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Abracon LLC
AFS14 Series SAW Filter Evaluation Board
Abracon LLC
AFS20 Series SAW Filter Evaluation Board
Analog Devices Inc.
HMC1023LP5E Evaluation Kit
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AFS20 Series SAW Filter Evaluation Board

AFS2016-EVAL Evaluation Board using the AFS20 Series of SAW Band Pass Filters

Abracon LLC

The AFS20 Evaluation boards are designed to provide a means to assess the performance of AFS20 series of SAW Band Pass Filters. The board is designed with a provision for matching components on both input and output ports of the filter. To complete the electrical path, resistors R1 & R2 are in-circuit with 0Ω value. The land pattern for C1 C2, C3 & C4, along with the land pattern for R1 & R2 can be used to create a matching circuit using a combination of inductors and capacitors as desired. By default, the AFS20 series of SAW Band Pass Filters are designed into a matched impedance of 50Ω’s, so these evaluation boards can be used as received. Simply solder down the AFS20 series of filter on the provided land pattern, and connect the Input and Output ports, using SMA to BNC or SMA to N-Type connectors to a Network Analyzer.

  • Embedded:No
  • Function:Active - Band Pass
  • Secondary Attributes:SMA Connectors
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Filter
  • Utilized IC / Part:AFS20
Associated Product
Abracon LLC AFS18 and AFS20
Category: Power, Circuit Protection-Filters-SAW Filters