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AVX Corporation
9176-800 Series
AVX Corporation
9177-600 Series
AVX Corporation
9296 Series

9177-600 Series

IDC Through Hole Integrated Cap Connector

AVX Corporation

The 9177-600 Series IDC contact provides a “gas tight” wire termination to the PCB to meet harsh industrial environments.

Product Description

The heart of the IDC connector is the true “gas tight” WTB termination that is achieved once the wire is inserted between the dual phosphor bronze contact tines. These opposing tines provide enough spring characteristics to allow the termination to remain stable over extreme levels of temperature, shock and vibration.

The 9177-600 family of contacts incorporates many capabilities. From low cost single contacts to fully integrated capped contacts. The unique feature of the 600 series is the fact that it was developed for Plated Through Hole (PTH) termination to the PCB. This addresses the rugged power type boards that have to handle larger wire gauges up to 12AWG and 15 Amps per contact of current. The PTH option provides robust PCB attachment and high current capabilities to replace older technology connectors or in most cases soldering stripped wires directly to the PCB.

  • Simple, robust design offers a high performance solution to hand soldering large gauge wires to a PCB
  • A single contact an handle up to 15A for high current applications with wire replacement up to 3 times
  • The versatile family of IDC contact can accept 12-18AWG of stranded wires and can be tested for compliance with solid wires
  • Industrial pumps, motors and driver boards
  • Solar and alternative energy products
  • Commercial electrical equipment
  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Connector Type:Contact
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Wire Gauge:12 AWG ~ 18-19 AWG

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709177001612006709177001612006CONN CONTACT IDC 16AWG VERT Contact---RoHS
709177001691006709177001691006CONN CONTACT IDC 12AWG VERT Contact---RoHS
709177001501006709177001501006CONN CONTACT IDC 14AWG SMD Contact---RoHS
709177001512006709177001512006CONN CONTACT IDC 16AWG SMD Contact---RoHS
709177001522006709177001522006CONN CONTACT IDC 18-19AWG SMD Contact---RoHS
709177001601006709177001601006CONN CONTACT IDC 14AWG VERT Contact---RoHS
709177001591006709177001591006CONN CONTACT IDC 12AWG SMD Contact---RoHS

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