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Bourns Inc.
70AA Series
Bourns Inc.
70AB Series
Bourns Inc.
70AD Series
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70AB Series

0.050" (1.27mm) Pitch Surface Mount Modular Connector Contacts

Bourns Inc.

  • 2 to 4 precious metal contacts
  • Twin hot contacts (symmetrical pad layout)
  • Pick and place compatible
  • High cycle life
  • Handheld communications – mobile phones, pagers, cordless phones, GPS, PICs, radios
  • Portable consumer equipment – PDAs, HPCs, notebook PCs, cameras, dictaphones, PICs, games
  • Material:Copper Alloy
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Number of Contacts:2 ~ 4
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch:0.050" (1.27mm)

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70ABJ-4-F0E70ABJ-4-F0ECONN SPRING MOD FEMALE 4POS SMD Compression Contact, Female40.050" (1.27mm)1RoHS
70ABJ-2-F0E70ABJ-2-F0ECONN SPRING MOD FEMALE 2POS SMD Compression Contact, Female20.050" (1.27mm)1RoHS
70ABJ-3-F0E70ABJ-3-F0ECONN SPRING MOD FEMALE 3POS SMD Compression Contact, Female30.050" (1.27mm)1RoHS
70ABJ-3-M0E70ABJ-3-M0ECONN SPRING MOD MALE 3POS SMD Compression Contact, Male30.050" (1.27mm)1RoHS
70ABJ-4-M0E70ABJ-4-M0ECONN SPRING MOD MALE 4POS SMD Compression Contact, Male40.050" (1.27mm)1RoHS
70ABJ-2-M0E70ABJ-2-M0ECONN SPRING MOD MALE 2POS SMD Compression Contact, Male20.050" (1.27mm)1RoHS

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Associated Product
Bourns Inc. H-866
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Connector Kits-Rectangular