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D-Sub Connectors
15 Series
161A Series
Product Description

This series is designed with a one piece, Solid Body zinc diecast housing. This robust design performs better to mechanical impacts during installation and operation and has less possible leak paths. It complies to current solder requirements with RoHS compliant solder temperatures. This product range is rated to IP67 and can be mated to standard D-SUB Standard and D-SUB High Density connectors.

  • Industrial Machines
  • Medical Equipment
  • Test and Measuring
  • Communications
  • Color:Black
  • Connector Style:D-Sub
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:8.00µin (0.203µm)
  • Contact Material:Copper Alloy
  • Contact Type:Signal
  • Current Rating (Amps):7.5A
  • Dielectric Material:Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), Glass Filled
  • Flange Feature:Mating Side, Female Screwlock (4-40)
  • Ingress Protection:IP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof
  • Material Flammability Rating:UL94 V-0
  • Number of Positions:9 ~ 37
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Shell Material, Finish:Zinc Die Cast, Nickel Plated
  • Shell Size, Connector Layout:1 (DE, E) ~ 4 (DC, C)
  • Voltage Rating:125V
15-00061315-000613CONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS PNL MNT D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets92RoHS
15-00041315-000413CONN D-SUB PLUG 9P PNL MNT SLDR D-SubPlug, Male Pins92RoHS
15-00073315-000733CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS R/A SLDR D-SubPlug, Male Pins92RoHS
15-00078315-000783CONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS R/A SLDR D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets152RoHS
15-00057315-000573CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS PNL MNT D-SubPlug, Male Pins92RoHS
15-00080315-000803CONN D-SUB RCPT 37POS R/A SLDR D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets372RoHS
15-00076315-000763CONN D-SUB PLUG 37POS R/A SLDR D-SubPlug, Male Pins372RoHS
15-00045315-000453CONN D-SUB RCPT 9P PNL MNT SLDR D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets92RoHS
15-00058315-000583CONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS PNL MNT D-SubPlug, Male Pins152RoHS
15-00059315-000593CONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS PNL MNT D-SubPlug, Male Pins252RoHS
15-00077315-000773CONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS R/A SLDR D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets92RoHS
15-00043315-000433CONN D-SUB PLUG 25P PNL MNT SLDRD-SubPlug, Male Pins252RoHS
15-00044315-000443CONN D-SUB PLUG 37P PNL MNT SLDRD-SubPlug, Male Pins372RoHS
15-00064315-000643CONN D-SUB RCPT 37POS PNL MNT D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets372RoHS
15-00075315-000753CONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS R/A SLDR D-SubPlug, Male Pins252RoHS
15-00048315-000483CONN D-SUB RCPT 37P PNL MNT SLDRD-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets372RoHS
15-00060315-000603CONN D-SUB PLUG 37POS PNL MNT D-SubPlug, Male Pins372RoHS
15-00046315-000463CONN D-SUB RCPT 15P PNL MNT SLDRD-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets152RoHS
15-00042315-000423CONN D-SUB PLUG 15P PNL MNT SLDRD-SubPlug, Male Pins152RoHS
15-00047315-000473CONN D-SUB RCPT 25P PNL MNT SLDRD-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets252RoHS
15-00062315-000623CONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS PNL MNT D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets152RoHS
15-00063315-000633CONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS PNL MNT D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets252RoHS
15-00074315-000743CONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS R/A SLDR D-SubPlug, Male Pins152RoHS
15-00079315-000793CONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS R/A SLDR D-SubReceptacle, Female Sockets252RoHS
Associated Product
Conec 165X12969X
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors-Accessories-Caps, Covers