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MACOM Technology Solutions
90 Series
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90 Series

Silicon Capacitors

MACOM Technology Solutions

The 90 Series features silicon nitride/silicon dioxide dielectric layers for high reliability and stable capacitance. These metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) capacitors have high insulation resistance and low dissipation factor for excellent high frequency performance and reliability.

  • High working voltage
  • Wide range capacitance
  • Excellent stability
  • Applications:High Stability
  • Capacitance:5.6pF ~ 150pF
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 150°C
  • Voltage - Breakdown:50V

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905R6M-14-2905R6M-14-2CAP SILICON 5.6PF 20% SMD 5.6pF±20%-High StabilityNonstandard SMD
906R0M-14-2906R0M-14-2CAP SILICON 6PF 20% 50V SMD 6pF±20%-High StabilityNonstandard ChipRoHS
9010R0M-14-29010R0M-14-2CAP SILICON 10PF 20% NONSTANDARD10pF±20%-High StabilityNonstandard
9018RK-209018RK-20CAP SILICON 18PF 10% SMD 18pF±10%-High StabilityNonstandard SMD
9020RK9020RKCAP SILICON 20PF 10% SMD 20pF±10%-High StabilityNonstandard SMD
9033R0M-14-39033R0M-14-3CAP SILICON 33PF 20% NONSTANDARD33pF±20%-High StabilityNonstandard
9047RK9047RKCAP SILICON 47PF 10% 50V SMD 47pF±10%-High StabilityNonstandard ChipRoHS
90100RM-3090100RM-30CAP SILICON 100PF 20% SMD 100pF±20%-High StabilityNonstandard SMD
90100RK90100RKCAP SILICON 100PF 10% 50V SMD 100pF±10%--Nonstandard ChipRoHS
90150RK90150RKCAP SILICON 150PF 10% SMD 150pF±10%-High StabilityNonstandard SMD

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