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74LVC Inverters - Diodes, Inc.

Diodes Incorporated

The 74LVC is an inverter gate. The device is designed for operation with a power supply range of 1.65V to 5.5V. The inputs are tolerant to 5.5V allowing this device to be used in a mixed voltage environment. The device is fully specified for partial power down applications using IOFF. The IOFF circuitry disables the output preventing damaging current backflow when the device is powered down.

  • Wide Supply Voltage Range
  • CMOS low power consumption
  • IOFF Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation
  • Inputs accept up to 5.5V
  • Range of Package Options
  • Voltage Level Shifting
  • General Purpose Logic
  • Power Down Signal Isolation
  • Wide array of products such as:
    • PCs, networking, notebooks, netbooks, PDAs
    • Computer peripherals, hard drives, CD/DVD ROM
    • TV, DVD, DVR, set top box
  • Current - Quiescent (Max):4µA ~ 200µA
  • Logic Type:Inverter
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Number of Circuits:1 ~ 6
  • Number of Inputs:1 ~ 6
  • Voltage - Supply:1.65V ~ 5.5V

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74LVC1G14SE-774LVC1G14SE-7IC INVERTER SCHMITT 1CH SOT353 Inverter11Schmitt Trigger5-TSSOP, SC-70-5, SOT-353RoHS
74LVC1G04SE-774LVC1G04SE-7IC INVERTER 1CH 1-INP SOT353 Inverter11-5-TSSOP, SC-70-5, SOT-353RoHS
74LVC1G14W5-774LVC1G14W5-7IC INVERTER SCHMITT 1CH SOT25 Inverter11Schmitt TriggerSC-74A, SOT-753RoHS
74LVC1G04W5-774LVC1G04W5-7IC INVERTER 1CH 1-INP SOT25 Inverter11-SC-74A, SOT-753RoHS
74LVC2G14DW-774LVC2G14DW-7IC INVERTER 2CH 2-INP SOT363 Inverter22-6-TSSOP, SC-88, SOT-363RoHS
74LVC1G04Z-774LVC1G04Z-7IC INVERTER 1CH 1-INP SOT553 Inverter11-SOT-553RoHS
74LVC14AS14-1374LVC14AS14-13IC INVERTER SCHMITT 6CH 14SO Inverter66Schmitt Trigger14-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)RoHS
74LVC2G06DW-774LVC2G06DW-7IC INVERTER 2CH 2-INP SOT363 Inverter22Open Drain6-TSSOP, SC-88, SOT-363RoHS
74LVC2G04DW-774LVC2G04DW-7IC INVERTER 2CH 2-INP SOT363 Inverter22-6-TSSOP, SC-88, SOT-363RoHS
74LVC2G14W6-774LVC2G14W6-7IC INVERTER 2CH 2-INP SOT26 Inverter22-SOT-23-6RoHS
74LVC14AT14-1374LVC14AT14-13IC INVERTER SCHMITT 6CH 14TSSOP Inverter66Schmitt Trigger14-TSSOP (0.173", 4.40mm Width)RoHS
74LVC2G14FZ4-774LVC2G14FZ4-7IC INVERTER 2CH 2-INP DFN1410-6 Inverter22-6-XFDFNRoHS
74LVC2G06FZ4-774LVC2G06FZ4-7IC INVERTER 2CH 2-INP DFN1409-6 Inverter22Open Drain6-XFDFNRoHS
74LVC1G14FX4-774LVC1G14FX4-7IC INVERTER SCHMITT 1CH DFN1409 Inverter11Schmitt Trigger6-XFDFNRoHS
74LVC1G04FX4-774LVC1G04FX4-7IC INVERTER 1CH 1-INP DFN1409-6 Inverter11-6-XFDFNRoHS
74LVC1G04QW5-774LVC1G04QW5-7LOGIC LVC 1 GATE,SOT25,T&R,3K Inverter11-SC-74A, SOT-753
74LVC1G06QW5-774LVC1G06QW5-7LOGIC LVC 1 GATE,SOT25,T&R,3K Inverter11Open DrainSC-74A, SOT-753
74LVC1G14QW5-774LVC1G14QW5-7LOGIC LVC 1 GATE,SOT25,T&R,3K Inverter11Schmitt TriggerSC-74A, SOT-753
74LVC04AS14-1374LVC04AS14-13IC INVERTER 6CH 6-INP 14SO Inverter66-14-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)RoHS
74LVC1G04FW4-774LVC1G04FW4-7IC INVERTER 1CH 1-INP DFN1010-6 Inverter11-6-XFDFNRoHS
74LVC1G04QSE-774LVC1G04QSE-7IC LOGIC LVC 1 GATE SOT353 Inverter11-5-TSSOP, SC-70-5, SOT-353RoHS
74LVC1G14QSE-774LVC1G14QSE-7IC LOGIC LVC 1 GATE SOT353 Inverter11Schmitt Trigger5-TSSOP, SC-70-5, SOT-353RoHS
74LVC1G14FW4-774LVC1G14FW4-7IC INVERTER SCHMITT 1CH DFN1010 Inverter11Schmitt Trigger6-XFDFNRoHS
74LVC1G14FZ4-774LVC1G14FZ4-7IC INVERTER SCHMITT 1CH DFN1410 Inverter11Schmitt Trigger6-XFDFNRoHS

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