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Bel Fuse Inc.
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Polymeric PTC Resettable Surface Mount Fuses

Bel Fuse Inc.

Bel Fuse, Inc.'s surface mountable polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) resettable fuses are offered in five EIA/IECQ case sizes ranging from 0805 to 2920. These chip fuses are rated up to 60 VDC with current ratings up to 3A.

Product Description

Chips are specifically engineered to limit the flow of dangerously high current during fault conditions to protect products and systems from overcurrent surges and overtemperature faults. In the event of a fault, fuses reset themselves once power is removed, the fault is corrected, and the voltage is reapplied. The fuses' resettable functionality, coupled with unparalleled reliability, makes them an ideal alternative to traditional fuses and fusible links.

  • Fast trip time
  • Industry standard 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, or 2920 footprint
  • Current ratings from 50mA to 3A
  • Battery and port protection
    • Mobile phones
    • Game consoles
    • PC motherboards and peripherals
    • USB peripherals
    • Disk drives
    • CD-ROMs
  • Safety and reliability
    • PDAs/digital cameras
    • MP3 players
    • Video recorders
    • Set-top boxes
  • Current - Hold (Ih) (Max):10mA ~ 5A
  • Current - Max:10A ~ 100A
  • Current - Trip (It):30mA ~ 10A
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • Resistance - Initial (Ri) (Min):5 mOhms ~ 15 Ohms
  • Resistance - Post Trip (R1) (Max):25 mOhms ~ 100 Ohms
  • Time to Trip:8ms ~ 25s
  • Type:Polymeric
  • Voltage - Max:6V ~ 60V

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0ZCM0005FF2G0ZCM0005FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 15V 50MA 0603 Polymeric15V40A50mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0035AF2E0ZCJ0035AF2EPTC RESET FUSE 30V 350MA 1206 Polymeric30V40A350mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0010FF2E0ZCH0010FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 60V 100MA 1210 Polymeric60V10A100mA1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0005FF2E0ZCJ0005FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 60V 50MA 1206 Polymeric60V10A50mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0010FF2E0ZCJ0010FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 60V 100MA 1206 Polymeric60V10A100mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0050FF2G0ZCJ0050FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 8V 500MA 1206 Polymeric8V100A500mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0020FF2E0ZCJ0020FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 30V 200MA 1206 Polymeric30V10A200mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0005FF2E0ZCH0005FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 60V 50MA 1210 Polymeric60V10A50mA1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0025AF2E0ZCJ0025AF2EPTC RESET FUSE 24V 250MA 1206 Polymeric24V40A250mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0050FF2G0ZCH0050FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 16V 500MA 1210 Polymeric16V100A500mA1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0016FF2E0ZCJ0016FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 48V 160MA 1206 Polymeric48V10A160mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0014FF2C0ZCG0014FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 60V 140MA 1812 Polymeric60V10A140mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0050AF2C0ZCG0050AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 30V 500MA 1812 Polymeric30V100A500mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0030FF2C0ZCG0030FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 30V 300MA 1812 Polymeric30V40A300mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0020FF2C0ZCG0020FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 30V 200MA 1812 Polymeric30V10A200mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0010FF2G0ZCM0010FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 15V 100MA 0603 Polymeric15V40A100mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCK0010FF2G0ZCK0010FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 15V 100MA 0805 Polymeric15V100A100mA0805 (2012 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0150BF2C0ZCG0150BF2CPTC RESET FUSE 24V 1.5A 1812 Polymeric24V100A1.5A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0075FF2C0ZCG0075FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 16V 750MA 1812 Polymeric16V100A750mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0075AF2E0ZCJ0075AF2EPTC RESET FUSE 16V 750MA 1206 Polymeric16V100A750mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCK0050FF2E0ZCK0050FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 6V 500MA 0805 Polymeric6V100A500mA0805 (2012 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0110AF2C0ZCG0110AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 16V 1.1A 1812 Polymeric16V100A1.1A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0075BF2B0ZCG0075BF2BPTC RESET FUSE 33V 750MA 1812 Polymeric33V40A750mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0150FF2C0ZCJ0150FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 8V 1.5A 1206 Polymeric8V100A1.5A1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0075AF2C0ZCF0075AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 60V 750MA 2920 Polymeric60V100A750mA2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0030FF2C0ZCF0030FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 60V 300MA 2920 Polymeric60V100A300mA2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0185FF2C0ZCF0185FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 33V 1.85A 2920 Polymeric33V100A1.85A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0150FF2C0ZCF0150FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 33V 1.5A 2920 Polymeric33V100A1.5A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0110FF2C0ZCF0110FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 33V 1.1A 2920 Polymeric33V100A1.1A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0200AF2C0ZCF0200AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 24V 2A 2920 Polymeric24V100A2A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0125FF2C0ZCF0125FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 33V 1.25A 2920 Polymeric33V100A1.25A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0250FF2C0ZCF0250FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 16V 2.5A 2920 Polymeric16V100A2.5A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0050FF2C0ZCF0050FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 60V 500MA 2920 Polymeric60V100A500mA2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0110BF2B0ZCG0110BF2BPTC RESET FUSE 24V 1.1A 1812 Polymeric24V100A1.1A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0200FF2C0ZCJ0200FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 6V 2A 1206 Polymeric6V100A2A1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0300BF2C0ZCF0300BF2CPTC RESET FUSE 24V 3A 2920 Polymeric24V100A3A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0020FF2E0ZCH0020FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 30V 200MA 1210 Polymeric30V10A200mA1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0025FF2E0ZCJ0025FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 16V 250MA 1206 Polymeric16V100A250mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0035FF2G0ZCH0035FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 16V 350MA 1210 Polymeric16V100A350mA1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0035AF2C0ZCG0035AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 30V 350MA 1812 Polymeric30V40A350mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0035FF2C0ZCG0035FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 16V 350MA 1812 Polymeric16V40A350mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCK0035FF2G0ZCK0035FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 6V 350MA 0805 Polymeric6V100A350mA0805 (2012 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0008FF2G0ZCM0008FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 15V 80MA 0603 Polymeric15V40A80mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCK0020FF2G0ZCK0020FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 9V 200MA 0805 Polymeric9V100A200mA0805 (2012 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0020FF2G0ZCM0020FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 9V 200MA 0603 Polymeric9V40A200mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0016FF2G0ZCM0016FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 9V 160MA 0603 Polymeric9V40A160mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0003FF2G0ZCM0003FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 30V 30MA 0603 Polymeric30V40A30mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0075FF2E0ZCJ0075FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 8V 750MA 1206 Polymeric8V100A750mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0125AF2B0ZCG0125AF2BPTC RESET FUSE 16V 1.25A 1812 Polymeric16V100A1.25A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0100FF2E0ZCJ0100FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 6V 1A 1206 Polymeric6V100A1A1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCK0075FF2E0ZCK0075FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 6V 750MA 0805 Polymeric6V40A750mA0805 (2012 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0050FF2C0ZCG0050FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 16V 500MA 1812 Polymeric16V100A500mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0150AF2C0ZCG0150AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 12V 1.5A 1812 Polymeric12V100A1.5A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0110FF2C0ZCG0110FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 8V 1.1A 1812 Polymeric8V100A1.1A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0260FF2C0ZCG0260FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 8V 2.6A 1812 Polymeric8V100A2.6A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0200FF2C0ZCG0200FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 8V 2A 1812 Polymeric8V100A2A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0150FF2C0ZCG0150FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 8V 1.5A 1812 Polymeric8V100A1.5A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0075AF2B0ZCG0075AF2BPTC RESET FUSE 24V 750MA 1812 Polymeric24V40A750mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0200FF2C0ZCF0200FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 16V 2A 2920 Polymeric16V100A2A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0200AF2B0ZCG0200AF2BPTC RESET FUSE 16V 2A 1812 Polymeric16V100A2A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0260AF2B0ZCG0260AF2BPTC RESET FUSE 13.2V 2.6A 1812 Polymeric13.2V100A2.6A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCK0050AF2E0ZCK0050AF2EPTC RESET FUSE 9V 500MA 0805 Polymeric9V100A500mA0805 (2012 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0300AF2C0ZCF0300AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 15V 3A 2920 Polymeric15V100A3A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCN0030FF2C0ZCN0030FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 60V 300MA 2016 Polymeric60V100A300mA2016 (5041 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0260AF2C0ZCF0260AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 24V 2.6A 2920 Polymeric24V100A2.6A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCN0055FF2A0ZCN0055FF2APTC RESET FUSE 60V 550MA 2016 Polymeric60V100A550mA2016 (5041 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0400FF2A0ZCF0400FF2APTC RESET FUSE 16V 4A 2920 Polymeric16V100A4A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0150FF2E0ZCH0150FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 6V 1.5A 1210 Polymeric6V100A1.5A1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0125FF2C0ZCG0125FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 6V 1.25A 1812 Polymeric6V100A1.25A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0175FF2E0ZCH0175FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 6V 1.75A 1210 Polymeric6V100A1.75A1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCN0150FF2C0ZCN0150FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 15V 1.5A 2016 Polymeric15V100A1.5A2016 (5041 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCN0110FF2C0ZCN0110FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 15V 1.1A 2016 Polymeric15V100A1.1A2016 (5041 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCN0200FF2C0ZCN0200FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 6V 2A 2016 Polymeric6V100A2A2016 (5041 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0110AF2E0ZCH0110AF2EPTC RESET FUSE Polymeric16V100A1.1A1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0075FF2G0ZCH0075FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 8V 750MA 1210 Polymeric8V100A750mA1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0012FF2E0ZCJ0012FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 48V 120MA 1206 Polymeric48V10A120mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0002FF2G0ZCM0002FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 60V 20MA 0603 Polymeric60V40A20mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0012FF2G0ZCM0012FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 9V 120MA 0603 Polymeric9V40A120mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0004FF2G0ZCM0004FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 24V 40MA 0603 Polymeric24V40A40mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0160FF2C0ZCG0160FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 8V 1.6A 1812 Polymeric8V100A1.6A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0110FF2E0ZCH0110FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 8V 1.1A 1210 Polymeric8V100A1.1A1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0110FF2E0ZCJ0110FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 8V 1.1A 1206 Polymeric8V100A1.1A1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0160AF2C0ZCG0160AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 12V 1.6A 1812 Polymeric12V100A1.6A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0200FF2E0ZCH0200FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 6V 2A 1210 Polymeric6V100A2A1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0075FF2C0ZCF0075FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 33V 750MA 2920 Polymeric33V100A750mA2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0260FF2C0ZCF0260FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 6V 2.6A 2920 Polymeric6V100A2.6A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0300FF2C0ZCF0300FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 6V 3A 2920 Polymeric6V100A3A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCK0100FF2E0ZCK0100FF2EPTC RESET FUSE 6V 1A 0805 Polymeric6V40A1A0805 (2012 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0330FF2C0ZCF0330FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 24V 3.3A 2920 Polymeric24V100A3.3A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0035FF2G0ZCJ0035FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 16V 350MA 1206 Polymeric16V40A350mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCM0001FF2G0ZCM0001FF2GPTC RESET FUSE 60V 10MA 0603 Polymeric60V40A10mA0603 (1608 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCH0075AF2E0ZCH0075AF2EPTC RESET FUSE 24V 750MA 1210 Polymeric24V100A750mA1210 (3225 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0160BF2C0ZCG0160BF2CPTC RESET FUSE 16V 1.6A 1812 Polymeric16V100A1.6A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0110AF2A0ZCF0110AF2APTC RESET FUSE 60V 1.1A 2920 Polymeric60V100A1.1A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0500FF2A0ZCF0500FF2APTC RESET FUSE 16V 5A 2920 Polymeric16V100A5A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0020AF2C0ZCG0020AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 60V 200MA 1812 Polymeric60V40A200mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0110CF2B0ZCG0110CF2BPTC RESET FUSE 33V 1.1A 1812 Polymeric33V100A1.1A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCJ0050AF2E0ZCJ0050AF2EPTC RESET FUSE 24V 500MA 1206 Polymeric24V100A500mA1206 (3216 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0260BF2B0ZCG0260BF2BPTC RESET FUSE 16V 2.6A 1812 Polymeric16V100A2.6A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0300FF2B0ZCG0300FF2BPTC RESET FUSE 6V 3A 1812 Polymeric6V100A3A1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCF0100AF2A0ZCF0100AF2APTC RESET FUSE 60V 1A 2920 Polymeric60V100A1A2920 (7351 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCG0010FF2C0ZCG0010FF2CPTC RESET FUSE 60V 100MA 1812 Polymeric60V100A100mA1812 (4532 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCN0075FF2A0ZCN0075FF2APTC RESET FUSE 60V 750MA 2016 Polymeric60V100A750mA2016 (5041 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
0ZCN0110AF2C0ZCN0110AF2CPTC RESET FUSE 33V 1.1A 2016 Polymeric33V100A1.1A2016 (5041 Metric), ConcaveRoHS

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