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Belden Inc.
WaterDog™ Series
969M101 Series
CNC Tech
Multi-Conductor Cable
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969M101 Series

Multi-Pair, Braided, Hi-Flex Signal Cable


Hi-Flex shielded signal cables are ideal for the most demanding data transmission applications. Cicoil’s patented extrusion process allows individually shielded pairs to be placed in a highly flexible flat profile, while exceeding electrical and signal requirements. These flat cable designs are an excellent alternative to bulky round and stiffer PVC or Teflon flat cable designs.

  • Ultra flexible for confined areas and continuous motion
  • Twisted shielded signal pairs for excellent EMI/RFI protection
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Tinned
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Flexx-Sil™
  • Jacket Color:Clear
  • Length:25.00' (7.62m)
  • Operating Temperature:-65°C ~ 165°C
  • Shield Coverage:90%
  • Shield Type:Braid
  • Voltage:12kV
  • Wire Gauge:24 AWG ~ 28 AWG

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969M101-24-1TPS-025969M101-24-1TPS-025MULTI-PAIR 2COND 24AWG SHLD 25' Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair Twisted)24 AWG-RoHS
969M101-28-1TPS-025969M101-28-1TPS-025MULTI-PAIR 2COND 28AWG SHLD 25' Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair Twisted)28 AWG-RoHS
969M101-26-1TPS-025969M101-26-1TPS-025MULTI-PAIR 2COND 26AWG SHLD 25' Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair Twisted)26 AWG-RoHS
969M101-28-5TPS-025969M101-28-5TPS-025MULTI-PAIR 10COND 28AWG SHLD 25'Multi-Pair10 (5 Pair Twisted)28 AWG-RoHS

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