12-RoHS
AT04-4P-KIT01AT04-4P-KIT01CONN PLUG 4POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugMale Pin4-RoHS
AT06-2S-KIT01AT06-2S-KIT01CONN PLUG 2POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugFemale Socket2-RoHS
AT06-08SA-KIT01AT06-08SA-KIT01CONN PLUG 8POS CRIMP 16-18AWG PlugFemale Socket8-RoHS
AT6PS-CKITAT6PS-CKITCONN PLUG&RCPT 6P CRIMP 16-18AWGPlug and ReceptacleFemale Socket; Male Pin6-RoHS
AT2PS-CKITAT2PS-CKITCONN PLUG&RCPT 2P CRIMP 16-18AWGPlug and ReceptacleFemale Socket; Male Pin2-RoHS
AT8PS-CKITAT8PS-CKITCONN PLUG&RCPT 8P CRIMP 16-18AWGPlug and ReceptacleFemale Socket; Male Pin8-RoHS
AT12PS-CKITAT12PS-CKITCONN PLUG&RCP 12P CRIMP 16-18AWGPlug and ReceptacleFemale Socket; Male Pin12-RoHS
AT3PS-CKITAT3PS-CKITCONN PLUG&RCPT 3P CRIMP 16-18AWGPlug and ReceptacleFemale Socket; Male Pin3-RoHS
AT4PS-CKITAT4PS-CKITCONN PLUG&RCPT 4P CRIMP 16-18AWGPlug and ReceptacleFemale Socket; Male Pin4-RoHS
AT04-3P-KIT01AT04-3P-KIT01CONN RCPT 3POS CRIMP 16-18AWG ReceptacleMale Pin3-RoHS
AT04-12PA-KIT01AT04-12PA-KIT01CONN RCPT 12POS CRIMP 16-18AWG ReceptacleMale Pin12-RoHS
AT04-6P-KIT01AT04-6P-KIT01CONN RCPT 6POS CRIMP 16-18AWG ReceptacleMale Pin6-RoHS
AT04-08PA-KIT01AT04-08PA-KIT01CONN RCPT 8POS CRIMP 16-18AWG ReceptacleMale Pin8-RoHS

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