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B&B SmartWorx, Inc.
ADAM-3600 Series
B&B SmartWorx, Inc.
ADAM-4000 Analog Series
B&B SmartWorx, Inc.
ADAM-4000 Digital Series

ADAM-4000 Analog Series

Analog I/O Modules Containing a Built-In Microprocessor

B&B SmartWorx, Inc.

The ADAM-4000 series is a set of intelligent sensor-to-computer interface analog I/O modules containing a built-in microprocessor. They are remotely controlled through a simple set of commands issued in ASCII format and transmitted in RS-485 protocol. The 4000 series provide signal conditioning, isolation, ranging, A/D and D/A conversion, data comparison, and digital communication functions. Some modules provide digital I/O lines for controlling relays and TTL devices.

  • RS485 communications
  • Software Configuration and Calibration
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Thermocouple, mV, V or mA
  • RTD modules with models supporting Modbus
  • Serial Based Dual Loop PID Controller with Modbus
  • Isolation voltage: 3000 VDC
  • Power input from 10 to 30 VDC
  • ADAM Series Utility software
  • ADAM Isolated RS-232/RS-485 Converter (optional)

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ADAM-4118-BADAM-4118-BMOD THERMOCOUPLE 8-CH 500MW Thermocouple Input Module-RoHS
ADAM-4018+-BEADAM-4018+-BEMOD THRMOCPLE INPUT 8-CH 800MW Thermocouple Input ModuleRS-485 CommunicationsRoHS
ADAM-4021-DEADAM-4021-DEMODULE ANALOG OUTPUT SGL 1.4W Analog Output ModuleRS-485 CommunicationsRoHS
ADAM-4024-B1EADAM-4024-B1EMODULE ANALOG OUTPUT 4-CH 3W Analog Output ModuleRS-485 CommunicationsRoHS
ADAM-4019+-AEADAM-4019+-AEMODULE ANALOG INPUT 8-CH 1W Analog Input ModuleRS-485 CommunicationsRoHS
ADAM-4017-D2EADAM-4017-D2EMODULE ANALOG INPUT 8-CH 1.2W Analog Input ModuleRS-485 CommunicationsRoHS
ADAM-4017+-CEADAM-4017+-CEMODULE ANALOG INPUT 8-CH 1.2W Analog Input ModuleRS-485 CommunicationsRoHS
ADAM-4117-BADAM-4117-BMODULE ANALOG INPUT 8-CH 1.2W Analog Input ModuleRS-485 CommunicationsRoHS

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