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9176-700 Series
9176-800 Series
9177-600 Series
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9176-800 Series

0.126" (3.20mm) Pitch, Surface Mount, IDC Connectors


The 9176-800 Series provide a simple one-step termination process. Their durability makes them great for harsh environment applications like industrial, medical, and transportation.

  • Connecting discrete wire components directly to the PCB
  • Bringing power and signals onto a PCB
  • Daisy chaining PCB’s together to create a continuous string of boards
  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Color:White
  • Connector Type:Individual Wires
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Features:Feed Through
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Number of Positions:1 ~ 4
  • Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Wire Gauge:22 AWG ~ 28 AWG, Stranded or Solid

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009176002884906009176002884906CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 28AWG SMD Individual Wires20.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176001873906009176001873906CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 26AWG SMD Individual Wires1--RoHS
009176002873906009176002873906CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 26AWG SMD Individual Wires20.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176003873906009176003873906CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 26AWG SMD Individual Wires30.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176001863906009176001863906CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 24AWG SMD Individual Wires1--RoHS
009176001853906009176001853906CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 22AWG SMD Individual Wires1--RoHS
009176003853906009176003853906CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 22AWG SMD Individual Wires30.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176003884906009176003884906CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 28AWG SMD Individual Wires30.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176004873906009176004873906CONN WIRE IDC 4POS 26AWG SMD Individual Wires40.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176001884906009176001884906CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 28AWG SMD Individual Wires1--RoHS
009176003863906009176003863906CONN WIRE IDC 3POS 24AWG SMD Individual Wires30.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176004853906009176004853906CONN WIRE IDC 4POS 22AWG SMD Individual Wires40.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176004884906009176004884906CONN WIRE IDC 4POS 28AWG SMD Individual Wires40.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176004863906009176004863906CONN WIRE IDC 4POS 24AWG SMD Individual Wires40.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176002853906009176002853906CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 22AWG SMD Individual Wires20.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS
009176002863906009176002863906CONN WIRE IDC 2POS 24AWG SMD Individual Wires20.126" (3.20mm)0.126" (3.20mm)RoHS

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