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API Delevan Inc.
1812 and 1812R Series
API Delevan Inc.
4922 and 4922R Series
API Delevan Inc.
5500R Series
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4922 and 4922R Series

Surface Mount High Current Power Inductors

API Delevan Inc.

Units are encapsulated in a Surface Mount package, using an epoxy molded case. Leads are pre-tinned. A high resistivity ferrite core allows for high inductance with low DC resistance.

  • Ferrite core
  • Current - Saturation (Isat):50mA ~ 6A
  • Current Rating (Amps):50mA ~ 6A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):10mOhm Max ~ 160Ohm Max
  • Height - Seated (Max):0.230" (5.84mm)
  • Inductance:470nH ~ 470µH
  • Inductance Frequency - Test:1kHz
  • Material - Core:Ferrite
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:Nonstandard
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Size / Dimension:0.505" L x 0.240" W (12.82mm x 6.09mm)
  • Tolerance:±15%
  • Type:Wirewound

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4922R-37L4922R-37LFIXED IND 1MH 240MA 6.9 OHM SMD WirewoundFerrite1mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-25L4922R-25LFIXED IND 100UH 760MA 672 MOHM WirewoundFerrite100µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-24L4922R-24LFIXED IND 82UH 810MA 604 MOHM WirewoundFerrite82µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-31L4922R-31LFIXED IND 330UH 390MA 2.51 OHM WirewoundFerrite330µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-09L4922R-09LFIXED IND 4.7UH 2.9A 47 MOHM SMDWirewoundFerrite4.7µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-18L4922R-18LFIXED IND 27UH 1.48A 179 MOHM WirewoundFerrite27µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-33L4922R-33LFIXED IND 470UH 350MA 3.25 OHM WirewoundFerrite470µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-53L4922R-53LFIXED IND 22MH 50MA 160 OHM SMD WirewoundFerrite22mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-05L4922R-05LFIXED IND 2.2UH 3.7A 29 MOHM SMDWirewoundFerrite2.2µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-49L4922R-49LFIXED IND 10MH 71MA 74 OHM SMD WirewoundFerrite10mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-47L4922R-47LFIXED IND 6.8MH 80MA 62 OHM SMD WirewoundFerrite6.8mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-13L4922R-13LFIXED IND 10UH 2.36A 71 MOHM SMDWirewoundFerrite10µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-23L4922R-23LFIXED IND 68UH 970MA 418 MOHM WirewoundFerrite68µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-22L4922R-22LFIXED IND 56UH 1A 397 MOHM SMD WirewoundFerrite56µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-471L4922R-471LFIXED IND 470NH 6A 10 MOHM SMD WirewoundFerrite470nH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-15L4922R-15LFIXED IND 15UH 2.11A 89 MOHM SMDWirewoundFerrite15µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-01L4922R-01LFIXED IND 1UH 5.5A 13 MOHM SMD WirewoundFerrite1µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-17L4922R-17LFIXED IND 22UH 1.61A 152 MOHM WirewoundFerrite22µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-06L4922R-06LFIXED IND 2.7UH 3.41A 34 MOHM WirewoundFerrite2.7µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-08L4922R-08LFIXED IND 3.9UH 3.07A 42 MOHM WirewoundFerrite3.9µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-12L4922R-12LFIXED IND 8.2UH 2.51A 63 MOHM WirewoundFerrite8.2µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-21L4922R-21LFIXED IND 47UH 1.04A 362 MOHM WirewoundFerrite47µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-29L4922R-29LFIXED IND 220UH 500MA 1.58 OHM WirewoundFerrite220µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-32L4922R-32LFIXED IND 390UH 380MA 2.73 OHM WirewoundFerrite390µH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-48L4922R-48LFIXED IND 8.2MH 77MA 66 OHM SMD WirewoundFerrite8.2mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
4922R-07L4922R-07LFIXED IND 3.3UH 3.23A 38 MOHM WirewoundFerrite3.3µH±15%NonstandardRoHS

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