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Analog Devices Inc.
Analog Devices Inc.
Analog Devices Inc.
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3-Axis ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/±16 Digital MEMS Accelerometer

Analog Devices Inc.

The ADXL343 is a versatile 3-axis, digital-output, low g MEMS accelerometer. Selectable measurement range and bandwidth, and configurable, built-in motion detection make it suitable for sensing acceleration in a wide variety of applications. Robustness to 10,000 g of shock and a wide temperature range (−40°C to +85°C) enable use of the accelerometer even in harsh environments.

  • Multipurpose accelerometer with 10- to 13-bit resolution for use in a wide variety of applications
  • Digital output accessible via SPI (3- and 4-wire) and I²C
  • Built-in motion detection features make tap, double-tap, activity, inactivity, and free-fall detection trivial
  • User-adjustable thresholds
  • Interrupts independently mappable to two interrupt pins
  • Low power operation down to 23µA and embedded FIFO for reducing overall system power
  • Handsets
  • Gaming and pointing devices
  • Hard disk drive (HDD) protection
  • Acceleration Range:±2g, 4g, 8g, 16g
  • Axis:X, Y, Z
  • Bandwidth:0.05Hz ~ 1.6kHz
  • Features:Adjustable Bandwidth
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
  • Output Type:I²C, SPI
  • Package / Case:14-VFLGA
  • Sensitivity (LSB/g):256 (±2g) ~ 32 (±16g)
  • Supplier Device Package:14-LGA (3x5)
  • Type:Digital
  • Voltage - Supply:2V ~ 3.6V

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ADXL343BCCZ-RL7ADXL343BCCZ-RL7ACCEL 2-16G I2C/SPI 14LGA DigitalX, Y, Z±2g, 4g, 8g, 16g256 (±2g) ~ 32 (±16g)14-VFLGARoHS
ADXL343BCCZADXL343BCCZACCEL 2-16G I2C/SPI 14LGA DigitalX, Y, Z±2g, 4g, 8g, 16g256 (±2g) ~ 32 (±16g)14-VFLGARoHS
ADXL343BCCZ-RLADXL343BCCZ-RLACCEL 2-16G I2C/SPI 14LGA DigitalX, Y, Z±2g, 4g, 8g, 16g256 (±2g) ~ 32 (±16g)14-VFLGARoHS

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