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Taoglas - the leading M2M antenna provider, delivers an extensive range of automotive, tracking, utility metering, and remote monitoring antenna solutions. Additionaly Taoglas provides full wireless device services, including antenna and device RF consultancy, custom antenna design, device noise debugging and testing services, and device certification and approval. Founded in 2004, Taoglas has offices in Ireland, Taiwan, and the USA. Taoglas in Ireland, the USA, and Taiwan carry out Taoglas’ antenna design with production managed by Taoglas Taiwan. Taoglas customers include top tier automotive, tracking, metering, and medical companies worldwide.   Learn more about Taoglas

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Featured Product

Taoglas FXP14.07.0100A RF AntennaFXP14 Hexa Band Cellular Antenna
The Taoglas FXP14 Hexa Band Cellular Antenna covers all world-wide bands (850 / 900 / 1700 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 MHz). These cellular bands are used for different technologies in different countries such as GSM / CDMA / DCS / PCS / WCDMA / UMTS/ HSPA / GPRS / EDGE / 3G. The antenna has been designed in a flexible material with a rectangular form-factor and cable connection for an easy installation. The antenna works on different plastic materials and thickness. Taoglas has selected a piece of ABS with 2 mm of thickness as a baseline for testing.

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Development Tools

Taoglas Development ToolsSGPD.25C Evaluation Kit
The SGPD.25.C is an evaluation kit for the SGP.25C with a patch antenna and SMA Adapter/Network Analyzer.

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Taoglas AntennasGPS SMT Patch Antenna
The ceramic SGP.1575.25.4.C.02 GPS patch antenna is based on smart XtremeGain™ technology. It is mounted via SMT process and has been selected as optimal solution for the 45x45mm ground plane.

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RF Components

Taoglas Cable AssembliesCAB.A02 RF Cable
The CAB.A02 RF cable assembly is a SMA(F) bulkhead straight to IPEX MHFIII(W.FL comp) with a 95mm length, and 0.81mm OD coaxial cable.

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