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Grayhill Inc.
60A Series
Grayhill Inc.
60C Series
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61B Series
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60C Series

Multi-Function Joystick, Encoder

Grayhill Inc.

This three in one, multifunction device integrates an optical encoder, joystick and pushbutton onto concentric shafts. 2 axis cable with connector.

Product Description

Series 60C is Grayhill’s most advanced cursor control device. This three-in-one, multifunction device integrates an optical encoder, joystick and pushbutton onto concentric shafts.

As a compact cursor control device, Grayhill's Series 60C is ideally suited for dashboards where use of separate joysticks, encoders and pushbuttons might be impractical. To interface with on-board information systems, the joystick positions a cursor; the rotary encoder facilitates sequential scrolling through menu options; and the pushbutton performs on-screen menu selects.

Grayhill multi-function encoders are widely used in automotive and avionics applications, but can also improve cursor control in medical devices and positioning in robotic control. The unique, integrated design facilitates positioning, scrolling and selecting with very little hand movement. Furthermore, these tasks are achieved without changing controls so the operator can focus on the task at hand instead of the joystick.

  • Optical encoder: minimum 500,000 rotational cycles
  • Pushbutton: minimum 500,000 actuations
  • Joystick: minimum 200,000 cycles through all positions
  • Joystick output direct from inverting Schmitt Trigger
    • High > 35VDC
    • Low < 1.0VDC
  • Compact packaging: 1" x 1" x .661" (behind panel)
  • Choice of cable length and termination
  • Three-in-One Joystick, Optical Encoder and Pushbutton
  • Compact Packaging
  • Choices of Cable Length and Termination
  • Customized Solutions Available
  • Avionics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Automotive navigation equipment
  • Automotive information equipment
  • Automotive entertainment equipment
  • Detent:Yes
  • Encoder Type:Optical
  • Pulses per Revolution:16 ~ 32
  • Rotational Life (Cycles Min):500K ~ 1M
  • Voltage - Supply:5V