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26100 Series
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26100 Series

Digital CCD and CMOS Color Cameras

Aven Tools

The CCD and CMOS camera sensors come in various resolutions. Aven recommends these cameras for applications where you need to capture images for further analysis or record keeping. Digital Cameras provide higher resolutions than analog cameras.

Product Description

These USB cameras are designed to connect to a PC and they come with the feature packed TSView software for image capture, manipulation, databasing and high accuracy measurement.

The HD VGA cameras are designed to connect to a PC monitor. A PC is not required for image capture. Just connect to a PC monitor and start observing High Definition Images on your monitor.

The 720p HD CCD Camera, with its Sony® 1/3" CCD sensor and quick connection to a monitor or flat screen for image viewing, has a simple plug and play HDMI interface.

USB versions
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface for ease of installation on any computer
  • Color matrix technology for high fidelity color reproduction
  • One click image acquisition and storage capabilities
  • White balance and area with white balance function
  • Feature packed software for image capture, sharing, annotation and measurement included
  • 1.3 or 3 megapixel sensor
VGA versions
  • Auto gain exposure to reduce glare
  • Measurement data and image can be saved on SD Card
  • Live/freeze image
  • Multiple cross hair for quick gaging
  • Unique built in measurement system in real HD camera
  • 1.3 megapixel sensor
CCD version
  • 720p 1/3" CCD sensor 16x9
  • 60fps refresh rate with adjustable shutter speed
  • 28 programmable profiles
  • Excellent color and detail replication
  • Direct connect to HD monitors via HDMI
  • On screen menu with optional wired remote controller
  • Line generator with adjustable colors and thickness
  • Horizontal and vertical shading
  • Frames per Second:30.0 ~ 60.0
  • Interface:HDMI
  • Megapixels:1.3 ~ 2.0

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26100-25426100-254CAMERA 1440 X 900 HDMI CMOS 1/2.5"1.3000000000001440 x 90030.000000000000
26100-257UD26100-257UDMIGHTY CAM AUTO 2M 1080P HDMI CMOS 1/2.8"2.0000000000001920 x 108060.000000000000

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