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9257 Series
9286 Series
9715 Series

9286 Series

Poke-In, Junction Box, Free Hanging Rectangular Connectors


The 9286 series of Thru-Wire connectors provides a high spring force Beryllium Copper contact system that uses simple push button activation to insert and remove individual stripped wires in the connection process.

Product Description

Based on the existing success of “Poke Home” wire-to-board connectors, AVX has developed a family of wire-to-wire connectors to meet the cost, flexibility and ease-of-use targets in industrial wiring applications.

There is a forward and aft shrouded (to prevent accidental activation) push button for each wire connection that can be operated individually or simultaneously with a simple plastic tool or ball point pen tip. Up to eight wires can be electrically connected in a single connector body which will support any combination of wire gauges from 18AWG up to 26 AWG. Wires can be removed or replaced up to 5 times so there is no need to replace the connector in a new installation.

  • High spring force top contact provides a lance type retention to capture and retain the wire
  • Shrouded dual push button activation for easy wire insertion/removal
  • Accepts 18-26AWG Solid and Stranded wires; any combination
  • Optional mounting tape to secure in panel mounting applications
  • Molded in position numbers and schematic for easy identification
  • Industrial/Machine Control
    • Motors
    • Solenoids
    • PLC’s
    • Pumps
    • Valves
    • Sensors
    • Fans
  • Commercial/Building
    • Fixtures
    • Fire
    • Security
    • Surveillance
    • Blinds
    • Sensors
    • Controls
  • Commercial/Industrial LED
    • Retail
    • Office
    • Manufacturing
    • Signage
    • Displays
  • Cable Termination:Poke-In
  • Connector Type:Junction Box
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Contact Type:Spring
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Number of Positions:1 ~ 8
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Wire Gauge:12 AWG ~ 18-26 AWG
  • Wire Type:Discrete
009286002203906009286002203906CONN JUNCT 2POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring2-RoHS
009286001021906009286001021906CONN JUNCT 1POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring1-RoHS
009286002021906009286002021906CONN JUNCT 2POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring2-RoHS
009286004121906009286004121906CONN JUNCT 4POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring4-RoHS
009286003021906009286003021906CONN JUNCT 3POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring3-RoHS
009286004021906009286004021906CONN JUNCT 4POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring4-RoHS
009286001203906009286001203906CONN JUNCT 1POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring1-RoHS
009286004253906009286004253906CONN JUNCT 4POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring4-RoHS
009286006253906009286006253906CONN JUNCT 6POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring6-RoHS
009286006203906009286006203906CONN JUNCT 6POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring6-RoHS
009286008121906009286008121906CONN JUNCT 8POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring8-RoHS
009286006021906009286006021906CONN JUNCT 6POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring6-RoHS
009286001316906009286001316906CONN JUNCT 1POS POKE-IN 16-18AWGJunction BoxSpring1-RoHS
009286001312906009286001312906CONN JUNCTION 1POS POKE-IN 12AWGJunction BoxSpring1-RoHS
009286001314906009286001314906CONN JUNCTION 1POS POKE-IN 14AWGJunction BoxSpring1-RoHS
009286008253906009286008253906CONN JUNCT 8POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring8-RoHS
009286005203906009286005203906CONN JUNCT 5POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring5-RoHS
009286001316506009286001316506CONN JUNCT 1POS POKE-IN 16-18AWGJunction BoxSpring1-RoHS
009286001316806009286001316806CONN JUNCT 1POS POKE-IN 16-18AWGJunction BoxSpring1-RoHS
009286003203906009286003203906CONN JUNCT 3POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring3-RoHS
009286004203906009286004203906CONN JUNCT 4POS POKE-IN 18-24AWGJunction BoxSpring4-RoHS
009286006121906009286006121906CONN JUNCT 6POS POKE-IN 18-26AWGJunction BoxSpring6-RoHS
Associated Product
KYOCERA AVX 069286700101000
Category: Test, Tools, Other Products-Tools-Specialized Tools