Industrial Automation and Controls

Equipment used to monitor or direct the way a machine operates.

Panel Meters Panel Meters Equipment used to monitor and display a property of a circuit using a analog or digital display.
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Panel Meters - Counters, Hour Meters Panel Meters - Counters, Hour Meters Equipment used to monitor and display a property of a circuit with respect to time.
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Monitors Monitors Equipment used to monitor and/or detect the voltage and/or current flow.
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Controllers - Process, Temperature Controllers - Process, Temperature Equipment used to monitor or direct the way a machine operates based inputs into the device.
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Controllers - Programmable Logic (PLC) Controllers - Programmable Logic (PLC) Equipment used to monitor or direct the way a machine operates based on a programmed conditions.
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Controllers - Liquid Level Controllers - Liquid Level Equipment used to monitor or direct the way a machine operates based on the level of a liquid.
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Controllers - Cable Assemblies Controllers - Cable Assemblies Cable assemblies designed to interface between a PLC and other industrial control devices.
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Controllers - PLC Modules Controllers - PLC Modules Supplemental modules to be used with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This includes communication modules, expansion modules, timer modules and more.
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Machine Safety - Light Curtains Machine Safety - Light Curtains Devices used for monitoring and control of machine safety systems utilizing light curtains, magnetic interlocks, safety mats and more.
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Pneumatics, Hydraulics Pneumatics, Hydraulics Controls and other devices which regulate the flow of air, inert gases or liquids.
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Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment Equipment that is intended to be used in industrial environments.
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Machine Vision Machine Vision Devices used to detect product position, make measurements, read barcodes and verify product parameters. These include cameras, controls, lens, lighting and other supporting products.
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Protection Relays & Systems Protection Relays & Systems Devices designed to protect against ground faults and other damaging line conditions through the use of electromechanical relays or electronic, microprocessor based systems.
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Human Machine Interface (HMI) Human Machine Interface (HMI) Devices designed to allow human interface with PLCs or other industrial equipment, for monitoring and/or operator input.
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Stackable Tower Lighting, Beacons and Components Stackable Tower Lighting, Beacons and Components Stackable tower lights (aka: signal tower, indicator, and on, warning or industrial signal lights) are commonly used on equipment in industrial manufacturing and process control environments. They provide visual and audible indicators of a machine state or process event to machine operators, technicians, production managers and factory personnel. Device functions may include flashing, buzzing, rotating, siren, alternating and pulse tones or human voice output.
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Time Delay Relays Time Delay Relays An electromechanical device that turns a large load on or off through the use of a smaller control signal. These devices have some sort of built in circuit used to control events (initiation or triggering of the relay) using time.
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Lighting Control Lighting Control Devices designed to aid in the control or dimming of lighting in industrial applications.
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Liquid Filtration Liquid Filtration Devices and associated accessories designed to remove contaminants from fluids in a wide variety of industries.
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Accessories Accessories Supplementary items used with other devices in this category.
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Cable and Hose Carriers, Drag Chains Cable and Hose Carriers, Drag Chains Indicates the number of logic gates present in the FPGA portion of a device.
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Controllers - Accessories Controllers - Accessories Products within the logic controller accessory family are ancillary to or supportive of the operation or use of a programmable logic controller.
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Controllers - Machine Safety Controllers - Machine Safety Machine safety controllers are used to integrate and monitor industrial safety devices such as emergency stops, safety doors, light grids, magnetic interlocks or safety edges, mats, and beams. It can be part of a simple or complex system of devices communicating through software and hardware in a separate dedicated system, or it may be integrated with the normal machine control system.
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Greases and Lubricants Greases and Lubricants
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Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Accessories Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Accessories Human machine interface (HMI) accessories complete the facilitation of physical interfaces by providing mounting options, enclosures, memory cards, connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, batteries, license keys, input and output option cards, clips, protective sheeting, software, power supplies, video cards, gaskets, and programmers for use with specific HMI devices.
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Robotics - End Effectors Robotics - End Effectors
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Robotics - Robots Robotics - Robots Mechanical devices used in place if a human, that can be programmed to perform dangerous or repetitive task with a high level of accuracy.
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Signal Conditioners and Isolators Signal Conditioners and Isolators
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Specialized Specialized The specialized interface IC family includes a wide variety of products designed to facilitate communications or interconnection between system elements in applications that are relatively novel, application specific, or for which a limited number of products have been released.
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