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Würth Elektronik
WE-SI Series
Hammond Manufacturing
153 - 159 Series
Hammond Manufacturing
193 Series

153 - 159 Series

Open Bracket D C Filter Chokes

Hammond Manufacturing

Low to medium current.

  • Economical open bracket - channel mount
  • Tolerance of 15% on both inductance and resistance
  • Inductances measured at rated D C current
  • Minimum 5" long leads
  • Units will exhibit less inductance at slightly higher currents or more at lower currents
  • Current Rating (Amps):8mA ~ 10A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):38mOhm ~ 3.7kOhm
  • Inductance:1mH ~ 150H
  • Mounting Type:Chassis Mount
  • Package / Case:Nonstandard
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Tolerance:±15%
155B155BFIXED IND 6MH 2A 300 MOHM CHASS --6mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159ZC159ZCFIXED IND 60MH 2A 700 MOHM CHASS--60mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159V159VFIXED IND 1.5H 500MA 27 OHM CHAS--1.5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
156R156RFIXED IND 1.5H 200MA 56 OHM CHAS--1.5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
156L156LFIXED IND 5H 75MA 135 OHM CHASS --5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
156B156BFIXED IND 1.5MH 5A 70 MOHM CHASS--1.5mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
156C156CFIXED IND 150H 8MA 3.7 KOHM CHAS--150H±15%NonstandardRoHS
157D157DFIXED IND 1MH 10A 38 MOHM CHASS --1mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
158Q158QFIXED IND 5H 150MA 105 OHM CHASS--5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
159ZJ159ZJFIXED IND 10MH 5A 160 MOHM CHASS--10mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159ZG159ZGFIXED IND 15MH 4A 250 MOHM CHASS--15mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159ZE159ZEFIXED IND 28MH 3A 430 MOHM CHASS--28mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159ZA159ZAFIXED IND 300MH 1A 6OHM CHAS MNT--300mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159ZL159ZLFIXED IND 2.5MH 10A 44 MOHM CHAS--2.5mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159Y159YFIXED IND 600MH 750MA 11 OHM --600mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
154B154BFIXED IND 3MH 1.5A 140 MOHM CHAS--3mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
159ZB159ZBFIXED IND 320MH 600MA 7.8 OHM --320mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
156G156GFIXED IND 9H 40MA 300 OHM CHASS --9H±15%NonstandardRoHS
155C155CFIXED IND 60H 8MA 2.75 KOHM CHAS--60H±15%NonstandardRoHS
155G155GFIXED IND 7H 40MA 340 OHM CHASS --7H±15%NonstandardRoHS
156M156MFIXED IND 3H 100MA 86 OHM CHASS --3H±15%NonstandardRoHS
155H155HFIXED IND 5H 50MA 270 OHM CHASS --5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
155J155JFIXED IND 15H 30MA 1.026K OHM --15H±15%NonstandardRoHS
153H153HFIXED IND 2.2H 50MA 305 OHM CHAS--2.2H±15%NonstandardRoHS
158T158TFIXED IND 1H 300MA 40 OHM CHASS --1H±15%NonstandardRoHS
158S158SFIXED IND 1.5H 250MA 60 OHM CHAS--1.5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
158M158MFIXED IND 10H 100MA 262 OHM CHAS--10H±15%NonstandardRoHS
158L158LFIXED IND 15H 75MA 411 OHM CHASS--15H±15%NonstandardRoHS
153M153MFIXED IND 600MH 100MA 86 OHM --600mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
157R157RFIXED IND 2H 200MA 57 OHM CHASS --2H±15%NonstandardRoHS
153E153EFIXED IND 7H 25MA 770 OHM CHASS --7H±15%NonstandardRoHS
157J157JFIXED IND 10H 65MA 205 OHM CHASS--10H±15%NonstandardRoHS
157L157LFIXED IND 14H 75MA 429 OHM CHASS--14H±15%NonstandardRoHS
157G157GFIXED IND 30H 40MA 595 OHM CHASS--30H±15%NonstandardRoHS
159S159SFIXED IND 4H 225MA 65 OHM CHASS --4H±15%NonstandardRoHS
159T159TFIXED IND 2.5H 300MA 43 OHM CHAS--2.5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
159M159MFIXED IND 15H 100MA 256 OHM CHAS--15H±15%NonstandardRoHS
158SA158SAFIXED IND 1H 240MA 41 OHM CHASS --1H±15%NonstandardRoHS
154M154MFIXED IND 2H 100MA 175 OHM CHASS--2H±15%NonstandardRoHS
154H154HFIXED IND 4H 50MA 300 OHM CHASS --4H±15%NonstandardRoHS
154G154GFIXED IND 9H 40MA 700 OHM CHASS --9H±15%NonstandardRoHS
154E154EFIXED IND 20H 20MA 1.666K OHM --20H±15%NonstandardRoHS
157H157HFIXED IND 10H 50MA 408 OHM CHASS--10H±15%NonstandardRoHS
153L153LFIXED IND 900MH 75MA 125 OHM --900mH±15%NonstandardRoHS
157Q157QFIXED IND 3.5H 150MA 98 OHM CHAS--3.5H±15%NonstandardRoHS
157M157MFIXED IND 8H 100MA 259 OHM CHASS--8H±15%NonstandardRoHS
159Q159QFIXED IND 7H 150MA 100 OHM CHASS--7H±15%NonstandardRoHS
159P159PFIXED IND 10H 125MA 155 OHM CHAS--10H±15%NonstandardRoHS