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Buccaneer® Series
Cinch Connectivity Solutions
140, 141 and 142 Series
Curtis Industries
1500 Series

140, 141 and 142 Series

Terminal Barrier Blocks

Cinch Connectivity Solutions

Cinch's 140, 141, and 142 Series barrier blocks are designed to simplify wiring work by reducing splicing, preventing current leaks and short circuits, and increasing insulation.

Product Description

The interposing barriers between terminals yield higher electrical ratings and provide additional protection against frayed wire shorting. With a wide variety from which to choose, it is possible to select the combination of mechanical and electrical characteristics that best meet the exact requirements of an application.

  • Industrial Controls
  • Switching Systems
  • Barrier Type:2 Wall (Dual)
  • Color:Black
  • Current Rating (Amps):15A ~ 30A
  • Features:Flange
  • Material - Insulation:Phenol Formaldehyde (Phenolic)
  • Material Flammability Rating:UL94 V-1
  • Number of Circuits:2 ~ 25
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 2
  • Number of Wire Entries:2 ~ 50
  • Operating Temperature:-55°F ~ 300°F
  • Terminal Block Type:Barrier Block
  • Terminal Screw Finish:Nickel
  • Terminal Screw Material:Steel
  • Top Termination:Screws
  • Voltage Rating:250V
  • Wire Gauge:10 AWG ~ 16 AWG
8-1418-141CONN BARRIER STRIP 8CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block8160.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
10-14210-142CONN BARRIER STRP 10CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block10200.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
3-1403-140CONN BARRIER STRIP 3CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block360.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
4-1404-140CONN BARRIER STRIP 4CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block480.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
2-1422-142CONN BARRIER STRIP 2CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block240.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
3-1413-141CONN BARRIER STRIP 3CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block360.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
4-1414-141CONN BARRIER STRIP 4CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block480.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
5-1415-141CONN BARRIER STRIP 5CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block5100.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
6-1406-140CONN BARRIER STRIP 6CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block6120.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
3-1423-142CONN BARRIER STRIP 3CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block360.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
6-1416-141CONN BARRIER STRIP 6CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block6120.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
4-1424-142CONN BARRIER STRIP 4CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block480.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
8-1408-140CONN BARRIER STRIP 8CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block8160.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
10-14010-140CONN BARRIER STRP 10CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block10200.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
10-14110-141CONN BARRIER STRP 10CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block10200.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
12-14012-140CONN BARRIER STRP 12CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block12240.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
8-1428-142CONN BARRIER STRIP 8CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block8160.563" (14.30mm)
6-1426-142CONN BARRIER STRIP 6CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block6120.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
14-14014-140CONN BARRIER STRP 14CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block14280.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
18-14018-140CONN BARRIER STRP 18CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block18360.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
12-14212-142CONN BARRIER STRP 12CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block12240.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
25-14025-140CONN BARRIER STRP 25CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block25500.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
2-142-Y2-142-YCONN BARRIER STRIP 2CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block220.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
2-140-Y2-140-YCONN BARRIER STRIP 2CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block220.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
7-1407-140CONN BARRIER STRIP 7CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block7140.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
3-142-Y3-142-YCONN BARRIER STRIP 3CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block330.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
4-142-Y4-142-YCONN BARRIER STRIP 4CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block440.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
5-1425-142CONN BARRIER STRIP 5CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block5100.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
5-140-Y5-140-YCONN BARRIER STRIP 5CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block550.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
14-14114-141CONN BARRIER STRP 14CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block14280.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
20-14020-140CONN BARRIER STRP 20CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block20400.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
16-14216-142CONN BARRIER STRP 16CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block16320.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
7-1417-141CONN BARRIER STRIP 7CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block7140.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
6-140-Y6-140-YCONN BARRIER STRIP 6CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block660.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
17-14217-142CONN BARRIER STRP 17CIRC 0.563" Barrier Block17340.563" (14.30mm)RoHS
2-1412-141CONN BARRIER STRIP 2CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block240.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
2-1402-140CONN BARRIER STRIP 2CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block240.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
12-14112-141CONN BARRIER STRP 12CIRC 0.438" Barrier Block12240.438" (11.12mm)RoHS
24-14024-140CONN BARRIER STRP 24CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block24480.375" (9.53mm)RoHS
5-1405-140CONN BARRIER STRIP 5CIRC 0.375" Barrier Block5100.375" (9.53mm)RoHS