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120 Series
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120 Series

Thermal Joint Silicon Compound


The 120 series silicone oil based thermal joint compound fills the minute air gap between mating surfaces with a grease like material containing zinc oxide in a silicone oil carrier. It possesses an excellent thermal resistance of only 0.05°C/W for a 0.001 in. film with an area of one square inch. There is no measurable increase in case temperature of a mounted semiconductor on a heat sink after the 6 month stabilization period.

  • Variety of container size
  • Color:White
  • Shelf Life:60 Months
  • Shelf Life Start:Date of Manufacture
  • Size / Dimension:2 oz Jar ~ 8 oz Jar
  • Thermal Conductivity:0.73W/m-K
  • Type:Silicone Compound
  • Usable Temperature Range:-40°F ~ 392°F (-40°C ~ 200°C)

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120-SA120-SASILICONE GREASE 4 GRAM Silicone Compound4 g Plastic Pack-40°F ~ 392°F (-40°C ~ 200°C)WhiteRoHS
120-2120-2SILICONE GREASE 2 OZ JAR Silicone Compound2 oz Jar-40°F ~ 392°F (-40°C ~ 200°C)WhiteRoHS
120-5120-5SILICONE GREASE 5 OZ TUBE Silicone Compound5 oz Tube-40°F ~ 392°F (-40°C ~ 200°C)WhiteRoHS
120-8120-8SILICONE GREASE 8 OZ JAR Silicone Compound8 oz Jar-40°F ~ 392°F (-40°C ~ 200°C)WhiteRoHS
120-80120-80SILICONE GREASE 5 LBS CAN Silicone Compound5 lb Can-40°F ~ 392°F (-40°C ~ 200°C)WhiteRoHS

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