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Adam Tech
2PH2R-xx-UA Series
Adam Tech
2SH-C-xx-TR Series
Adam Tech
2SH-C-xx-TS Series
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2SH-C-xx-TR Series

0.079" (2.00mm) Shrouded Header Right Angle, PCB

Adam Tech

Shrouded 4 wall board to cable/wire.

  • Connector Type:Header
  • Contact Finish - Mating:Tin
  • Contact Finish - Post:Tin
  • Contact Length - Post:0.130" (3.30mm)
  • Contact Material:Brass
  • Contact Shape:Square
  • Contact Type:Male Pin
  • Current Rating (Amps):2A
  • Insulation Color:White
  • Insulation Height:0.197" (5.00mm)
  • Insulation Material:Polyamide (PA66), Nylon 6/6
  • Material Flammability Rating:UL94 V-0
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole, Right Angle
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 10
  • Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Operating Temperature:-25°C ~ 85°C
  • Pitch - Mating:0.079" (2.00mm)
  • Shrouding:Shrouded - 4 Wall
  • Style:Board to Cable/Wire
  • Termination:Kinked Pin, Solder
  • Voltage Rating:100VAC

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2SH-C-03-TR2SH-C-03-TRCONN HEADER R/A 3POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)3RoHS
2SH-C-04-TR2SH-C-04-TRCONN HEADER R/A 4POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)4RoHS
2SH-C-06-TR2SH-C-06-TRCONN HEADER R/A 6POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)6RoHS
2SH-C-05-TR2SH-C-05-TRCONN HEADER R/A 5POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)5RoHS
2SH-C-07-TR2SH-C-07-TRCONN HEADER R/A 7POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)7RoHS
2SH-C-08-TR2SH-C-08-TRCONN HEADER R/A 8POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)8RoHS
2SH-C-09-TR2SH-C-09-TRCONN HEADER R/A 9POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)9RoHS
2SH-C-10-TR2SH-C-10-TRCONN HEADER R/A 10POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)10RoHS
2SH-C-02-TR2SH-C-02-TRCONN HEADER R/A 2POS 2MM HeaderMale Pin0.079" (2.00mm)2RoHS

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