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NorComp Inc.
974 Series
NorComp Inc.
975M Series
NorComp Inc.
975T Series

975M Series

D-Sub Backshells

NorComp Inc.

The 975M Series of 2 piece backshells are available in a variety of industry sizes/positions.

  • Accessory Type:Two Piece Backshell and Cover
  • Cable Exit:60°, 180°
  • Cable Type:Flat
  • Features:Exit Cover
  • Hardware:Assembly Hardware
  • Material:Zinc Alloy
  • Number of Positions:9 ~ 50
  • Shielding:Shielded

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975M009-030R121975M009-030R121CONN BACKSHELL 9P 60/180DEG SHLDTwo Piece Backshell and Cover9Flat60°, 180°RoHS
975M015-030R121975M015-030R121CONN BACKSHELL 15P 60/180DEG SHDTwo Piece Backshell and Cover15Flat60°, 180°RoHS
975M025-030R121975M025-030R121CONN BACKSHELL 25P 60/180DEG SHDTwo Piece Backshell and Cover25Flat60°, 180°RoHS
975M037-030R121975M037-030R121CONN BACKSHELL 37P 60/180DEG SHDTwo Piece Backshell and Cover37Flat60°, 180°RoHS
975M050-030R121975M050-030R121CONN BACKSHELL 50P 60/180DEG SHDTwo Piece Backshell and Cover50Flat60°, 180°RoHS

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