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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
VAL-U-LOK Series
TE Connectivity Deutsch ICT Connectors
TE Connectivity Deutsch ICT Connectors


0.177" (4.50mm) Pitch Free Hanging Connector, Plug and Receptacle Housings

TE Connectivity Deutsch ICT Connectors

The AMPSEAL 16 Connector System is targeted for offroad, heavy duty industrial, recreational and agricultural applications. This wire-to-wire and wire-to-device connector line was designed to meet the rigorous demands of an industry that requires the highest standards in performance.

Product Description

Thermoplastic housings -40 °F to 257 °F (–40 °C to +125 °C rated) and silicone seals allow the connectors to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture.

This connector family will feature the HDSF Size 16 Pin and Socket contacts as a terminal system. These contacts are stamped and formed versions of the screw machined MIL-C-39029 contacts.

  • Keyed / polarized, prevents mismating
  • Lanceless contacts, no damaged tangs or tangled contacts
  • Integral CPA protects against accidental unlocking
  • Sleeved assembly for contact beam protection provides 50 durability cycles
  • Attachment feature on pin housing provides connector clip mounting
  • Integral PLR provides primary latch reinforcement with no additional assembly
  • Sealing of interface and wires provides for environmental integrity
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • RoHS and ELV compliant
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Note:Contacts Not Included
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 12
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 2
  • Pitch:0.177" (4.50mm)
776522-1776522-1CONN PLUG ASSY 2POS 18-20AWG REDPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776524-1776524-1CONN PLUG ASSY 4POS 18-20AWG REDPlugFemale Socket40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776487-1776487-1CONN PLUG ASSY 4POS 14-18AWG REDPlugFemale Socket40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776433-1776433-1CONN PLUG ASSY 6POS 14-18AWG REDPlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776531-1776531-1CONN PLUG ASSY 6POS 18-20AWG REDPlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776532-1776532-1CONN PLUG ASSY 8POS 18-20AWG REDPlugFemale Socket80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776437-1776437-1CONN PLUG ASSY 12PS 14-18AWG REDPlugFemale Socket120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776533-1776533-1CONN PLUG ASSY 12PS 18-20AWG REDPlugFemale Socket120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776427-3776427-3CONN PLUG ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG YELPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776487-2776487-2CONN PLUG ASSY 4POS 14-18AWG GRYPlugFemale Socket40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776531-2776531-2CONN PLUG ASSY 6POS 18-20AWG GRYPlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776433-2776433-2CONN PLUG ASSY 6POS 14-18AWG GRYPlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776433-3776433-3CONN PLUG ASSY 6POS 14-18AWG YELPlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776533-2776533-2CONN PLUG ASSY 12PS 18-20AWG GRYPlugFemale Socket120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776487-3776487-3CONN PLUG ASSY 4POS 14-18AWG YELPlugFemale Socket40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776524-3776524-3CONN PLUG ASSY 4POS 18-20AWG YELPlugFemale Socket40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776487-4776487-4CONN PLUG ASSY 4POS 14-18AWG GRNPlugFemale Socket40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776531-3776531-3CONN PLUG ASSY 6POS 18-20AWG YELPlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776494-3776494-3CONN PLUG ASSY 8POS 14-18AWG YELPlugFemale Socket80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776532-4776532-4CONN PLUG ASSY 8POS 18-20AWG GRNPlugFemale Socket80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776437-3776437-3CONN PLUG ASSY 12PS 14-18AWG YELPlugFemale Socket120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776437-4776437-4CONN PLUG ASSY 12PS 14-18AWG GRNPlugFemale Socket120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776427-1776427-1CONN PLUG ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG REDPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776523-1776523-1CONN PLUG ASSY 3POS 18-20AWG REDPlugFemale Socket30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776429-1776429-1CONN PLUG ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG REDPlugFemale Socket30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776429-2776429-2CONN PLUG ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG GRYPlugFemale Socket30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776427-2776427-2CONN PLUG ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG GRYPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776522-4776522-4CONN PLUG ASSY 2POS 18-20AWG GRNPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776429-3776429-3CONN PLUG ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG YELPlugFemale Socket30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776532-2776532-2CONN PLUG ASSY 8POS 18-20AWG GRYPlugFemale Socket80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776494-1776494-1CONN PLUG ASSY 8POS 14-18AWG REDPlugFemale Socket80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776533-3776533-3CONN PLUG ASSY 12PS 18-20AWG YELPlugFemale Socket120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776429-4776429-4CONN PLUG ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG GRNPlugFemale Socket30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776523-4776523-4CONN PLUG ASSY 3POS 18-20AWG GRNPlugFemale Socket30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776532-3776532-3CONN PLUG ASSY 8POS 18-20AWG YELPlugFemale Socket80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776427-4776427-4CONN PLUG ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG GRNPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776522-3776522-3CONN PLUG ASSY 2POS 18-20AWG YELPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320932-12320932-12POS,AMPSEAL 16,SOC HSG ASSY,SLDPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)
2320920-12320920-12POS,AMPSEAL 16,SOC HSG ASSY,SLDPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320920-22320920-2AS16 HT, PLUG, 2P, STANDARD SEALPlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320932-22320932-2AS16 HT, PLUG, 2P, REDUCED SEAL,PlugFemale Socket20.177" (4.50mm)
2320921-22320921-2AS16 HT, PLUG, 3P, STANDARD SEALPlugFemale Socket30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320924-22320924-2AS16 HT, PLUG, 8P, STANDARD SEALPlugFemale Socket80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320925-22320925-2AS16 HT, PLUG, 12P, STANDARD SEAPlugFemale Socket120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320923-22320923-2AS16 HT, PLUG, 6P, STANDARD SEALPlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320935-22320935-2AS16 HT, PLUG, 6P, REDUCED SEAL,PlugFemale Socket60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776534-1776534-1CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 18-20AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776428-1776428-1CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776536-1776536-1CONN CAP ASSY 4POS 18-20AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776438-1776438-1CONN CAP ASSY 12PS 14-18AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776539-1776539-1CONN CAP ASSY 12PS 18-20AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776428-2776428-2CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776428-3776428-3CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776535-1776535-1CONN CAP ASSY 3POS 18-20AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776537-2776537-2CONN CAP ASSY 6POS 18-20AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776434-1776434-1CONN CAP ASSY 6POS 14-18AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776537-1776537-1CONN CAP ASSY 6POS 18-20AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776434-3776434-3CONN CAP ASSY 6POS 14-18AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776495-1776495-1CONN CAP ASSY 8POS 14-18AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776538-1776538-1CONN CAP ASSY 8POS 18-20AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776539-3776539-3CONN CAP ASSY 12PS 18-20AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776438-3776438-3CONN CAP ASSY 12PS 14-18AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776488-3776488-3CONN CAP ASSY 4POS 14-18AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776536-3776536-3CONN CAP ASSY 4POS 18-20AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776495-2776495-2CONN CAP ASSY 8POS 14-18AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776537-3776537-3CONN CAP ASSY 6POS 18-20AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776495-4776495-4CONN CAP ASSY 8POS 14-18AWG GRN ReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776538-4776538-4CONN CAP ASSY 8POS 18-20AWG GRN ReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776434-2776434-2CONN CAP ASSY 6POS 14-18AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin60.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776430-1776430-1CONN CAP ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776534-2776534-2CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 18-20AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776430-2776430-2CONN CAP ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776488-2776488-2CONN CAP ASSY 4POS 14-18AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776430-3776430-3CONN CAP ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776488-1776488-1CONN CAP ASSY 4POS 14-18AWG RED ReceptacleMale Pin40.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776539-2776539-2CONN CAP ASSY 12PS 18-20AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776538-3776538-3CONN CAP ASSY 8POS 18-20AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776535-2776535-2CONN CAP ASSY 3POS 18-20AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776534-3776534-3CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 18-20AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776428-4776428-4CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 14-18AWG GRN ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776534-4776534-4CONN CAP ASSY 2POS 18-20AWG GRN ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776430-4776430-4CONN CAP ASSY 3POS 14-18AWG GRN ReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776535-4776535-4CONN CAP ASSY 3POS 18-20AWG GRN ReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776495-3776495-3CONN CAP ASSY 8POS 14-18AWG YEL ReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
776438-2776438-2CONN CAP ASSY 12PS 14-18AWG GRAYReceptacleMale Pin120.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320914-22320914-2AS16 HT, CAP, 3P, STANDARD SEAL,ReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)
2320918-22320918-2AS16 HT, CAP, 12P, STANDARD SEALReceptacleMale Pin120.177" (4.50mm)
2320917-22320917-2AS16 HT, CAP, 8P, STANDARD SEAL,ReceptacleMale Pin80.177" (4.50mm)
2320913-22320913-2AS16 HT, CAP, 2P, STANDARD SEAL,ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320926-22320926-2AS16 HT, CAP, 2P, REDUCED SEAL, ReceptacleMale Pin20.177" (4.50mm)
2320927-22320927-2AS16 HT, CAP, 3P, REDUCED SEAL, ReceptacleMale Pin30.177" (4.50mm)RoHS
2320916-22320916-2AS16 HT, CAP, 6P, STANDARD SEAL,ReceptacleMale Pin60.177" (4.50mm)
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