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Illinois Capacitor
AVG Series
A750 Series
A755 Series
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A750 Series

High Ripple Current, Radial, Can, Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


The A750 Series offer long life and greater stability across a wide range of temperatures.

  • Low ESR
  • Low impedance
  • High ripple current
  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Computer motherboards
  • Servers and adapters (laptop power supplies)
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:47µF ~ 1500µF
  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance):12mOhm ~ 40mOhm
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ High Frequency:100kHz
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:120Hz
  • Lifetime @ Temp.:2000 Hrs @ 105°C
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 105°C
  • Package / Case:Radial, Can
  • Ripple Current @ High Frequency:2.5A ~ 5.7A
  • Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:125mA ~ 285mA
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Type:Polymer
  • Voltage - Rated:2.5V ~ 25V

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A750BG227M0JAAE020A750BG227M0JAAE020CAP ALUM POLY 220UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer220µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK476M1EAAE040A750EK476M1EAAE040CAP ALUM POLY 47UF 20% 25V T/H Polymer47µF±20%25VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK227M1CAAE016A750EK227M1CAAE016CAP ALUM POLY 220UF 20% 16V T/H Polymer220µF±20%16VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK227M1AAAE018A750EK227M1AAAE018CAP ALUM POLY 220UF 20% 10V T/H Polymer220µF±20%10VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK107M1EAAE040A750KK107M1EAAE040CAP ALUM POLY 100UF 20% 25V T/H Polymer100µF±20%25VRadial, CanRoHS
A750MS108M1AAAE013A750MS108M1AAAE013CAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 20% 10V T/HPolymer1000µF±20%10VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS158M0JAAE014A750KS158M0JAAE014CAP ALUM POLY 1500UF 6.3V T/H Polymer1500µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS477M1CAAE013A750KS477M1CAAE013CAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 16V T/H Polymer470µF±20%16VRadial, CanRoHS
A750MS108M1CAAE013A750MS108M1CAAE013CAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 20% 16V T/HPolymer1000µF±20%16VRadial, CanRoHS
A750MS477M1EAAE015A750MS477M1EAAE015CAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 25V T/H Polymer470µF±20%25VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK477M0JAAE018A750EK477M0JAAE018CAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer470µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK567M0JAAE018A750EK567M0JAAE018CAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer560µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK687M0JAAE016A750KK687M0JAAE016CAP ALUM POLY 680UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer680µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750MS567M1EAAE015A750MS567M1EAAE015CAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 25V T/H Polymer560µF±20%25VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK567M0EAAE020A750EK567M0EAAE020CAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 2.5V T/HPolymer560µF±20%2.5VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK567M0GAAE018A750EK567M0GAAE018CAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 4V T/H Polymer560µF±20%4VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK107M1CAAE018A750EK107M1CAAE018CAP ALUM POLY 100UF 20% 16V T/H Polymer100µF±20%16VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK337M1CAAE014A750KK337M1CAAE014CAP ALUM POLY 330UF 20% 16V T/H Polymer330µF±20%16VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS227M1EAAE015A750KS227M1EAAE015CAP ALUM POLY 220UF 20% 25V T/H Polymer220µF±20%25VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK477M1AAAE016A750KK477M1AAAE016CAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 10V T/H Polymer470µF±20%10VRadial, CanRoHS
A750MS827M1CAAE013A750MS827M1CAAE013CAP ALUM POLY 820UF 20% 16V T/H Polymer820µF±20%16VRadial, CanRoHS
A750BM397M0JAAE020A750BM397M0JAAE020CAP ALUM POLY 390UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer390µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750BG277M0JAAE020A750BG277M0JAAE020CAP ALUM POLY 270UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer270µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750BG337M0JAAE020A750BG337M0JAAE020CAP ALUM POLY 330UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer330µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK827M0JAAE016A750KK827M0JAAE016CAP ALUM POLY 820UF 20% 6.3V T/HPolymer820µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750EK337M1AAAE016A750EK337M1AAAE016CAP ALUM POLY 330UF 20% 10V T/H Polymer330µF±20%10VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK108M0EAAE012A750KK108M0EAAE012CAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 2.5V T/H Polymer1000µF±20%2.5VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK567M1AAAE016A750KK567M1AAAE016CAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 10V T/H Polymer560µF±20%10VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KK108M0JAAE015A750KK108M0JAAE015CAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 2.5V T/H Polymer1000µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS687M1AAAE014A750KS687M1AAAE014CAP ALUM POLY 680UF 20% 10V T/H Polymer680µF±20%10VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS567M1CAAE013A750KS567M1CAAE013CAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 16V T/H Polymer560µF±20%16VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS128M0JAAE014A750KS128M0JAAE014CAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 2.5V T/H Polymer1200µF±20%6.3VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS827M1AAAE014A750KS827M1AAAE014CAP ALUM POLY 820UF 20% 10V T/H Polymer820µF±20%10VRadial, CanRoHS
A750KS337M1EAAE018A750KS337M1EAAE018CAP ALUM POLY 330UF 20% 25V T/H Polymer330µF±20%25VRadial, CanRoHS

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