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157-002xx Series
Arrowhead Ties with Wings
Button Head Ties

Arrowhead Ties with Wings

Arrowhead Fixing Ties with Wings


These ties are for bundling and fixing of cable harnesses, pipes, and hoses in many different industries. The wing design helps stabilize the tie in high vibration applications such as automotive, aerospace, white goods manufacturing, and panel building.

  • Easy to assemble without the need for a tool
  • Cable tie head is always situated in a defined position
  • Arrowhead simply locks into place
  • Supporting legs provide a secure and firm fixing in areas where space is limited
  • Length - Approximate:4.5" ~ 8.5"
  • Material:Polyamide (PA66), Nylon 6/6
  • Wire/Cable Tie Type:Standard, Locking

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T18RWPM9M4T18RWPM9M4CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 18LBS 4.45" Standard, Locking4.5"0.86" (22.00mm)0.098" (2.50mm)RoHS
126-02300126-02300CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 50LBS 6.7" Standard, Locking6.75"1.22" (31.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-02204126-02204T50SSL5 BLKHS Standard, Locking5.25"1.00" (25.40mm)0.180" (4.57mm)RoHS
126-00117126-00117CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 50LBS 8.07" Standard, Locking8"1.77" (45.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-00081126-00081CBL TIE LOCKING BLK 40LBS 6.16" Standard, Locking6.25"1.38" (35.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-00116126-00116CBL TIE LOCKING BLK 50LBS 8.07" Standard, Locking8"1.77" (45.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-00114126-00114CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 50LBS 8.5" Standard, Locking8.5"1.97" (50.00mm)0.200" (5.08mm)
126-00075126-00075CBL TIE LOCKING BLK 50LBS 6.14" Standard, Locking6.25"1.38" (35.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-00244126-00244CBL TIE LOCKING BLK 50LBS 6.25" Standard, Locking6.25"1.18" (30.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-00005126-00005CBL TIE LOCKING BLK 50LBS 6.42" Standard, Locking6.5"1.34" (34.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-00065126-00065CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 40LBS 6.42" Standard, Locking6.5"1.38" (35.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)
126-00049126-00049CBL TIE LOCKING BLACK 50LBS 6.3"Standard, Locking6.25"1.38" (35.00mm)0.185" (4.70mm)RoHS
126-00042126-00042CBL TIE LOCKING BLK 18LBS 4.45" Standard, Locking4.5"0.86" (22.00mm)0.098" (2.50mm)RoHS
111-85720111-85720CBL TIE LOCKING BLK 50LBS 8.07" Standard, Locking8"1.77" (45.00mm)0.181" (4.60mm)RoHS
126-00041126-00041CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 18LBS 4.45" Standard, Locking4.5"0.86" (22.00mm)0.098" (2.50mm)RoHS

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