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28BYJ-48 Series
NMB Technologies Corporation
17PM-K Series
NMB Technologies Corporation
17PY Series

17PM-K Series

Standard and Dual Shaft, 24VDC, Hybrid Stepper Motors

NMB Technologies Corporation

1.8° per step, with 4.50mm diameter shaft

Product Description

A hybrid stepper motor combines the best features of a standard variable reluctance step motor and a permanent magnet step motor. This hybrid of the two types of stepper motors allows the hybrid step motor to generate a great amount of power despite its small size.

The hybrid stepper motor is multi-toothed like the variable resistance motor but contains permanent magnets like a permanent magnet motor. In effect, the hybrid stepper is sort of like a permanent magnet stepper motor "plus". A variable stepper motor relies on those teeth to move the motor accurately, while the permanent magnet stepper relies on the magnets. The hybrid has both features to work with, resulting in an overall more accurate stepper. Hybrid stepper motors provide high resolution angular positioning and are good for applications requiring high repeatability and high torque in a small package size. Stepper motors provide excellent performance at low speeds. Positioning accuracy of +/-5% of the step angle means a hybrid step motor is ideal for open loop control, but can be paired with an encoder to run closed loop for added accuracy.

  • Valve markets
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Accuracy:±5%
  • Coil Resistance:4.2 Ohms ~ 7.4 Ohms
  • Coil Type:Unipolar
  • Current Rating (Amps):750mA ~ 850mA
  • Diameter - Shaft:0.197" (5.00mm)
  • Features:Flatted Shaft
  • Length - Shaft and Bearing:0.984" (25.00mm)
  • Mounting Hole Spacing:1.220" (31.00mm)
  • NEMA Frame Size:17
  • Operating Temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C
  • Rotor Inertia:37gcm² ~ 75gcm²
  • Size / Dimension:Square - 1.654" x 1.654" (42.00mm x 42.00mm)
  • Step Angle:1.8°
  • Steps per Revolution:200
  • Termination Style:Wire Leads
  • Voltage - Rated:24VDC

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17PM-K053-00VS17PM-K053-00VSSTEP MOTOR HYBRID UNIPOLAR 24V HybridUnipolar24VDC850mARoHS
17PM-K858-00VS17PM-K858-00VSSTEP MOTOR HYBRID UNIPOLAR 24V HybridUnipolar24VDC750mARoHS
17PM-K455-00VS17PM-K455-00VSSTEP MOTOR HYBRID UNIPOLAR 24V HybridUnipolar24VDC800mARoHS
17PM-K053-99VS17PM-K053-99VSSTEP MOTOR HYBRID DUAL SHAFT 24VHybrid, Dual ShaftUnipolar24VDC850mARoHS
17PM-K455-99VS17PM-K455-99VSSTEP MOTOR HYBRID DUAL SHAFT 24VHybrid, Dual ShaftUnipolar24VDC800mARoHS

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