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CNC Tech
4281 Series
CNC Tech
4282 Series
Cvilux USA

4282 Series

Rectangular Housing Connector Plug White 0.165" (4.20mm)

CNC Tech

  • Color:White
  • Connector Type:Plug
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Contact Type:Male Pin
  • Fastening Type:Locking Ramp
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Note:Contacts Not Included
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 24
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch:0.165" (4.20mm)
  • Row Spacing:0.165" (4.20mm)

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4282-3-02-D4282-3-02-DCONN PLUG 2POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin20.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-04-D4282-3-04-DCONN PLUG 4POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin40.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-06-D4282-3-06-DCONN PLUG 6POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin60.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-08-D4282-3-08-DCONN PLUG 8POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin80.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-10-D4282-3-10-DCONN PLUG 10POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin100.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-12-D4282-3-12-DCONN PLUG 12POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin120.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-16-D4282-3-16-DCONN PLUG 16POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin160.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-14-D4282-3-14-DCONN PLUG 14POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin140.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-18-D4282-3-18-DCONN PLUG 18POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin180.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-20-D4282-3-20-DCONN PLUG 20POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin200.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-22-D4282-3-22-DCONN PLUG 22POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin220.165" (4.20mm)RoHS
4282-3-24-D4282-3-24-DCONN PLUG 24POS DUAL 94V-0 PlugMale Pin240.165" (4.20mm)RoHS

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