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Cornell Dubilier Electronics
MCM and MIN Series
AVX Corporation
Accu-P® Series
AVX Corporation
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Accu-P® Series

RF, Microwave Surface Mount Thin Film Capacitors

AVX Corporation

The Accu-P Series meets the increasing demand for smaller, high performance components by the wireless communications market. The 0201 Accu-P devices excel in systems where size is an issue but performance cannot be compromised. The RF power handling capability of the Accu-P® allows for its usage in both small signal and RF power applications.

Product Description

Inspection, test and quality control procedures in accordance with ISO 9001, CECC, IECQ and USA MIL Standards guarantee product of the highest quality. Hand soldering Accu-P®: Due to their construction utilizing relatively high thermal conductivity materials, Accu-P’s have become the preferred device in R and D labs and production environments where hand soldering is used. Accu-P’s are available in all sizes and are electrically identical to their Accu-F counterparts.

As in the Accu-F® series the use of very low-loss dielectric materials (silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride) in conjunction with highly conductive electrode metals results in low ESR and high Q. At high frequency these characteristics change at a slower rate with increasing frequency than conventional ceramic microwave capacitors. Using thin-film technology, the above-mentioned frequency characteristics are obtained without significant compromise of properties required for surface mounting. The use of high thermal conductivity materials results in excellent RF power handling capabilities

  • Enhanced RF power handling capability
  • Improved mechanical characteristics
  • Internationally agreed sizes with excellent dimensional control
  • Ultra Small size chip capacitors are available
  • Tight capacitance tolerances
  • Low ESR at UHF, VHF, and microwave frequencies
  • High-stability with respect to time, temperature, frequency and voltage variation
  • High temperature nickel/solder-coated terminations as standard to provide excellent solderability and leach resistance
  • Minimal batch to batch variability of parameters at high frequency
  • Cellular Communications
  • CT2/PCN (Cordless Telephone/Personal Communication Networks)
  • Satellite TV
  • Cable TV
  • GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
  • Vehicle Location Systems
  • Vehicle Alarm Systems
  • Paging
  • Military Communications
  • Radar Systems
  • Video Switching
  • Test and Measurements
  • Filters
  • VCO's
  • Matching Networks
  • RF Amplifiers
  • Capacitance:0.05pF ~ 39pF
  • Features:RF, High Q, Low Loss
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Packaging:Tape & Reel (TR)
  • Voltage - Rated:10V ~ 100V

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02011JR05ZBSTR02011JR05ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.05PF 100V 0201 0.05pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021JR05ZBSTR04021JR05ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.05PF 100V 0402 0.05pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YJR05PBSTRC005YJR05PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.05PF 16V 01005 0.05pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04021J0R1ZBSTR04021J0R1ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.1PF 100V 0402 0.1pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02011J0R1ZBSTR02011J0R1ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.1PF 100V 0201 0.1pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
C005YJ0R1PBSTRC005YJ0R1PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.1PF 16V 01005 0.1pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04023J0R1ABSTR04023J0R1ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.1PF 25V 0402 0.1pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J0R1PBSTR04023J0R1PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.1PF 25V 0402 0.1pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J0R1PBSTR06035J0R1PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.1PF 50V 0603 0.1pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
02013J0R1PBSTR02013J0R1PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.1PF 25V 0201 0.1pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
02011JR15ZBSTR02011JR15ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.15PF 100V 0201 0.15pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021JR15ZBSTR04021JR15ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.15PF 100V 0402 0.15pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J0R2PBSTR04023J0R2PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 25V 0402 0.2pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02011J0R2ZBSTR02011J0R2ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 100V 0201 0.2pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021J0R2ZBSTR04021J0R2ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 100V 0402 0.2pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YJ0R2PBSTRC005YJ0R2PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 16V 01005 0.2pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04023J0R2ZBSTR04023J0R2ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 25V 0402 0.2pF±0.01pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J0R2PBSTR02013J0R2PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 25V 0201 0.2pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J0R2PBSTR06035J0R2PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 50V 0603 0.2pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J0R2ABSTR04023J0R2ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.2PF 25V 0402 0.2pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021JR25ZBSTR04021JR25ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.25PF 100V 0402 0.25pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02011JR25ZBSTR02011JR25ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.25PF 100V 0201 0.25pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
02011J0R3ZBSTR02011J0R3ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 100V 0201 0.3pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021J0R3ZBSTR04021J0R3ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 100V 0402 0.3pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YJ0R3PBSTRC005YJ0R3PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 16V 01005 0.3pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04023J0R3BBWTR04023J0R3BBWTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 25V 0402 0.3pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
0402YJ0R3ABWTR0402YJ0R3ABWTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 16V 0402 0.3pF±0.05pF16VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J0R3PBSTR04023J0R3PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 25V 0402 0.3pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J0R3PBSTR06035J0R3PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 50V 0603 0.3pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
02013J0R3PBSTR02013J0R3PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.3PF 25V 0201 0.3pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
02011JR35ZBSTR02011JR35ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.35PF 100V 0201 0.35pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021JR35ZBSTR04021JR35ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.35PF 100V 0402 0.35pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023JR35PBSTR04023JR35PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.35PF 25V 0402 0.35pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J0R4ZBSTR04021J0R4ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.4PF 100V 0402 0.4pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YJ0R4PBSTRC005YJ0R4PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.4PF 16V 01005 0.4pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04023J0R4PBSTR04023J0R4PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.4PF 25V 0402 0.4pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J0R4PBSTR06035J0R4PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.4PF 50V 0603 0.4pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
02011J0R4ZBSTR02011J0R4ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.4PF 100V 0201 0.4pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
02013J0R4PBSTR02013J0R4PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.4PF 25V 0201 0.4pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J0R4ABSTR04023J0R4ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.4PF 25V 0402 0.4pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02011JR45ZBSTR02011JR45ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.45PF 100V 0201 0.45pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021J0R5ZBSTR04021J0R5ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 100V 0402 0.5pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J0R5ABSTR04023J0R5ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 25V 0402 0.5pF±0.5pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J0R5PBSTR02013J0R5PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 25V 0201 0.5pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J0R5BBSTR06035J0R5BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 50V 0603 0.5pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J0R5PBSTR04023J0R5PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 25V 0402 0.5pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YJ0R5PBSTRC005YJ0R5PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 16V 01005 0.5pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
02011J0R5ZBSTR02011J0R5ZBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 100V 0201 0.5pF±0.01pF100VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J0R5PBSTR06035J0R5PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.5PF 50V 0603 0.5pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04021JR55PBSTR04021JR55PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.55PF 100V 0402 0.55pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J0R6PBSTR04021J0R6PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.6PF 100V 0402 0.6pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J0R6PBSTR04023J0R6PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.6PF 25V 0402 0.6pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J0R6PBSTR06035J0R6PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.6PF 50V 0603 0.6pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
02015J0R6PBSTR02015J0R6PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.6PF 50V 0201 0.6pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
C005YJ0R6PBSTRC005YJ0R6PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.6PF 16V 01005 0.6pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04023J0R6ABSTR04023J0R6ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.6PF 25V 0402 0.6pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J0R6BBSTR06035J0R6BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.6PF 50V 0603 0.6pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04021JR65PBSTR04021JR65PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.65PF 100V 0402 0.65pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J0R7ABSTR04023J0R7ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.7PF 25V 0402 0.7pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J0R7PBSTR02015J0R7PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.7PF 50V 0201 0.7pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021J0R7PBSTR04021J0R7PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.7PF 100V 0402 0.7pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YJ0R7PBSTRC005YJ0R7PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.7PF 16V 01005 0.7pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04023J0R7PBSTR04023J0R7PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.7PF 25V 0402 0.7pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021JR75PBSTR04021JR75PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.75PF 100V 0402 0.75pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J0R8PBSTR02015J0R8PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.8PF 50V 0201 0.8pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
C005YK0R8PBSTRC005YK0R8PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.8PF 16V 01005 0.8pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04021J0R8PBSTR04021J0R8PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.8PF 100V 0402 0.8pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J0R8BBSTR06035J0R8BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.8PF 50V 0603 0.8pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J0R8ABSTR04023J0R8ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.8PF 25V 0402 0.8pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J0R8PBSTR02013J0R8PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.8PF 25V 0201 0.8pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J0R8PBSTR04023J0R8PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.8PF 25V 0402 0.8pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015JR85PBSTR02015JR85PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.85PF 50V 0201 0.85pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021JR85PBSTR04021JR85PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.85PF 100V 0402 0.85pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J0R9PBSTR04021J0R9PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 100V 0402 0.9pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J0R9PBSTR\50002013J0R9PBSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 25V 0201 0.9pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
02015J0R9PBSTR02015J0R9PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 50V 0201 0.9pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
C005YK0R9PBSTRC005YK0R9PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 16V 01005 0.9pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
02013J0R9PBSTR02013J0R9PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 25V 0201 0.9pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J0R9PBSTR04023J0R9PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 25V 0402 0.9pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J0R9ABSTR04023J0R9ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 25V 0402 0.9pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021JR95PBSTR04021JR95PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 0.95PF 100V 0402 0.95pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J1R0PBSTR04021J1R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 100V 0402 1pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J1R0BBSTR06035J1R0BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 50V 0603 1pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
02015J1R0PBSTR02015J1R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 50V 0201 1pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
C005YK1R0PBSTRC005YK1R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 16V 01005 1pF±0.02pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04023J1R0PBSTR04023J1R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 25V 0402 1pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R0ABSTR04023J1R0ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 25V 0402 1pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J1R0PBSTR06035J1R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 50V 0603 1pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
06035J1R0PBSTR\50006035J1R0PBSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 1PF 50V 0603 1pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
02013J1R0ABSTR02013J1R0ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 25V 0201 1pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J1R0BBSTR04023J1R0BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 25V 0402 1pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J1R0PBTTR06035J1R0PBTTRCAP THIN FILM 1PF 50V 0603 1pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J1R1ABSTR04023J1R1ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.1PF 25V 0402 1.1pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J1R1PBSTR02015J1R1PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.1PF 50V 0201 1.1pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021J1R1ABSTR\50004021J1R1ABSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 1.1PF 100V 0402 1.1pF±0.05pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R1PBSTR04023J1R1PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.1PF 25V 0402 1.1pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R2ABSTR04023J1R2ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.2PF 25V 0402 1.2pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J1R2PBSTR02015J1R2PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.2PF 50V 0201 1.2pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J1R2BBSTR06035J1R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.2PF 50V 0603 1.2pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
06035J1R2PBSTR06035J1R2PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.2PF 50V 0603 1.2pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
C005YK1R2QBSTRC005YK1R2QBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.2PF 16V 01005 1.2pF±0.03pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
02013J1R2ABSTR02013J1R2ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.2PF 25V 0201 1.2pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J1R2BBSTR04023J1R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.2PF 25V 0402 1.2pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J1R3PBSTR04021J1R3PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.3PF 100V 0402 1.3pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J1R3PBSTR02015J1R3PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.3PF 50V 0201 1.3pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J1R3ABSTR04023J1R3ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.3PF 25V 0402 1.3pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J1R4PBSTR02015J1R4PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.4PF 50V 0201 1.4pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J1R4ABSTR04023J1R4ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.4PF 25V 0402 1.4pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R5BBSTR04023J1R5BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 25V 0402 1.5pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R5ABSTR04023J1R5ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 25V 0402 1.5pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J1R5PBSTR04021J1R5PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 100V 0402 1.5pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YK1R5QBSTRC005YK1R5QBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 16V 01005 1.5pF±0.03pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
02013J1R5ABSTR02013J1R5ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 25V 0201 1.5pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J1R5BBSTR06035J1R5BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 50V 0603 1.5pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
02015J1R5PBSTR02015J1R5PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 50V 0201 1.5pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J1R5PBSTR04023J1R5PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.5PF 25V 0402 1.5pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J1R6PBSTR04021J1R6PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.6PF 100V 0402 1.6pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R6ABSTR04023J1R6ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.6PF 25V 0402 1.6pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J1R6PBSTR02015J1R6PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.6PF 50V 0201 1.6pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J1R7ABSTR04023J1R7ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.7PF 25V 0402 1.7pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02015J1R7PBSTR02015J1R7PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.7PF 50V 0201 1.7pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04021J1R7PBSTR04021J1R7PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.7PF 100V 0402 1.7pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J1R7ABSTR\50004021J1R7ABSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 1.7PF 100V 0402 1.7pF±0.05pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R8BBSTR04023J1R8BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.8PF 25V 0402 1.8pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J1R8ABSTR02013J1R8ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.8PF 25V 0201 1.8pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
02013J1R8PBSTR02013J1R8PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.8PF 25V 0201 1.8pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J1R8ABSTR04023J1R8ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.8PF 25V 0402 1.8pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04021J1R8PBSTR04021J1R8PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.8PF 100V 0402 1.8pF±0.02pF100VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YK1R8QBSTRC005YK1R8QBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.8PF 16V 01005 1.8pF±0.03pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
04025J1R9PBSTR04025J1R9PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.9PF 50V 0402 1.9pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J1R9ABSTR04023J1R9ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.9PF 25V 0402 1.9pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J1R9PBSTR02013J1R9PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 1.9PF 25V 0201 1.9pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
02013J2R0ABSTR02013J2R0ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 2PF 25V 0201 2pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J2R0ABSTR04023J2R0ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 2PF 25V 0402 2pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J2R0PBSTR02013J2R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2PF 25V 0201 2pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J2R0BBSTR04023J2R0BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2PF 25V 0402 2pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J2R0BBSTR06035J2R0BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2PF 50V 0603 2pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J2R0PBSTR04023J2R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2PF 25V 0402 2pF±0.02pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04025J2R0PBSTR04025J2R0PBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2PF 50V 0402 2pF±0.02pF50VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J2R1BBSTR04023J2R1BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.1PF 25V 0402 2.1pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J2R2ABSTR04023J2R2ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.2PF 25V 0402 2.2pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
C005YK2R2QBSTRC005YK2R2QBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.2PF 16V 01005 2.2pF±0.03pF16VSurface Mount01005 (0402 Metric)
06035J2R2BBTTR06035J2R2BBTTRCAP THIN FILM 2.2PF 50V 0603 2.2pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
06035J2R2BBSTR06035J2R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.2PF 50V 0603 2.2pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J2R2BBSTR04023J2R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.2PF 25V 0402 2.2pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J2R2ABSTR06035J2R2ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.2PF 50V 0603 2.2pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J2R4BBSTR04023J2R4BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.4PF 25V 0402 2.4pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J2R4BBSTR06035J2R4BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.4PF 50V 0603 2.4pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J2R4QBSTR04023J2R4QBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.4PF 25V 0402 2.4pF±0.03pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
02013J2R7BBSTR02013J2R7BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.7PF 25V 0201 2.7pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J2R7BBSTR04023J2R7BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.7PF 25V 0402 2.7pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J2R7BBSTR06035J2R7BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 2.7PF 50V 0603 2.7pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J3R0BBSTR04023J3R0BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3PF 25V 0402 3pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J3R0ABSTR04023J3R0ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 3PF 25V 0402 3pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04025J3R0ABSTR\50004025J3R0ABSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 3PF 50V 0402 3pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J3R0BBSTR06035J3R0BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3PF 50V 0603 3pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J3R1BBSTR04023J3R1BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.1PF 25V 0402 3.1pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J3R3BBSTR06035J3R3BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.3PF 50V 0603 3.3pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J3R3ABSTR04023J3R3ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.3PF 25V 0402 3.3pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J3R3BBSTR\50004023J3R3BBSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 3.3PF 25V 0402 3.3pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J3R3BBSTR04023J3R3BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.3PF 25V 0402 3.3pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J3R3ABSTR06035J3R3ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.3PF 50V 0603 3.3pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
08055J3R3ABTTR08055J3R3ABTTRCAP THIN FILM 3.3PF 50V 0805 3.3pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0805 (2012 Metric)
02013J3R3ABSTR02013J3R3ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.3PF 25V 0201 3.3pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J3R6BBSTR04023J3R6BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.6PF 25V 0402 3.6pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J3R9BBSTR04023J3R9BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.9PF 25V 0402 3.9pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J3R9BBSTR06035J3R9BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 3.9PF 50V 0603 3.9pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J3R9BBSTR\50004023J3R9BBSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 3.9PF 25V 0402 3.9pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J3R9BBTTR06035J3R9BBTTRCAP THIN FILM 3.9PF 50V 0603 3.9pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J4R1BBSTR04023J4R1BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 4.1PF 25V 0402 4.1pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J4R3BBSTR04023J4R3BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 4.3PF 25V 0402 4.3pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J4R7BBSTR04023J4R7BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 4.7PF 25V 0402 4.7pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J4R7ABSTR04023J4R7ABSTRCAP THIN FILM 4.7PF 25V 0402 4.7pF±0.05pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J4R7BBSTR06035J4R7BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 4.7PF 50V 0603 4.7pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0201ZK4R7BBSTR0201ZK4R7BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 4.7PF 10V 0201 4.7pF±0.1pF10VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
0402YJ4R7ABWTR0402YJ4R7ABWTRCAP THIN FILM 4.7PF 16V 0402 4.7pF±0.05pF16VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J4R7ABTTR06035J4R7ABTTRCAP THIN FILM 4.7PF 50V 0603 4.7pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
06035J4R7BBTTR06035J4R7BBTTRCAP THIN FILM 4.7PF 50V 0603 4.7pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0201ZK5R6BBSTR0201ZK5R6BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 5.6PF 10V 0201 5.6pF±0.1pF10VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J5R6BBSTR06035J5R6BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 5.6PF 50V 0603 5.6pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J5R6BBWTR04023J5R6BBWTRCAP THIN FILM 5.6PF 25V 0402 5.6pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J5R6BBSTR04023J5R6BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 5.6PF 25V 0402 5.6pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J5R6BBTTR06035J5R6BBTTRCAP THIN FILM 5.6PF 50V 0603 5.6pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J6R2BBSTR04023J6R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 6.2PF 25V 0402 6.2pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04025J6R2ABSTR\50004025J6R2ABSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 6.2PF 50V 0402 6.2pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J6R8BBSTR04023J6R8BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 6.8PF 25V 0402 6.8pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04025J6R8ABSTR\50004025J6R8ABSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 6.8PF 50V 0402 6.8pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
0201ZK6R8BBSTR0201ZK6R8BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 6.8PF 10V 0201 6.8pF±0.1pF10VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J6R8BBSTR06035J6R8BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 6.8PF 50V 0603 6.8pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
06035J6R8BBTTR06035J6R8BBTTRCAP THIN FILM 6.8PF 50V 0603 6.8pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04025J7R5ABSTR\50004025J7R5ABSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 7.5PF 50V 0402 7.5pF±0.05pF50VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
04023J7R5BBSTR04023J7R5BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 7.5PF 25V 0402 7.5pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
0402YJ8R2BBSTR0402YJ8R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 8.2PF 16V 0402 8.2pF±0.1pF16VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J8R2BBSTR06035J8R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 8.2PF 50V 0603 8.2pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0201ZK8R2BBSTR0201ZK8R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 8.2PF 10V 0201 8.2pF±0.1pF10VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J8R2BBTTR06035J8R2BBTTRCAP THIN FILM 8.2PF 50V 0603 8.2pF±0.1pF50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J8R2BBSTR04023J8R2BBSTRCAP THIN FILM 8.2PF 25V 0402 8.2pF±0.1pF25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
0201ZK100GBSTR0201ZK100GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 10PF 10V 0201 10pF±2%10VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
04023J100FBSTR04023J100FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 10PF 25V 0402 10pF±1%25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J100GBSTR06035J100GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 10PF 50V 0603 10pF±2%50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0402YJ100GBSTR0402YJ100GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 10PF 16V 0402 10pF±2%16VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
0402YJ100FBSTR0402YJ100FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 10PF 16V 0402 10pF±1%16VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J100FBTTR06035J100FBTTRCAP THIN FILM 10PF 50V 0603 10pF±1%50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
06035J100FBSTR06035J100FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 10PF 50V 0603 10pF±1%50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023J120FBSTR04023J120FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 12PF 25V 0402 12pF±1%25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
0402ZJ120GBSTR0402ZJ120GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 12PF 10V 0402 12pF±2%10VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J120GBSTR06035J120GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 12PF 50V 0603 12pF±2%50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0201ZK120FBSTR0201ZK120FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 12PF 10V 0201 12pF±1%10VSurface Mount0201 (0603 Metric)
06035J120FBSTR06035J120FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 12PF 50V 0603 12pF±1%50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
06033J150GBSTR06033J150GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 15PF 25V 0603 15pF±2%25VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
04023K150FBSTR04023K150FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 15PF 25V 0402 15pF±1%25VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06033J150FBTTR06033J150FBTTRCAP THIN FILM 15PF 25V 0603 15pF±1%25VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0402ZK180GBSTR0402ZK180GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 18PF 10V 0402 18pF±2%10VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06035J180FBSTR06035J180FBSTRCAP THIN FILM 18PF 50V 0603 18pF±1%50VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0402ZK220GBSTR0402ZK220GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 22PF 10V 0402 22pF±2%10VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06033J220GBSTR06033J220GBSTRCAP THIN FILM 22PF 25V 0603 22pF±2%25VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
08055J220FBTTR08055J220FBTTRCAP THIN FILM 22PF 50V 0805 22pF±1%50VSurface Mount0805 (2012 Metric)
0402ZK220GBWTR0402ZK220GBWTRCAP THIN FILM 22PF 10V 0402 22pF±2%10VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
06033K220FBTTR06033K220FBTTRCAP THIN FILM 22PF 25V 0603 22pF±1%25VSurface Mount0603 (1608 Metric)
0402YK330FBSTR\5000402YK330FBSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 33PF 1% 16V 0402 33pF±1%16VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)
0402ZK390FBSTR\5000402ZK390FBSTR\500CAP THIN FILM 39PF 1% 10V 0402 39pF±1%10VSurface Mount0402 (1005 Metric)

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