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Laird Technologies EMI
86749 Conductive Fabric Tape
Laird Technologies EMI
86750 Conductive Fabric Tape
Laird Technologies EMI
86751 Conductive Fabric Tape

86750 Conductive Fabric Tape

Nickel/Copper Fabric Tape

Laird Technologies EMI

Laird Technologies’ Conductive Fabric Tape 86750 products are made of metallized fabric (polyester Ni/Cu) coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. These products can be used as EMI/RFI shielding and grounding tape, which would meet market requirements.

  • Halogen-free per IEC-61249-2-21 standard
  • Low surface resistivity of <0.03Ω square provides excellent conductivity
  • Shielding effectiveness of 70 dB across a wide spectrum of frequencies
  • Cabinet applications
  • LCD and Plasma TV
  • Medical equipment
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Laptop computers
  • Adhesive:Conductive, Single Sided
  • Length:65.617' (20.00m)
  • Material:Nickel-Copper (NI/CU) Fabric
  • Shelf Life:12 Months ~ 24 Months
  • Shelf Life Start:Date of Shipment
  • Storage/Refrigeration Temperature:73°F (23°C) or Below
  • Thickness - Overall:0.003" (0.08mm)
  • Type:Shielding Tape
46X7501020.NN0046X7501020.NN00RF EMI SHLD TAPE 65.617'X0.394" Shielding Tape-65.617' (20.00m)0.394" (10.00mm)RoHS
46X7502520.NN0046X7502520.NN00RF EMI SHLD TAPE 65.617'X0.984" Shielding Tape-65.617' (20.00m)0.984" (25.00mm)RoHS
46X7503020.NN0046X7503020.NN00RF EMI SHLD TAPE 65.617'X1.181" Shielding Tape-65.617' (20.00m)1.181" (30.00mm)RoHS
46X7501920.NN0046X7501920.NN00RF EMI SHLD TAPE 65.617'X0.748" Shielding Tape-65.617' (20.00m)0.748" (19.00mm)RoHS
46X7501320.NN0046X7501320.NN00RF EMI SHLD TAPE 65.617'X0.512" Shielding Tape-65.617' (20.00m)0.512" (13.00mm)RoHS