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Grayhill Inc.
61B Series
Grayhill Inc.
61C Series
Grayhill Inc.
61K Series
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61C Series

Optical Encoders

Grayhill Inc.

Grayhill’s optical encoders excel in the most demanding user interface applications that require discrete digital positioning and angular detection at start-up. The optical switching technology ensures a long life of up to 10 million cycles. Grayhill specializes in human interface encoders, which are manually operated and provide tactile feedback.

Product Training Modules:
  • Competitively Priced to Similar Electromechanical Switches
  • Optically Coupled For More Than A Million Trouble-Free Rotations
  • Has Data Entry Pushbutton Switch Activated By Switch Shaft
  • Compatible With CMOS, TTL and HCMOS Logic
  • Operationally Used to Move Display Icon and Input Data
  • Used to Set Radio Frequency
  • Drill Depth
  • RPM
  • Actuator Type:1/4" Dia Flatted End
  • Built in Switch:Yes
  • Detent:Yes
  • Encoder Type:Optical
  • Mounting Type:Panel, PCB Through Hole
  • Orientation:Vertical
  • Output Type:Quadrature (Incremental)
  • Pulses per Revolution:16 ~ 32
  • Rotational Life (Cycles Min):1M
  • Termination Style:PC Pin
  • Voltage - Supply:5V

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61C11-01-08-0261C11-01-08-02ENCODER ROTARY OPTO 32 POSITION OpticalQuadrature (Incremental)325V
61C22-01-04-0261C22-01-04-02ROTARY OPTO ENCODER 16 POSITION OpticalQuadrature (Incremental)165V

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