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Analog Devices Inc.
AD9144 and AD9680 Evaluation Board
Analog Devices Inc.
ADALM1000 Active Learning Module
Analog Devices Inc.
ADALM2000 Advanced Active Learning Module
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ADALM1000 Active Learning Module

Advanced Learning Module

Analog Devices Inc.

The ADALM1000 Advanced Learning Module is an easy to use tool that can be used for fundamentals of electrical engineering in a self or instructor lead setting. The ADALM1000 Module allows students to better understand the real analog world around them, and is applicable for all students, at all levels, from all backgrounds. Early learning in a hands-on manner with the ADALM1000 will ensure a solid foundation for students to build on, as they pursue science, technology, or engineering degrees. The ADALM1000 module is a tool that brings the relationships between current, voltage, impedance (resistance, inductance, and capacitance) to the user. It provides a personal portable lab that, when used with a laptop or tablet, can augment the learning that takes place in the classroom. Pixelpulse 2 provides an innovative graphical user interface (GUI) allowing intuitive usage and minimizes the learning curve to enable students to learn faster, work smarter, and explore more.

  • Overview
  • Getting Started with your ADALM1000
  • Hardware Information
    • Hardware Manual
    • Design Document
    • Electrical CAD Documents
  • Software
    • Pixelpulse2 - M1K User Interface Source
    • LibSMU - Library for M1K Functionality Source
    • M1K Microcontroller Firmware Source
  • High Resolution Photos
  • Compliance Reports
  • Function:Instrumentation
  • Primary Attributes:2-Channel (Dual)
  • Secondary Attributes:Graphical User Interface
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Cable(s)
  • Type:Test and Measurement